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Russia is a big country, obviously. Culturally, it’s more unified than many other countries, like the United States, France, the United Kingdom and more. Despite this, women from different parts of the country still behave a bit differently.

The people from different regions here may not be as different as the populations of different American states, but it’s important to know that Russians can get even weirder based on the province they live in.

And the idea of this Russian dating guide is to show, how to approach Russian ladies from a few specific parts of the Russian Federation.

What people think ‘the Russian’ means

Discarding the most stereotypical pictures of what a Russian woman is, most people in the World still associate Russians with snow and frost. And while most of the country is in Siberia, it’s unfair to think that way. Most of the population actually lives in the European part of Russia. 

Therefore, the European Russians are the dominant group in this society. That doesn’t mean a lot, though. There are still differences between the inhabitants of the European slice and the people across the Urals, but it’s not like they barely speak the same language (like Southern and Northern Germans).

Plus, most of the Russians you’ll see will not only be European, they’ll mostly be inhabitants of but two major cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg — both due to the tourism and the sheer amount of people in these places and surrounding areas.

In conclusion, disregard most of what you thought about Russians before, unless it’s real information straight from the tin or the respectable source, like this Russian dating guide.

European Russians: what’s the difference and how to approach

Despite this region being roughly 1/4 of the overall Russian territory, it’s still huge and very important. Two most civilized cities are located here, and life in many of the European provinces is much easier, ensuring that people rather immigrate here than emigrate out of here. This refers especially to young men and women, for whom this Russian dating guide is created.

Moscow, St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas

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The two cities and the provinces they lay in — namely, Moscow and Leningrad oblasts — are the most developed regions of Russia. Obviously, large masses of people move here every year. Life here is less about surviving and more about refining yourself – hence the abundance of universities, libraries, museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions and alike.

Thus, the youth here is less tough. These are the cities of students, whereas their contemporaries in many other cities are already working class. This is why Moscow and Petersburg are the first two places to start looking for a nice-looking and intelligent date.

Approaching techniques

Not saying that Russian society is overall low-level, on the contrary actually. The Russians are proven to be one of the most book-loving nations, for example. But it’s much easier to find both an intelligent and beautiful woman in Moscow.

Plus, the youth in the cultural hubs is much more independent and prone to draw conclusions. That’s why you need to show all the culture you have. Local men may curse in between each word, but they’ll still figure that you’re not one of them is you do something very uncultured. And showing you’re just like them is crucial.

There are two techniques for two kinds of girls:

  1. The more intelligent kinds will have an easier job associating herself with you if you’ll show her that you have your own projects, views, and aspirations. And if your views on different matters are similar, you’ll have a lot to talk about. It’s much easier to get along with people in this stage of life — they just want to share their opinions and talk to people like them;
  2. The more wild kinds just want to hang out with you. The Russians are tough party-makers, though the way they party may seem weird. They mostly walk around the neighborhood, talk loudly and drink. Though, just like with the first one, you’ll need to be similar to these people to be able to say something that can appeal to them, even in drunk state of mind.

It is much easier if you’re a student yourself. So, if you’re not — maybe this option is not for you. There are others, though.

Other groups of the population

Students do not populate this area exclusively, there are more mature people as well. In the Central region specifically the rate of cultural establishments is a bit larger than in other provinces, for the reasons of the density of the local population and the corresponding traditions (especially in Petersburg).

As modern as European cities go, people in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities like Kazan, Kaliningrad, Sochi, and Sevastopol are as modern as their counterparts further to the West. So, don’t just stick to students, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Southern Russia

The Southern regions of European Russia clearly stand out. And, based on this region’s proximity to Asia, one might figure out, how exactly. The more to the South you travel the more Muslim features you see. There are actually a few ‘republics’ inside the country, and their sole purpose is to be home for specific Muslim minorities.

Inhabitants of places like Tatarstan, Chechnya, Dagestan, and some others are not fully Russian mind you. They share a lot of traits with the Slavic population, but they are mostly not related. However, people here speak Russian and value Russian traditions, the cultures merge so closely here, it’s hard to forget they are actually somewhat different.

What’s the difference

The people who live in this place are distinctly conservative, especially in the Caucasian region. The family and the ‘old ways’ are still greatly valued here. And despite this, most Muslim-populated republics are actually well-developed. Kazan itself (the capital of Tatarstan republic) is considered the third most civilized city in the European part.

It means that the regions are modern (to a degree) and that if you stick to big cities, no harm will ever come. There are caveats, however. You may certainly call people here modern, but not progressive. They are deeply religious and completely intolerant. If possible, mind your speech at all times and don’t try to criticize the local government. If impossible, that’s just not your destination.

Approaching techniques

The level of being careful you have to apply when trying to hit on women here may vary based on:

  1. How serious your intentions are
  2. How tolerant she and her family is

The first item implies that you meet the family of your partner at some point in time. Most of the time, the family wants your relationship with their daughter to last. And here comes the second item — if they don’t like you, you’ll have a hard time dating any longer. This ‘Russian dating guide’ isn’t any help for those who want Muslim parents to like them, but you really should search it.

The tolerance may apply to your views and opinions, to your origins and confession and many other things you should take into account if you decide to date a ‘Russian Muslim’ in her home region.

But otherwise, it’s an interesting experience. Women from said places usually get attracted towards Europeans and alike, the traditional way of life affects that. 

Don’t forget that they are Southerners who like to get emotional and be romantic. In case you come from Southern Europe, that’s where you’ll feel at home and be able to taste, how it is to date a ‘Russian’ woman.


Picture of Siberian couple

Siberia isn’t drastically different from the rest of the country, despite the popular beliefs. On average, it’s colder and wilder in there. But most people forget that we live in 21th century, and all the inhospitable natural conditions are easy to fight nowadays.

Still, Siberian Russians are harsher and tougher because of the climate and all the hard work they still need to enjoy. Uralic cities, for instance, are the most polluted and industrious in Russia. And they don’t even look that presentable to counter the depressiveness.

So, what’s different?

In terms of character, people from the Asian part are not that different. Maybe some hundred years ago they would release a bear at you for being sober, but it’s too comfortable there now for such fun.

They are still tough, but not ‘aggressively’ so. They’ll just throw shaming looks at you for being whiny instead of bears today.

There are less intelligent and studying people here on average. People here start working early instead. And instead of talking about projects they like to relax and have fun. Sometimes it involves drinking. But there are some other ways to attract their attention.

The best tactic in such depressive environment would be to:

  1. Have a lot of fun
  2. Be tough

In conclusion

Russians are not very different from one another at this point. Nor they are different from most Europeans. There are oddities, though. If there weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this guide. Nor would many gentlemen from all over the Globe ask for Russian dating guide if Russian women would be same as any other.

On the same note, if you still only plan to meet a Russian girl, and you need some other Russian dating guide like this, feel free to check this one, or the video below:

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