Crucial Tips for Buying Flowers for Beautiful Russian Brides

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Flowers are incredibly important when you date a girl from Russia. If you really want her to become your beautiful Russian bride, don`t forget to buy a bouquet of flowers as often as you can. Plants are sometimes more important than more precious presents. Let`s find out some peculiarities about choosing and giving flowers for Russian girls.

The key tips for choosing flowers

To start with, try not to compare Russian flower-giving tradition with western one, where flowers don`t play that important role. In Russian the bouquets of flowers are presented on every significant event like first date, birthday, the 8th of March (International Women`s Day), graduation from university, first day at work. Unexpectedly given flowers are even better.

Odd number

If you buy plant for any important event or for no reason, pay much attention to the number of these flowers. In Russia only odd number of flowers is appropriate. Even though in other countries a dozen of flowers will be ok. However in Russia, even number of flowers is given for sad occasions, funerals.

Another tradition is connected with the number 13. It is believed that 13 is unhappy number. So, buy 11 or 15 flowers.

Fresh flowers

In Russia it is believed that as longer the bouquet is fresh as stronger feelings of a boyfriend are. When plants wilt quickly, it means that the relationship you have can`t last long. So flowers should be bought just before a significant occasion. Don`t buy in advance.

Pay attentions to the leaves and petals. They should not be damaged or darkened. If you have noticed that something is wrong, don`t buy plant in that flower store. Choose another one. Only fresh-cut flowers can please your girlfriend`s eyes longer. You can also buy a special tablet to be put in a vase for plants to stay longer fresh.

How to present flowers?

According to the rules of etiquette, while presenting a bouquet, hold it in your left hand. Your girlfriend will realize that you give these plants with all your heart. You also need to remove all the protective coverage before giving flowers to your beautiful Russian bride.

Other ways to give flowers

If you can`t give the flowers personally for any reasons and you`re not going to meet each other, send the bouquet with a special delivery man. And don`t forget about a card. You will show your emotions and feelings.

What flowers are the best on a date?

It`s difficult to choose the right type of flowers when you meet a girl for the first time. You don`t even know if you beloved woman is allergic to pollen. So it`s better to ask about her preferences beforehand. If that is not in your style to ask about flowers, choose the blossoms of white or other tender colors, like pink. And buy flowers than do not smell to avoid allergies.

Pink flowers are nice choice for young girls and more mature women. The older the woman is the brighter the bouquet should be. White flowers symbolize purity and innocence, cream plants represent beauty and admiration, coral pink – love and sweetness, lavender pink flowers show elegance and grace. Red petals are passionate and vibrant. They symbolize admiration and desire.

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Different types of flowers and their meaning

Everybody knows that each flower has its own meaning. Russian girls pay much attention to what flowers you have chosen because this would show your real feelings.


Yellow roses have always been the symbol of breakup. Young lady would appreciate pink roses more, as they represent romantic love.

Beautiful Russian ladies adore romantic flowers


Roses are not the only flowers that could be presented for a young lady. Lily is a nice choice. It symbolizes purity and beauty. White lilies are very often put into a wedding bouquet. This flower represents modesty and virginity. Yellow lily shows gaiety, but orange lily – passion. Lily of the Valley symbolizes the purity of your heart and sweetness.

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Nice Russian ladies adore the smell of lily.

Meadow flowers

Your girlfriend will remember fragrance of meadow fresh-cut flowers. Choose daisies, gerberas, and asters. They symbolize innocence and purity. They convey royal love. Gerbera Daisy represents cheerfulness. Impress your Russian girl by giving her a wreath of meadow flowers.

Wild flowers for romantic Russian woman

What types of flowers should never be giver to a Russian girl?

Carnations are very popular in Russia, but they are not associated with romance and love. They are bought for funerals and some national holidays. It`s better not to bring flowers in a pot for your beloved lady, unless she adore such plants and it is her hobby. Houseplants could be given for older women.

Don`t choose plats that are more likely to be presented for a man. For example, white orchid or red chrysanthemums and other flowers with strong shapes and colors: red, orange, yellow. Tropical flowers, like Birds of Paradise have striking remarkable appearance. Such flowers are more appreciated by men than women.

What emotions should the bouquet trigger?

If you really want to impress your beautiful Russian bride buy a unique bouquet. It would be very easy, as many Russian flower-sellers are particularly good at producing female bouquets. Ribbons, bows, creative disorder – are nice tips to make your effort unforgettable. Disappointing arrangement of a bouquet is better for older generations.

Choosing the best time for giving flowers

Some types of flowers are especially appropriate for particular events. For example, mimosa used to be a flower of International Women`s Day. Now though it seems like tulips are even more welcome for that date.

Unique bouquet for beautiful Russian brides

The bouquet for the birthday should be truly festive and magnificent. It is very good if it is composed of the favorite flowers of your lady. Well, if we are talking about a special date (anniversary), then as a gift you can present a whole basket of flowers or a large solemn bouquet. In this case, decorative compositions and an abundance of lush greenery are welcomed as a part of the composition.
According to the rules of good manners, it is traditional to give a bouquet on a birthday not only to your girlfriend, but also to her mother. To do this, you need to purchase two bouquets – the first is given to the hostess (mother), and the second to your beautiful Russian bride.

How to give a bouquet in a unique way?

There are some ideas how to give flowers unexpectedly:

  1. Insert one artificial flower into the composition of roses or other plants. Presenting the bouquet you can say – “I will stop loving you only when the last rose wilts in this bouquet.” Most likely, the girl will not guess what this phrase means. But when there is one never-fading flower left in the wilted bouquet, it will be very touching.
  2. You can arrange a real flower festival to your beloved lady. Throughout a day she will find her favorite flowers left in advance in the most unexpected places: in the bathroom, hall, near the house, in a taxi, at the workplace, etc.
  3. Flowers from nowhere are one of the most romantic ways of giving them. To do this, you need to select a bouquet in advance, and place it somewhere: under the table in a cafe, behind the seat in the cinema, in the supermarket’s locker room, etc. And at the most unexpected moment give the bouquet to your girl to impress her.

How to act to be desired by a Russian lady.

Remember, even a single, modest rose, chamomile, cornflower or other plant very often looks much more romantic and sweet than armfuls of expensive flowers. Moreover, ladies love to attract the attention of other women, to catch their envious and admiring glances.

For a bouquet of flowers the occasion is unimportant! Emotions, words and the way you present flowers are much more significant. Choose the best bouquet for your Russian bride, and she will certainly appreciate it.

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