Are random hookups bad – How to comfort your casual partner

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In a modern world, we still have certain stereotypes that random hookups always mean drunk hookups. But good girls and good boys are also having casual sex with different partners.

Psychologists and experienced hookupers recommend to never suppress your real desires, sexual fantasies, or basic instincts. It causes problems with help and overall motivation to live.

So, do not create unnecessary difficulties and enjoy your brief affairs as much as you can. Your casual partner should feel the same way, in order to reach the harmony and satisfaction.

  1. Discuss things in advance. Exchange a few words before getting laid to make sure a person is open-minded and comfortable with that. It’ll make the process smooth.
  2. Check your own wishes. Spend some time to analyze your state of mind. If something stresses you and occupies your thoughts, better do not jump into casual affairs yet.
  3. Set free from others’ opinions. If your environment is conservative and judgmental, don’t share your experiences with them. Other people shouldn’t control your choices.
  4. Develop your empathy. Even casual partners should be understood and satisfied well. If you succeed in that, you will always feel comfortable.

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