Attractive Russian girls: questions to ask yourself before commitment

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When you join a Russian dating site, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the wonderful options that suddenly became available to you. Lots of attractive Russian girls contact you every day, expressing their interest and willingness to get to know you better. You’re showed with compliments like you’ve never been in your entire life. You feel inspired, ambitious and invigorated – life is finally shows its brighter side where relationships are concerned.

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After a brief correspondence with hot Russian women, you seem to distinguish the one who could be the woman of your dreams. You date her online and everything goes well, in spite of the countless challenge of a long distance relationship. Finally you go and meet her in Russia, spending a wonderful month together, or even a couple of months. What else could you possibly want? Isn’t it the right time to propose? Sure it is!

But of course, whether you date someone locally or have a romantic relationship with a girl from another country, tying the knot is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you make any commitments.

Are you ready to take the responsibility?

Starting a family of your own is one of the most important decisions in life. Before you propose to someone, you should be absolutely sure you’re ready for a huge change of a lifestyle. You’ll have to share each day of your life with another person. Apart from that, your Russian wife will have to adapt to the new country, new surrounding, and new language.

When you marry one of those attractive Russian girls from a dating websites, you should remember that she’s not just a pretty picture or an abstract person behind the computer screen. It was relatively easy to date her when she kept living her normal life and was surrounded by people she cared for.

When she makes a shift to your country, you’re more or less the only person in her universe. Are you ready to take such responsibility? Will you be able to provide emotional comfort to a person in a new country and help her to adapt?

Do you trust her?

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Simply put, a person you’re going to marry should have your absolute trust. If you have the slightest doubts, it’s not the right time to get married yet. If you can’t help thinking about her reasons to be with you, don’t rush the proposal. Do feel nervous when she’s unreachable? Do you suspect she’s done with you?

Perhaps you even ask yourself whether all Russian women are looking for love or comforts. Or you can’t help thinking she’s after your passport, financial security and better lifestyle. Or you think she’s only using you to get out of Russia. Or, even worse, you are scared of losing her when she’s settled down in your country. If you question her loyalty and devotion, proposing her would be a huge mistake.

If you really have valid reasons to doubt your girlfriend’s motives of staying with you, perhaps it’s better to start searching for your happiness elsewhere. If her intentions are pure and she’s genuinely in love with you, it’s strongly recommended to get rid of your paranoiac thoughts. You can even visit a psychologist if needed.

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Do you try to resolve issues together?

Problems are inevitable in every marriage. And the majority of couples don’t last long because they’re not able to work through problems in a healthy way. If the two of you try to avoid talking about issues and unpleasant moments, it’s obviously a warning sign.

If you tend to give in instead of voicing your opinion, or, on the contrary, your girlfriend accepts everything even if you feel she’s not comfortable with things, it’s a cause for concern.

Of course, there are no major quarrels in the initial stages of a romantic relationship, let alone online, but if you had at least one screaming fight, you shouldn’t make any important decisions lightly.

Are you on the same page where kids are concerned?

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Generally speaking, attractive Russian girls are not only about the looks and personal charm. Slavic ladies are known as a good wife material for their traditional family values and willingness to have kids. It’s highly unlikely a girl you have a relationship with will go for a childless marriage, so if you’re planning to become a father, marrying a Russian woman is the right thing to do.

The majority of Eastern European girls can’t imagine being happy and satisfied with life without having a husband and kids. Even the most skilful professionals tend to prioritize family over career. They don’t postpone having kids will their late thirties or even early forties, like many women in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Western Europe.

By the age of twenty five a typical Russian women already has a child or even two. But if you don’t feel like becoming a father at this period of your life, you should have a serious conversation about kids before getting married. It’s important to know that you’re on the same page before making any commitments.

Are you happy with her money management?

It goes without saying that you’ll have to support your wife financially until she is comfortable in a new country. Intelligent and attractive Russian girls have no problem finding a job abroad. If both of you decide it’s more beneficial for our family if she works, she’ll gladly contribute to the family budget. Keep in mind though that Slavic women tend to expect a man to be a breadwinner, so basically providing for the family is on you.

 Facing financial troubles is one of the biggest challenges for a marriage, so both of you should possess good money management skills. If your girlfriend has a habit of making impulse purchases without thinking of possible consequences, perhaps you should postpone proposing to her until you discuss this issue and come to mutual understanding.

Do you like her family?

Attractive Russian girls usually come with a family attached. When you marry a Slavic woman, you marry into her family. An average Russian girl is very attached to her parents and siblings, and she keeps a very close contact with them even after she’s married and far away.

One important question to ask yourself before you make a commitment is whether you like her family and whether you really want these people in your life. Of course, if you’re madly in love, having irritating in-laws is not a major issue, but in the long run it can accumulate into a big problem that will threaten your marriage.

Are you sexually compatible?

Do you satisfy each other’s needs where physical intimacy is concerned? Having different sexual temperaments is a disaster for most couples. If she has a strong sexual drive and you have a relaxed approach towards sex, will you be able to make an effort in order to meet her needs?

Or, on the contrary, are you sure it’s possible for you to tame your enormous sexual appetites if she needs it only once a week? If partners have different sexual needs, there should be something they can offer to counterbalance the lack of physical intimacy. Think about it before making a proposal.

Are you capable of loving someone forever?

Attractive Russian girls are brought up with the idea of eternal love that happens once in a lifetime. Even the most cynical of them are waiting for their mister right. If they marry a man, they love him forever and expect the same kind of treatment in return. Are you sure you can meet your girlfriend’s expectations? Do you believe in romantic love that lasts forever, too? These are also some of the crucial questions to answer when bringing your relationship with a Russian girl on a whole new level.

The idea behind this article is to help you make an important decision in life while keeping your eyes open. After all, attractive Russian girls are exceedingly charming and it’s easy to lose your head But ending up with a heartbreak is not what you anticipate in the end of the day, right?

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