Dating a divorced Russian lady: find beautiful single women over 40

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If you’ve just joined a Russian dating site, you may wonder what age group you should aim for. Generally speaking, Eastern European girls don’t mind dating older men from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Western Europe. An acceptable age gap can be anything from five to twenty years. Needless to say, it’s very tempting to date a younger girl. But beautiful single women over 40 have their advantages, too.

But if you are seriously intended to get married and to share the rest of your life with someone special, perhaps it wouldn’t be wise to go for a younger woman. Will you feel comfortable with her? Do you have similar goals in life? What are your expectations where kids are concerned? These are some of the important questions to ask yourself before making any life changing decisions.

Find beautiful Russian women over forty for a romantic relationship

The good news is that women over forty in Slavic countries are no less charming than young girls. If you want to know, many of them are even more attractive as women in their early twenties. They are stylish and elegant, energetic and fit, and they are not to play games on dating sites. They know exactly what they want in life, they know what kind of man could be their soul mate. They are experienced and confident, and dating a woman like this means having a reliable and trustworthy partner by your side.

Now, it’s highly unlikely hat beautiful single women over 40 will be never married. Most probably these women are divorced, and their experience of a married life is nothing short of frustrating. There are certain things you should take into account when starting a romantic relationship with a divorced Slavic woman over forty. Here are some of them:

It’s strongly recommended to find out her ex-husband’s mistakes

Generally speaking, Russian ladies don’t go into detail when talking about their previous husbands. They consider it a bad taste to talk badly about one’s previous partner, even if he really deserves that. This is something to remember for you, too, – don’t talk badly about you ex wives or girlfriends when having a conversation with beautiful single women over 40 in Russia.

However, you can gently ask her what the main reason that triggered her divorce was. Was it abuse of alcohol, home violence, adultery or simply lack of mutual understanding? Or may be her husband was financially irresponsible and failed to provide for the family? Or was he aggressive, dominating and overly jealous? Or perhaps they had different views on brining up kids.

Whatever it was, you should assure her that you will never do such mistakes. You’re a far better man, and with you she’ll feel comfortable and peaceful. You’re there to make her life better instead of creating new problems, and this is one of the most important things she should be aware of when starting a romantic relationship with you. Divorced Russian women are rather distrustful and extra careful when it comes to love and commitments, so you should prove that you’re a reliable and decent person.

Most probably she doesn’t plan to have more kids

Beautiful single women over 40 from Russia looking for a husband abroad

If you feel like becoming a father when marrying one of the beautiful single women over 40, you should discuss it with her from the very start of your relationship. It would be a huge disappointment to establish a special connection with a woman from another country only to find out that you have different goals in life.

Most probably she already had her fair share of negative experience where men are concerned, so you should spare her of going from yet another painful breakup. In the world of today women do get kids in their forties, and there is nothing surprising about that. The life span of an average person is longer these days, and a forty year old woman is capable of giving her child a good start in life.

At the same time, Russian women tend to have babies rather early – by the age of twenty five a good many of them already have a kid or even two-three children. So a woman in her forties have already fulfilled her duty as a mother – her kids are grown up, and it’s time for her to pursue her own interest and goals in life.

As you can see, it’s the opposite of the west. Western women think about their own before having kids – they build their careers, travel around the world, socialize and engage in various hobbies. In their later thirties they start thinking of getting married and having kids. Russian women, on the contrary, have kids first and postpone other plans for later.

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However, sometimes they don’t mind to having one more baby with a new partner in their early forties. So discuss these things with a woman you talk to online and see whether you’re on the same page.

It’s harder for an older person to adapt in a new country

Online dating with Russian women over forty years old

When we are young, it’s fairly easy to adapt to a new surrounding and make new friends. As we grow older, it gets more challenging to give up our old habits. We tend to get more demanding, our standards are higher and we’re not willing to lower our expectations. We’re also less flexible and adjustable. Keep this in mind if you’re planning to invite one of the beautiful single women over 40 from Russia to move to your home country.

If she loves you, she’ll adapt, without a doubt, but it’s sure to take time. Try to be as considered as possible and make her feel welcome. You may wonder how to help her adapting. Well, introduce her to your friends and relatives. Go out with her as often as possible Show her around the city. Perhaps there is a Russian expat group in your neighbourhood that she would like to be in touch with.

Needless to say, she’ll want to visit her family back in Russia. Discuss your financial situation with her and figure out how often she can purchase air tickets. And most importantly, show her that you really care.

You’ll have to stay fit in order to keep up with her

Beautiful single women over 40 in Russia are a pleasure to look at. They tend to age very gracefully, and in many cases you won’t even notice any traces of aging until a woman is in her late fifties.

Slavic ladies take their appearance and health very seriously. They live an active life, eat healthy food, work out on a regular basis and use all sorts of cosmetic products to preserve their youth and beauty. Unlike Russian me, they don’t drink or abuse drugs.

So it comes as no surprise that at the age of forty an average Russian woman still looks attractive, slim and young. If you don’t want the two of you to make a dramatic contrast, you should keep in shape, too. At the same time, you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym – keeping up with a twenty-year-old girl would have been much harder.

She’ll work through problems with you

A mature woman who’s been through a divorce has better judgements than her younger counterparts. She’s not likely to back off when some issues arise. She knows that one has to work hard in order to make a relationship work. Older Russian women are very tough, in this is one of their personality traits you’re bound to admire. Lots of them have been through financial hardships, challenging living conditions and hurtful relationships. And they know the real value of genuine feelings.

If you’ve managed to build a romantic relationship base upon mutual understanding, love and respect, it’s highly unlikely she’ll leave you when life shows its darker side. Isn’t it exactly what you expect from a life partner?

We’ve mentioned only some of the things you should be aware of when dating one of the beautiful single women over 40 from Eastern Europe. Needless to say, each person is unique, and so will be your love story. In any case, you shouldn’t exclude mature Russian women from your search options. Lots of western men have already found their happiness with them, and you have a chance, too!

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