Are there any Russian brides in USA for dating and marriage?

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When a man from the USA decides to marry a Russian woman, the usual scenario involves registering on a dating site, writing to a girl he likes, and eventually making a trip to her home land to meet her face to face. Online dating is an exciting experience, and here are lots of advantages to getting to know a person over the internet. However, handling a long-distance relationship is a daunting task. It’s not for everyone. The good news is that there are Russian brides in USA, so an American man can try his luck with one of them instead.

A Russian woman in the USA still possesses all the character traits that attracts men from all over the globe, and she’s as beautiful and attractive as her compatriots at home, but she has the added advantage of being right there in the country.

Young Russian woman for dating and marriage in the USA

How can you find Russian girls in the United State of America?

It’s rather easy to locate Slavic women in the USA. What you need to do is to join the same dating sites you would join if you were going to find a woman from Russia, Ukraine or other Eastern European countries. Then you need to use the search tool and find Russian brides for marriage who are currently staying in the United States of America.

We would recommend avoiding free and paying per letter sites they are swarming with scammers and swindlers of all sorts. Even the most experienced online daters lose money on these sites due to a scam. Instead, you should go for a trusted and reputable website with paid membership. A site like this usually boasts a large database of women’s profiles, scrupulous verification procedure and handy security system.

After paying for the subscription you’ll have an unlimited access to women’s profiles. You’re allowed to exchange personal details with women you like, so it’s easy to take your correspondence off the site. After registering on the site, you should start looking for beautiful Russian women in your area and contacting them. Bear in mind though that you have to put together a nice profile page in order to increase the response rate.

Make sure your profile speaks volumes about your personality

Women in Russia complain about lack of men around to start a romantic relationship with. Russian brides in USA don’t have this problem – there are always lots of willing men around who would be glad to go on a date with a stunning Slavic lady.

That’s why your profile on a dating website has to be exceptional in order to stand out of the crowd. Make sure there is a nice, high quality photo of your smiling face and a full height picture with a lovely background. Avoid bathroom selfies and images with naked torso. Fill up all the profile fields, providing basic information about yourself.

You shouldn’t be too brief, but there is no need to write an endless story of your life. Keep it positive and cheerful – no one wants a whiny man with lots of problems. Make sure to specify what exactly you would appreciate in your life partner. Express your views upon romantic relationships, marriage and family life.

Contacting Russian brides in USA

 After browsing through the women’s profiles, contact a few girls you liked best. If they respond, don’t keep a long correspondence. After all, they are here, in your home country. Just ask them for a phone number and invite for a date. It will be fun to date someone from another country in your own area.

How did these ladies end up in the USA?

After the Soviet Union broke to pieces, it’s much easier for a Russian person to get to the United States of America.


A lot of Russian students come to the USA in summer. They travel, work, study and get to know a new culture. There are various university programs that promote student exchange, when an American student travels to Russia, and a Russian one – to the US. These programs allow students from Eastern Europe to improve their English skills and learn more about the American lifestyle. Usually these students are 19 to 22-year old girls.

If you’d like to date a very young woman from Russia, it’s recommended to try your luck with one of these students. Speaking of an acceptable age gap when dating a Russian girl, ten and even fifteen years difference is considered alright. Needless to say, you should be fit, good looking and healthy if you’re eager to date a person who is so much younger than you.

Dating a young Russian women in the United States on America

Au Pair

Becoming an Au Pair is another popular way to get to the United States of America. This program allows a young Russian girl to stay in the USA for several month, living with an American family and looking after their kids. This is a comfortable way for a family to get an inexpensive babysitter – they don’t have to pay much to a girl because they provide food and shelter to her.

On her days off she has an opportunity of visiting a local language school and improve her English, travel and make local friends. Many Russian brides in USA take part in these programs for years and end up staying permanently in the US.

Divorced women

There are also Russian women in the USA who came to the country on a spouse or fiancée visa. They married American men, but for some reason their marriages didn’t work out. So they got divorced later and stayed in the States. Some of them do return to Russia, but if a woman has kids she would rather stayed in the USA in order to bring them up as American citizens. It’s not easy to raise kids as a single mother in Russia, anyway.


There are also girls who got to grow up in the USA after their parents emigrated from Eastern Europe years back. They still speak Russian and possess all the typically Slavic character traits, but it’s easier to find common with them as they’re already familiar with the USA dating culture.

So you can locate women from either of these categories and ask her out.

How to impress Russian brides in USA on the first date?

When you date a Russian girl, first impression is all important. You’re in your home town, so it won’t be particularly difficult for you to set up a perfect date.

Choose a nice location

It’s not necessary to limit your options to cafes and restaurants when going on a date with a Russian woman. Try to be original and imaginative, and she’ll definitely acknowledge your efforts. Go to the local skating rink, even you’ve never skated in your entire life. Learning to skate together will be lots of fun.

Invite her to an art gallery – lots of Slavic women are artistically inclined, so she’s sure to like your approach. Spend a lovely afternoon in a botanical garden – lots of flowering plants make for a perfect background when walking hand in hand with a girl you like.

Dress to kill

Russian women are famed for their stunning appearance, and you should take trouble over your looks, too. Make sure to wear a stylish outfit, or at the very least clean and tidy one. Forget about short pants and t-shirts – got for a semi-formal comfortable shirts, jeans or trousers. Select the accessories carefully, and make sure your shoes are clean. Wear some pleasant perfumes – Russian women are bound to like this.

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Bring a little gift

When dating Russian brides in USA, you shouldn’t arrive at the first date empty handed. It doesn’t mean a girl expects anything expensive – a small bouquet of flowers and a chocolate bar will do.

Meet Russian girls in the USA for romantic relationships and marriage

Behave like a gentleman

Russian girls enjoy old fashioned courtship, so you’ll easily earn some extra points when kissing her hand, holding doors for her, offering your help when getting off the bus and so on. This will definitely help you win a single Russian woman’s heart.

Dating Russian brides in USA is a wonderful alternative to making a trip to Eastern Europe. It gives you an opportunity of skipping the whole online dating things if this is not something you enjoy.

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