Are Russian ladies really so passionate?

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A lot of foreign men wonder if Russian women are really that great in bed. It’s not a surprise because every man dreams about a hot wife who isn’t only a good mother but also great in bed. Many of Russian ladies are charming and beautiful, and it is expected from them to be good in bed. In fact, Russian women and sex are like synonyms. Hot temperament and tenderness of Russian girls are very helpful when it comes to sex. These character traits guarantee any man a high level of pleasure in bed.

You should keep in mind that your sexual desire isn’t a primary one. It’s more important that she wants to have sex with you. Your task is to draw her attention and only then, you can count on sex with her. The steps listed below will help you to seduce a Russian beauty.

Look directly into her eyes

This trick causes sexual desire, especially if you’re totally honest with a girl that you like. Always start a conversation looking into her eyes. It will help you to make contact with her. Don’t stutter while talking to her and watch her reaction. If you noticed that her pupils are dilated, you’re on the right way.

Don’t hesitate to say compliments

Your beautiful words of love won’t go unnoticed. Don’t forget to smile and say your compliments in a natural tone. You should choose your words correctly and then present them to her. A perfectly chosen compliment will also cause her sexual desire. Try to think of something more creative than just “You’re so beautiful“ or “I love you“ because Russian ladies are used to hear such compliments, and they will probably think that you’re just one of the random admirer.

Don’t appease her

If you really want to seduce a Russian beauty, you should follow this golden rule. She should be sure in the firmness of your character and principles. These two things really turn her on. No matter how charming you are because your character traits play more important role in seducing a Russian girl. Don’t even think of listening to everything that she says. Eventually, if you follow her every word, you will stop being a man in her eyes.

She should be aware that you can make your own decisions and, of course, you’re the one who is responsible for them. She may seem quite happy after you’ve done what she asked, but then she will start putting pressure on you.

Russian ladies love tough ones

Keep her satisfied no matter what

You should regularly change your sexual positions or you both will get bored quite soon. If a Russian woman isn’t satisfied in a relationship with you, she will probably find someone else who can make her happy. Don’t get offended on her if she does so because it’s quite naturally.

Imagine a happy and satisfied woman in bed who is cheating on her boyfriend or husband. That happens so rarely that we shouldn’t even mention those cases. In fact, problems that happen in bed are the root of all evil. Don’t forget that fact when dating a Russian woman. You should be at the same level in bed or even better.

Try to flirt with her via the Internet

Russian women’ passion can be found even on the Internet. You can find a potential hot Russian wife online and that’s totally real. Russian girls actively look for Western men themselves, and they don’t mind getting acquainted with them. Some people may call such way of meeting partners rather light-minded, but even those who think so can find a quickie.

You can also use such websites just to communicate with Russian beauties because it’s not that easy to get into Russia and you should get some experience before talking with a Russian girl in real life.

Don’t forget that Russian girls are interested in you not less than you’re interested in them. In fact, they can be interested even more. People tend to think that all those Internet chatting will never become a serious relationship. It depends on the website where you search for a potential wife from Russia.

Russian girls don’t hesitate to send nudes and openly flirt with you if you’re doing everything as it should be. Your goal is to break that ice wall which is created around her. If you manage to do so, you will feel her passion quite soon.

Russian chicks enjoy online dating

Things that Russian girls appreciate in men and sex

Russian women are really romantic. No matter how old they are. It’s just in their nature. Russian girls are more feminine than any other girls. This division into men and women are really strong and visible.

Never skip the foreplay step

Keep in mind that the quality of your sex with a Russian baby totally depends on that step. You should heat the oven before cooking in it. If you skip this step, you’re likely to lose any chances getting laid with a Russian girl next time. They don’t tolerate selfishness in men. They want to be loved. It is possibly only when a man shows it every second if he’s around.

Add some role-play elements

Russian girls prefer when a man dominates during sex, but they don’t mind about some role-play elements in it. If a girl feels comfortable and relaxed with you, she will definitely do everything that you say or even order. Use her femininity on maximum. Some Russian girls love dominant sex so much that they even let men choke them or squeeze their bosom quite hard.

Never leave her after the end of the process

Romantic Russian girls want to prolong the moment of you two being together. Don’t leave her after your ejaculation because Russian girls really love to cuddle and get some kisses after everything is done. If you get up and immediately start dressing up, she will probably think that she wasn’t good enough or that you don’t take her seriously.

Remember about your appearance and smell

You have to smell and look not worse than your Russian girlfriend. They really appreciate the fact when a man looks after himself. You should take an everyday shower or bath and use some kind of perfume.

You like when a girl is neat, don’t you? When it comes to you, don’t forget that you should be the same. There is nothing bad if you both will have a shower or even a romantic bath together before having sex

Hot Russian girls like to be one on one

Get rid of your complexes

If you’re having a first date and you really want to end up in bed with a Russian girl, you should be as confident as possible. Don’t show your complexes and do everything as it is a part of your plan. Don’t hesitate to suggest some ideas concerning sex and everything connected with that. No one is watching you while you’re having sex and you shouldn’t be ashamed of each other. Besides, if you’re too uptight, your erection will definitely leave you quite soon.

They expect mutual support

Russian girls are very loving and they’re always ready to give some support to their men. In fact, they expect the same from them too. They want to hear gentle words and feel your support instead of shouting or physical violence.

Here is advice: Since Russian girls are so oversensitive, you should always meet her expectations. Once you’ve failed to do it, she’ll immediately go away.

Have sex not only in bed

Russian ladies are quite imaginative. If they’re really into you, they can have sex in the elevator, dressing room or even on the roof of the house. They don’t mind trying all that only if a man really deserves that. These passionate babes will do everything for you if you can seduce them in a proper way. They’re ready to do it in the kitchen, shower and many other exotic places. Russian girls are good not only in bed, but not only in bed. Some of them are just too shy to tell about their own desires and that’s why they wait for their men to act first.

Many of Russian girls like oral sex

It’s no secret that every man enjoys a blowjob from a beloved woman. In fact, almost every woman loves cunnilingus, but not every man can do it properly. Your girlfriend and potential wife will give you a direct hint if she wants you to try to do it for her.

Russian babes are open for new experience

Why passionate Russian girls date Western men

These passionate ladies date Western men for several reasons:

  • they want to have a financial support;
  • there is an opportunity to move abroad;
  • they’re tired of regular Russian men and want to have something new.

Western men should perfectly understand the reason why Russian ladies date them. They earn much more than a regular Russian man and a lot of Russian girls fall for it.

Another fact is that a Western man is looking after himself and will always be in a good shape. No one talks about big biceps and stuff like that, but they’re fitter and sexy. Western men tend to drink less alcoholic drinks and that’s why Russian ladies choose them for a future posterity.

You should understand that if a passionate hot Russian girl dates you, then it is necessary that you should meet her requirements in all her aspects. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a position of a sexual toy, but not a future husband.

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