Are Russian Women Looking for Love or Anything Else Abroad?

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You may have heard a lot about Russian women looking for love abroad. And many foreign males suppose that not love is their aim but money, casual relations and what not are. It is fair to say that a very small number of such-like dishonorable creatures really exist but the majority of Russian ladies have nothing in common with them.

Looking for Love or not

What Exactly are Russian Women Looking for Abroad?

Being limited in native men “resources”, Russian women need to look for marriage partners abroad.

According to the average reading in 2019, there are 7 women per 6 men in Russia.

The female span of life is longer than male one. They are affected bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol or drugs, much more rarely than Russian men are. In addition, those guys who are free from these nasty things appear to fall under their mothers’ over-concern. And such-like childishness hinders them from making a good natural family.

Another disadvantage making girls from Russia get married abroad occurs to be family violence. It is not so widely-spread but it is possible nonetheless.

“If I was a woman in Russia, I would be a lesbian, as the men are very ugly. There are a few handsome ones, like Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, but there you see the most beautiful women and the most horrible men” Karl Lagerfeld

Russian women need healthy relations, both spiritual affinity and sexual intimacy equally. They are looking for sincere, responsible men, having moral power and being well set up physically. In a word, he-men. Those persons who are able to solve any difficult problem, support any time and surround with care and love.

Be He-men for Russian Women

One more reason which may seem a bit silly (concerning girls till 25 mainly) is some kind of friendly envy toward her female acquaintances who got married to a foreigner. Briefly, it is her desire to answer the question – if she is able to do the same. It is not very much a tick-box approach, but a simple wish of being happy.

So Russian women are looking for:

  • Love
  • Stability in relations
  • Different possibilities (concerning career, living conditions, education, etc.)
  • Confidence in the future

But love is still staying in the first place. A Russian lady will do her best to keep a homelike and cozy family atmosphere and take care of her husband and children.

Russian Women Looking for Love: What are They Like?

You may think that such women resemble hunters, hunters for money, man’s freedom and what not, but it is not the truth in most scenarios. Frankly speaking, greedy persons of that kind are sure to come anyone’s way all round the world. It doesn’t depend on the country, but character and education.

There are plenty of females of various nationalities registered on dating web-sites, including singles, divorced, widows, those who are looking for only amity or sexual entertainment, or having any delusional ideas. Just be attentive at the beginning of communication, keep to the rules of the platform and you’ll find a loving person.

So what is Russian woman’s character like? What should a foreigner know about future Russian bride?

  1. They are great friends. They support their husbands in everything, helping them in self-development and moving up the career ladder. Russian ladies are well-known for loyalty, faithfulness, devotedness and frankness.
  2. They are great wives. They feel responsibility for homemaking and creating a comfortable atmosphere for every member of the family. They may be not absolutely wrapped up in cooking or cleaning but their husbands always hurry home to enjoy domesticity.
  3. They are great lovers. They may be hot in bed, quite active and ready for some experiments (within the bounds of decency, of course). Russian women are passionate and tender, gentle and teasing, creative and even unpredictable, in a good way.

Besides, one more attraction of almost every Russian lady is her beauty.

Beautiful and Great in Everything

She always tries to keep fit and look her absolute best. Fine clothes, elaborate make-up and manicure, well-groomed appearance, all these things are sure to take up a fair amount of time. But it is still worth doing to stay interesting and good-looking for her man.

Russian Women’s Expectations: Different Ages – Different Interests

Various bride services offer a wide range of Russian ladies photos and data to begin communicating with. Different ages presenting, different interests and aims are described. So what is expected from serious relationships in different age groups?

In 18-25

It is the age of romance and fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Russian girls are looking for entertainment, bright colors and new impressions, endless love and what not. They do not prefer staying at home but travelling, exploring new horizons and getting new experience.

To that age a certain part of Russian ladies occurs to have been married unsuccessfully, even get little kids. One of their desires becomes to create a close-knit family and to find a good father for their children.

In 26-35

This age is known for the women’s desire to have a baby and to turn long-term unregistered relations to strong ties of marriage. During this period ladies are fond of family and career, children and husband being in the first place, in most cases.

If speaking about their first unsuccessful wedlock, women are glad that the children born happen to be young enough to accept their mother’s partner as a birth parent. So the females’ aim is to get stability and confidence in the future.

In 36-45

Russian women of that age are quite mature and self-reliant. They are dreaming of not heaven shining like a jewel but a solid ground underfoot. They already have children and rarely feel a desire of becoming pregnant again.

According to psychological researches, this is a period of some kind of midlife crisis, making ladies think about their life achievements and compare their adolescent dreams with adult reality. They are looking for love, mutual respect, support and cooperation in relationships. Sexual activity is another point to be very important in that time.

In 46 and Older

Mostly, Russian women of that age need mutual understanding and solidarity. They are likely to have raised their children. Sons and daughters living separately and having their own families, ladies over 46 want someone else to find happiness with.

A potential husband should keep a woman a company in leading quite active life, travelling or some household hobby. Going abroad in this age gives the same fine perspectives concerning heath improvement, self-realization and new experience.

Love All Ages Yield Surrender

As you may see, in spite of the generational psychological difference Russian females are looking for love, durable relationship and a “tower of strength” in the person of their partners.

Tips on How to Succeed in Communicating with Russian Women Looking for Love

If you want to succeed in communicating with Russian women looking for love, just remember that love is a key element.

  • Be in top form and look attractive
  • Be romantic, pay addresses to her, make just token gifts, tell compliments
  • Speak positively, don’t grumble at your life
  • Show your determinativeness and ability to cope with slings and arrows of life, create a secure atmosphere and a sense of stability
  • Be reliable and understanding
  • Agree with your Russian lady where it is necessary, admit your mistakes and be honest
  • Be thankful and respectful

A combination of feelings of safety and stability, mutual respect, common interests can’t but impress your future Russian wife.

As a Summary

The main thing Russian women are looking for is love and serious relations. Mostly their aim is not living easily but creating a closely-knit alliance, full of reciprocity, understanding and sympathy. No matter what is the age of a lady, she needs appreciation and care. A Russian bride will be glad to meet a sincere responsible partner, able to support in any case and solve life problems.

Just begin communicating with a candidate, find out her intentions and by heart and common sense make a decision. Good luck!

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