Getting married a woman from Russia: how to help her adapting?

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After a long and tiresome process of bureaucratic runaround, you finally exchanged rings and oaths of loyalty with your Russian bride, and ready for a new life together. We sincerely congratulate you both, and believe that your couple will live a long and happy family life. Though, be prepared for certain, quite overcomable difficulties associated with your wife’s adaptation in a new country. It can be manifested in different ways: a young wife may turn whiny, confused, a bit irritable, or otherwise, withdrawn. It’s all explained in one simple phrase: change of residence. Imagine yourself in her place: being in a foreign country, living with poor understanding of other people, with no friends and family.

What is required of you?

Be patient, considerate, loving, optimistic and caring. You know, some troubles occur due to the differences in mentality; though, it’s not a too high price for a chance of being together with your soul mate.

1. Allow your wife communicating with her family as often as she wants. Avoid showing your irritation about it, even when she’s spending hours talking by Skype or calling her homeland by a fixed line, with no opportunity to communicate over the Internet. Surely, at first glance such financial expenses seem foolish, but understand: women and men have .different attitude to the same problems. At the place where you come through your weak spot, bite the bullet and stand with dignity, a just girl weeps her woe away, splashes the emotions out and quietly begins arranging a new place of residence. The issue will be resolved by itself. It takes time.

2. Help your Russian wife learning the language of your country. Even if you are fluent in Russian, agree to communicate in your native language. Thus, she will quickly learn the language, at least at the mundane level, crossing the linguistic divide. Softly and gently correct the mistakes, watch and discuss interesting TV programs and movies on national channels. Take the initiative in own hands: ask your wife enrolling in a language course. There she will acquire both the knowledge and like-minded friends.

3. As a rule, these are active and sociable woman that choose moving abroad (well, passive and lazy ones just stay in the home country), sometimes perceiving a sort of temporary isolation quite painfully. Your goal is destroying that communicative vacuum formed around your beloved. Help her becoming a member of a certain section. It can be sports, fitness, dance, beading or cooking classes.

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Buying a dog is a good choice. This way your wife will be able visiting the Canine Enthusiast Club, walking in a nearby park (assuming that your woman likes dogs, surely). Offer her attending such classes alone; in terms of efficiency, it is a guaranteed option: she’ll quickly plunge into a new life, especially being not timid.

4. Tell your Russian wife about yourself, life in your country, accepted rules of conduct and etiquette. The more national differences you cover, the better a young wife will learn her new reality.

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