What men think about Russian girls?

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Dating sites are full of advertisements that offer a foreigner marrying a Russian girl. For men of West, Russian girls are very attractive. What is that mysterious Russian soul that wins men’s hearts?

In the resorts of Italy and Spain, Russian speech is rather a frequent thing to be heard among local dialects. In Turkey and Egypt, Russian and Ukrainians are regulars too. As foreigners believe, Slavic girls are very loveable. Men dream to have an affair with a Russian beauty, further admitting a fleeting holiday romance has become almost the most vivid adventure in their lives. Young Russian girls are used to go out as if being on a catwalk: hairstyle, makeup, best clothes, manicure, pedicure, perfume. Thus, the route length is the issue of secondary importance.

What men need?

A woman may respect and want being with a man, but it’s not that the issue. For men, feeling they are loved is that very crucial criterion of choice. Foreigners agree, only Russia still has those girls that are spoiled with the ideas of feminism, those knowing not only how to take but give and love sincerely and selflessly. Coming home, we want to have a rest from the constant race for leadership or even worse, survival. Slavic girls still believe a husband (coming home from work) should eat a delicious meal, instead of warmed-up semis. They want a husband being their stone wall, as safe as the Bank of England. Interestingly, foreigners overwhelmingly want being just such a wall, though their women need no these walls.

Good shape. The vast majority of European and U.S. rather take little look after themselves, fond of tasty food and therefore suffering overweight. With Russian girls, the issue is quite different.

Education. What is an educated person as realized by Russians? This is a person with at least one higher education. In the West, an educated man is a man with a secondary education. Draw your own conclusions.

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Wit. There are intelligent and well-read people, though rather dull and obtuse in everyday life. And there are sharp-witted ones, both in terms of knowledge and nitty-gritty questions. To exit the precarious situation, Russians are quick: their brain automatically analyses the situation, offering numerous options for solutions, from the simplest to the most improbable.

Age. For foreigners over 50, having a young and beautiful Russian wife is an issue of prestige. Then, we deal with the qualities such as kindness, caring, honesty and loyalty. Russian woman is a perfect match. Give a Slavic girl a decent man to love and respect her, and she’ll caress him the way no one else have ever done.

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as you know. So, men judge Russian girls by those whom they met personally on a vacation or business trip. Anyway, all agree that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, joyous and stylish, capable of housekeeping, which surely increases the demand for brides from Russia every year.

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