Are these Russian women looking for love or comforts?

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If you’ve been thinking of finding a woman of your dreams on a Russian dating site, the chances are you’ve heard of not-so-happy stories about Russian women scams and mercenary Slavic girls who are only interested in money. What they are looking for is not love, mutual understanding and respect, but better conditions of living and ways to immigrate to a western country. They demand expensive gifts and spend a poor husband’s money left and right.

Well, there are women like this in every nation, and the good news is that the majority of Russian girls on international dating sites are totally different. There are plenty of reasons why they’ve decided to look for a man abroad – imbalanced male-to-female ratio, inability to find a decent partner who wouldn’t drink and do drugs, desire to expand personal horizons just to name a few. In any case, Russian women looking for love abroad are worthy of respect for expanding their searches beyond geographical borders and personal limitations.

Eastern European women looking for love and marriage abroad

Answering the question whether they look for love or comfort, we assume they don’t mind to have both. After all, love and a comfortable lifestyle shouldn’t exclude each other. However, their views on love may differ from yours, and it’s important to learn more on the subject in order to avoid misunderstandings, cultural clashes and heartbreaks.

What love means for a Russian girl

Since they are very small, a Russian girl starts dreaming about meeting their special one. Her own prince charming who will be totally in love with her, who will protect her from the harshness of this world and with whom she’ll feel secure and comfortable. The idea of meeting someone special is emphasized in lots of fairy tales, cartoons and, most importantly, in general mindset of people in the Russian society.

A girl is convinced that the only way to be happy is to meet the right man, get married and start a family. If you don’t pursue this goal, then something is wrong with your system of values. Russian girls are raised very romantic and idealistic, they are convinced that you should be totally in love before you get married, and it’s not nice to be motivated by possible comforts, money or whatever changes in love this marriage is going to bring. They are genuinely interested in having a loving relationship based upon mutual affections, respect and admiration.

Slavic girls looking for love and marriage

Intellectual and emotional connection

While men around the world give a lot of priority to physical aspect of a romantic relationship, Russian women are more interested in intellectual and emotional compatibility. It’s important for them to establish a special connection with a man, and to feel loved and respected. They are often considered cold, distant and passionless, but this is not true.

What you need is a lot of patience. Russian women looking for love are ready to give lots of love in return, including the physical aspect.

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 But they need to make sure you appreciate their minds and feelings, not only their bodies. They want to spend quality time together and to dig deeper into your heart. Also, they absolutely detest one night stands. Sex is a way to express one’s love, and not merely a way to satisfy physical desires.

Desire to play an important role in a man’s life

A Russian woman doesn’t want to feel like a trophy to be won by a man. When dating a man, they do give them a leading role and follow a kind of “hunter-prey” pattern at the initial stages of a romantic relationship. But it doesn’t mean they’re submissive and docile. It’s important to remember when you contact Russian women looking for love on an international dating site. A Slavic lady wants to be an equal partner in a relationship, at the same time she doesn’t mind to be a princess whose affections are to be conquered.

A Russian girl wants to play an important role in a man’s life, to be his friend to rely upon, his beloved woman and devoted wife. She is willing to give you limitless loyalty, but she expects the same loyalty in return.

Russian ladies looking for a romantic relationship abroad

Things you should try to make a Russian woman fall in love with you

There are certain things that are especially appreciated by Russian women looking for love. If you’d like a gorgeous girl from an international dating site fall in love with you, make sure to try this:

Demonstrate your masculinity and strength of spirit

Russian girl appreciate strong men who are good decision makers. It’s not excluded that a Slavic woman will put you through all sorts of tests to make sure you’re a strong personality with an inner core. It’s important for her to know that she can lean upon your shoulder when life gets tough. They are not interested in someone weak and infantile, someone who is looking for a mother figure rather than for a beloved woman. There are lots of men like this in Russia itself, and if a woman decided to look for love abroad, it’s obvious that she wants her relationship to be different.

Be a gentleman

Being polite, respectful and selfless will definitely help you to win the heart of an average woman in Russia. We know, it’s almost impossible, but if you manage to resemble Mr Darcy from Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice” or Mr. Rochester from Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eire”, you chances to be loved by a gorgeous Russian woman will skyrocket like anything. Slavic girls are very well read, and they often look for someone who resembles their favourite heroes from romantic novels.

Be prepared for a long period of old-fashioned courtship

Russian women looking for love give a lot of importance to the period of courtship in a romantic relationship. In order to sweep them off their feet, make sure to do the following things:

  • Wish them good morning and good night every day. This way a woman will be sure that you are thinking of her the first thing you wake up and the last thing you go to bed.
  • Tell them about your feelings as often as possible. While men are visually oriented, the majority of women, especially Russian women, love with their ears. Tell her how she makes you feel, how the world is a batter place because she’s now there in your life.
  • Send her flowers and small gifts. There are lots on flower delivery services in every Russian city. Make use of them! Send your beloved woman a lovely bouquet of flowers with a touching note attached. Slavic girls are known to adore flowers, and they’re a potent way to express one’s feelings in a romantic relationship. There are all sorts of flowers available, from common to exotic. Try to find out what flowers your girlfriend prefers. Red roses are always the hit – they speak volumes about your feelings. But don’t limit yourself only to those – Russian girls like to receive tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids, daisies, lilies and so on. You can also read on some crucial tips for buying flowers. As for gifts, choose something small, pretty and inexpensive. Ideally speaking, it should be something that will always remind her of your love.
  • Reveal your genuine interest in her life. Ask her how she spent her day, what her plans are for the weekend and whether her grandmother feels well.
  • Never forget her birthday and other important dates. If she mentioned her birthday once, most probably she won’t remind you about it but she’ll expect you to remember. Make sure to make her feel very special this day. Another date to remember is 8th of March – Women’s day is a big deal in Russia.

These are only some bits of advice on how to win a Slavic girl’s heart. At the same time, they kind of prove that Russian women looking for love are truly romantic and sentimental in their heart. A relationship with an eastern European lady will be a wonderful experience you’ll never regret, so if you are not certain whether to join a dating site, do it by all means!

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