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When explaining the reasons to apply to a dating agency, a lot of men admit of being unable to understand the psychology of European women, emphasizing the fact a woman of their country chooses being rather career oriented, than feminine.

Men do not want seeing a butch near them, looking for a traditional relationship where a woman is a domestic goddess that maintains a warm and cozy home. Unfortunately, modern girls of Europe stay away from the format of a relationship.

Those visiting a marriage agency choose an initiative approach to the search for a soul mate. Men opt for Slavic girls after getting an experience of a relationship with Eastern European ladies, or watching a successful marriage contracted by some of their friends, and hereby no longer seeing the prospects of a starting a family with a pragmatic compatriot.

Why dating Russian ladies is so popular?

Absolutely all men that look for a bride in Russia want her being feminine. This is one of the root causes of why men of West turn their attention to the East. Western women are very business-like, living in a crazy rhythm, having a lot of work, making a career. As a result of the rat race, women learn the methods of struggling for their place in the sun, becoming completely self-sufficient. In fact, European woman does not need a man anymore; or needs him only as a father of the children she wants to have. Well, able to live without a man, a girl feels very easy to break an alliance to minor mishap. Accustomed to equally compete with men in terms of career issues, a girl brings the spirit of competition home too. In Russia, Western men look for those feminine ladies that want to live with a husband, instead of competing with him, those in need of a loving relationship.

Tips to date Russian ladies

Do not write her about any claims to the women of your country, especially mentioning the fact you are appreciated here. Instead, just write the reason of you searching for a girl abroad is that you want being happy with a true soul mate, thus expanding the search area. Why not?

Do not try to hide your age. You know, sooner or later cheating is revealed, once a woman decides to meet you in real life. Think, how will you look in her eyes?

Often, in the course of correspondence, when the relationship is already serious, a woman asks a man to delete his profile and photos from an online website, and stop communicating with the rest of candidates. Well, take your time. First, make sure of a girl’s intentions, is she really faithful?

Ask more questions. With virtual relationship, people are rather deprived of normal communication, so questions are the only opportunity to play different situations and try getting to know each other better.


We protect our customers from any panel game and fake profiles. According to our rules, girls have no right of demanding money from men. When finding unfavourable information, we send a warning to a girl. In the future, she will face an exception from our online database. In case of more serious violations, a girl is blacklisted.


When registering at our online dating agency, you get:
– a large selection of potential mates;
– confidentiality;
– credibility of information provided in girls’ profiles.

We value our reputation and practice exclusively individual approach to each customer.

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