A man does not respond to SMS: why it happens and how to respond to a woman

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How to behave if the man does not answer SMS and calls?

It’s no secret that many women tend to think, to conjure up different situations. Joke “she came up, she was offended” reflects women’s nature. This is especially true when it comes to a loved one. Does not give gifts, not to say compliments, make you meet her parents, and so on. But most of all the woman worries about the answer to the question: why a man does not answer SMS and calls? For the fairer sex often this aspect is of great importance.

Modern relationships are directly dependent on gadgets. Everything can be destroyed, even just not responding in time to SMS. A woman begins to worry, to suspect his half of treason. However, there can be a lot of reasons not to write SMS.

There’s a problem with the phone. Quite a broad point. In a situation where there are problems with communication, can be each of us. We will take here the technical malfunction of the gadget (the battery was discharged, crashed, fell into the water and so on), and the lack of a mobile phone with you (forgot at home/in the car, lost, stolen, borrowed), and stay out of the network access zone (went out of town, on a business trip) and so on. As you can see, the explanation of the reason may be very banal, but no one is immune from such troubles. Including your chosen one.

He’s busy. If a loved one works hard and his profession requires maximum concentration, he may not see or hear SMS (call), or not have the physical ability to answer. In addition, if you call and send a message at a time when important meetings, business meetings and other events take place, it is logical that the man will not respond for a long time. In some institutions, the authorities require employees to leave mobile phones in designated areas.

You know for sure it is not about work

Even if a man has a day off, do not immediately suspect him of all sins. He can be at a meeting with friends, help family or busy with other important things, and therefore does not respond to SMS for a long time. Be patient and wait.

He forgot. If a man does not immediately respond to SMS, it can say that at the time of receiving your message, he was busy and could not answer, and later simply forgot about it. The situation is offensive, but not rare. This is only a human factor, and it is not necessary to create a global problem.

He’s not “in the spirit.” It often happens that a man is not in the mood for communication. The reasons can be very diverse. When there are troubles at work or with family, a headache, and just get up on the wrong foot, do not want to correspond or answer the call. Men do not like to share their problems with women, preferring to solve them on their own. Accordingly, it is better to wait out the bad moments than to spoil the mood of his lady heart. And she, in turn, need a little patience and give your loved one time.

He wants to teach you a lesson. Women often do not immediately respond to SMS or call. Sometimes to call your beloved is a real problem. In such cases, men are angry, worried and want to show a woman how difficult it can be to wait for a response from a loved one.

Don’t make yourself “too much important”

You are trying too hard. If a woman does not know at what stage of the relationship with a man is, then her excessive activity will only scare and alienate the chosen one. And so it may be that you’ve got it all wrong and companionship are perceived as something more. In this case, without answering the SMS or call, the man shows that he is not interested in a romantic relationship.

He’s married. As would be sad it was not, but women sometimes not aware of the presence of his beloved family. A married man does not answer SMS and calls for various reasons: he is at home with his wife, spends time with children, went to visit his mother-in-law and so on. You, of course, explain the pause in their answers very logical and convincing, but sooner or later the truth is still open.

Ignoring. There are also very dishonest men for whom a woman is only a toy. If you met such a representative of the stronger sex, then be prepared for the fact that he can not answer SMS and calls for a long time, and appear only when it is convenient for him and, having received the desired, again disappear.

The principle of swing. What is it? If you push once, then they sway themselves, without effort on your part. Some men use this kind of method for rapprochement, and further manipulation of a woman. The principle is simple: do not answer SMS and calls, but do not disappear at all. Roughly speaking, this is a game, but it has a big advantage man. Woman is beginning to seek more communication and meetings with beloved, and the, in turn, receives power over its victim of.

Don’t be so “stranger you’ve never seen before”

Strange text. Even a woman can not always understand herself, her desires and thoughts. What can we say about men. It has long been proven that the stronger sex think specifically, do not understand the hints and veiled statements. So your message elect could simply not understand. And since it can be humiliating to clarify or ask again for him, the man prefers to remain silent.

Insult. Any person is peculiar to experience such feelings, and men are no exception. Analyze the last meeting, conversation, messages, your actions. Often men don’t respond to my texts after a fight. You may have hit a young man hard without even noticing it. And the man was offended and does not respond to your SMS. If such a situation is the case, just apologize, and maybe the problem will disappear without a trace.

Pause in a relationship or break up. Men are not as emotional as women. For decision making they need to clearly sort out, weigh “for” and “against”. That’s why they sometimes take a break in a relationship. It is important to note that it will be better for a man to inform a girl about his decision than to receive disturbing SMS from her in huge quantities. Well, a woman should show a little patience and respect the desire of her partner to be alone a little. However, it also happens that a man, not responding to SMS and calls, makes it clear that the relationship is over. This is perhaps the most unfortunate and humiliating way to report a breakup. If the reason for this, do not be unnecessarily upset, because such a man is not the place next to you.

How to behave if the man does not answer SMS and calls?

You wrote to him and no response? What to do when you are waiting for the coveted message, and it is not? Do not panic, get upset and angry, because the reason can be very simple. To stay calm, follow our tips:

  1. View the latest SMS and calls. Perhaps there are too many of them, and they are initiated by you? If your man receives a large number of messages from you, he may be afraid of your pressure. Don’t impose.
  • Don’t send long and overly emotional texts. Obscure texts with no beginning or end can throw your man off. Even if you are very excited or upset, try to describe the problem concisely and clearly. In any case, it would be better for a man to clarify the problem than just ignore the message. If he chose just to remain silent, it is worth considering whether your relationship is as serious as you think.
  • Don’t rush to blame. When a favorite still contact you, do not swear and throw tantrums. It would be better to know the reason for his silence. Explain to your man that you were worried and waiting for an answer from him. Surely after clarification you will understand whether he is lying or not. And, most likely, the beloved will be “justified”.

Right steps

Call. After a certain time after the message you have not received a response, try to make a call. SMS signal can simply not hear, and if the mobile is out of sight, and not see. It is also possible that the phone is in vibration mode.

Think about whether he might be offended. If you know for sure that you upset your young man or put him in an awkward situation in front of friends, write an apology SMS. It is not necessary to fill up his messages with regret that offended. One such message will suffice. However, often women do not even realize that they could hurt the feelings of a young man. In such cases, it is necessary to carefully analyze the last meeting, conversation or correspondence.

If you need to urgently contact a man, it is better to call. It is much faster and more efficient than waiting for a reply to SMS. Messages are good for good morning wishes and other amenities. To send them, you can also use social networks, which are very popular at the moment. When a man sees and is ready to answer you, he will do it.

It is possible that the young man in this way decided to complete your relationship. There’s nothing to be done. But there is no need to despair. If a man does this, you should be glad that he left your life, making room for a bright and happy relationship.

In the absence of an answer from a man you know not so long ago, silence can mean that you are not of interest to him. Don’t be Intrusive. If a man wants to contact you, he will do it when he is free.

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