Benefits and drawbacks of online dating a Russian mail bride

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That’s a given that Slavic women are very popular with overseas men in America, Asia, Europe, and on other continents. If you are a foreign guy in the quest for a Russian mail bride, you, certainly, need some helpful tips on how to make your desire come true.

The ways to get acquainted with a Russian mail bride

Some decades ago when the Internet was not as widely spread as these days there were few ways to get into serious relationships with women from Russia. Men had to go to that vast country to meet dream girls. Yet it was not an easy way since it required spare time, money, and even courage.

Some guys tried to correspond to Russian women before getting to know them in person. That took up quite much time as snail letters were delivered too long, at least for a week. Nowadays, due to the world network, the process of dating has considerably accelerated.

Some men still prefer to go on a journey to a Russian city or resort. They visit some public places or recreation facilities. It gives them an opportunity to socialize with various women with the hope to find a bride, a soulmate or at least a partner.

However, this way is quite risky. Foreign men often fail in their search for a Russian mail bride since they don’t know Russian particularities and find out they need to get ready for such sort of dating. Therefore, the number of overseas guys who resort to the Internet is constantly increasing.

Online dating

Mail brides from Russia online

These days, men use a lot more ways to start relationships with the fair sex. However, when it comes to the worldwide network, that’s given that internet marriage agencies give incomparably more opportunities to get to know various women. Therefore, this way of dating is now considered to be the best one.

Reliable dating websites

The very first issue guys have to solve before signing up for a dating platform is how to distinguish legitimate websites. Men try to prevent themselves from coming across scams that can occasionally occur. Any reliable dating website has some features that help guys to feel safe and to take success for granted:

  • The process of registration is simple and free of charge
  • Female members go through a strict verification
  • The number of active users of both genders is quite large
  • Paid services give a wide range of advantages
  • Free message swapping and chats
  • The prices for all kinds of services and membership are reasonable
  • The customer support is timely and 24 hours straight available.

Advice: After you sign up for a reputable dating website, take a close look at women’s profiles you find appropriate before making up your mind to start communicating.

High-end fraud protection methods used on legitimate platforms efficiently prevent male members from encountering female scammers. Yet you need to remain careful without being too suspicious.


Russian mail brides to select

When it comes to advantages you have while communicating on an authoritative dating website, the list of them is quite long. The most important benefit is your opportunity to get in touch with different girls and women. Apart from that, you will get some other advantages:

  • A wide choice of female members of different age, enthusiasms, traits, looks, and interests
  • The opportunity to single out the ways of communication: chatting, email and photos swapping, chatting on the website, Skype, a video chat
  • Reputable customer service and fraud protection
  • The opportunity to send not only messages but also pleasant virtual gifts.

Advice: Despite an array of benefits you have on a dating website, keep in mind that only socializing in person will guarantee you the right choice of your future bride.

Whatever advantages you have, the happy ending of your search for a Russian mail bride depends on your active behavior on a dating platform. Therefore, you should follow some common rules to succeed in your quest:

  • Use different ways of online communication
  • Try to remain unpredictable when it comes to your questions, gifts, purposes as well as replies to the woman’s questions
  • Remember to be always affable, honest, straightforward, easy-mannered, ready to share your secrets as well as the woman’s interests
  • Avoid asking too curious questions, especially about her private life and relationships in the past.

If your intentions are really serious, you need to pay attention, in particular, to the woman’s personality but not to her looks. Nobody doubts that attractiveness, stylishness as well as tidiness are quite important. However, these attributes don’t make your relationships long-term, cordial, and solid.


Fake profiles of Russian mail brides

Besides a pleasant array of advantages, unfortunately, online dating hides some downsides. Make sure to know the drawbacks of this service beforehand. It will certainly help you to avoid being faced with disappointment, vexation or frustration. The list of shortfalls is not long:

  • Some of girls’ profiles can be fake in spite of a strict verification obligatory upon all the dating site’s female members
  • Mail brides who are aimed at fast drawing men’s attention post photos of little-known models, actresses or pictures of just beautiful women from social networks
  • You can come across some scammers; the girls of this kind most commonly focus on financial issues and try to get in touch only with well-off overseas men.

Fortunately, benefits noticeably outweigh downfalls. While communicating on dating websites, men only need to be careful without exaggerating the danger and risks.

Bachelors’ expectations

Beautiful mail brides from Russia

Overseas men, as a rule, have heard a lot about Russian women’s attractive looks, fabulous beauty, and warm-hearted nature. Therefore, foreign guys expect online dating to give them a wonderful opportunity to get their dreams and hopes to come true.

First of all, men want their future brides from Russia to distinguish from their Western counterparts. That is why guys expect Russian girls they will get to know to have the following traits:

  • Romantic and affectionate
  • Smart and resourceful
  • Raised in a spirit of family values and traditions
  • Stylish but not dressed up
  • Brought up as a caring mother and a loyal wife
  • Flexible but not too submissive.

When it comes to looks, Russian brides often get dressed far more stylishly and much nicer in comparison to their Western counterparts. You hardly see high-heeled young women strolling down streets in European or American cities. However, it is considered to be commonplace in Russia.

Brides’ expectations

Dream guys for mail brides

Another vital question is how successful you as a foreign man will meet Russian brides’ expectations. You should not just hope that your overseas origin guarantees your success with girls in Russia. The time of idolization of Western men has already gone by.

What is more, patriotic feelings have been growing rapidly, especially in the recent five years. Anyhow, the number of young women who desire to get married to overseas guys remain quite large. Russian brides expect their future husbands to possess the following attributes, at least some of them:

  • Creative and ambitious
  • Romantic and thoughtful
  • Reliable, devoted, and faithful
  • Determined, courageous, and strong-willed.

The future husband’s physique and looks are also fairly important to any Russian mail bride. Most girls would rather see their beloved man stylishly dressed, well-groomed, toned, and in good shape.

Take into account that Russian girls are ready to get married to an elder guy. The age gap in ten or even more years won’t scare away women. Yet you will fail in your wish to attract girls’ attention if you are a submissive, moody and infirm person.

Success: What does it depend on?

You as a foreign guy should keep in mind that even nowadays in the era of globalization Russian women still differ from Western counterparts mentally. To some extent, it also concerns their habits, life pattern, and outlook.

Therefore, your success in the search for a bride from Russia depends not only on your active and sufficient behavior on a dating site but also on your desire to understand culture, traditions as well as lifestyle of women in that vast and mysterious country.


Online communication gives both benefits and downsides. Men who manage to succeed in their quest use advantages skillfully and evade shortfalls cunningly. You won’t fail if you belong to such sort of guys who can be characterized as determined, goal-oriented, and strong-willed. Russian girls and women appreciate, particularly, self-motivated, high-spirited, and courageous men they can rely on.

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