Dating a Russian lady: is she really your woman or just another passion?

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Russian women aren’t that simple when it comes to a serious relationship. They can try to hide their feelings deep inside, but their behavior, gestures and the way they talk will eventually show you if she really likes you or not.

When dating a Russian lady, she will give you some hints, which you have to understand and then start acting. Don’t forget that Russian women will never do the first step in the relationship with a man. Even if a Russian girl really in love with someone, she will wait patiently until the very end.

You should prove your logic and be very crafty in order to understand if she is really your woman or just playing with you. You never know if you’re the first Western man who has come up to her. Maybe she shoots down the guys like you on a daily basis.

You should get all those hints from her and then you both will be happy.

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She is always ready to talk to you

Of course, it is much better if you can communicate with a Russian beauty in real life. If you use the Internet for dating a Russian girl, it will be more difficult to understand her emotions. She also can feel shy when chatting via the Internet.

Anyway, she will always try to communicate with you as much as possible if she is into you. It may seem a bit annoying, but she is just showing that she is really fond of you.

Keep in mind that Russian ladies are really many-sided, and they can talk about everything. You won’t feel this awkward pauses when talking to her. She can talk about really girlish things such as manicure, haircut, and so on. Don’t get annoyed because she just suggests her own topic to discuss, but you can easily change it into anything you like. She will never interrupt you just to tell you another story about her friend or some other unimportant stuff.

She likes your sense of humor

Russian girls are really supportive that’s why they will always laugh at every joke you make. You should never think that Russian people don’t have any sense of humor just because they don’t smile every second in their everyday life.

If a Russian beauty feels comfortable around you, she will definitely smile and laugh a lot. If you see that she is somewhat gloomy, you’re probably doing something wrong. Don’t forget that your Western jokes aren’t always clear to a Russian girl. Choose carefully what to say; otherwise, you may even offend her.

She is always around you

This hint is so obvious, but a lot of men can’t see it for some reason. If you’re in Russia with her, she will be constantly whirling around you. Russian women tend to shorten the distance when they’re near a man they like. She will find any reason just to be with you. She will gladly spend her free time to entertain you or just show you something around.

Try not to get annoyed or your prospective bride will notice it, and she will never be that close again. Try to interact with her every time she suggests you do something. Don’t forget to show initiative yourself, or she may consider that you’re boring.

She notices your wooing

Russian ladies like to see some deeds and not words. Russian women will notice your wooing if they really think of you as a potential long-term partner. We’re talking about real wooing, not just buying her flowers and a box of chocolates. These cheap things will never work out with her. Try to impress her, and she will definitely respond you.

She will give you a slight touch

Any girl has a specific body language. Russian women use this gift to demonstrate their affection to the men they like. You just have to work hard to get all those gestures and touches. Even if she slightly touches your shoulder or hair, it definitely means that she is attracted to you. Russian women, like any other women, will never touch a man who isn’t their type.

If you can hold her hand or hug her, that’s the sign you shouldn’t miss. Keep in mind that they will let close only those men who are potentially their husbands. The institution of the family prevails in the mind of a Russian beauty.

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She will do anything possible to look even more attractive

It’s a well-known fact that Russian women have the gift of attraction from nature, but they try to do even more to look better. If a Russian girl really likes you, she will spend hours by the mirror before you can go somewhere. Her outfit will also tell you if she is into you. Russian ladies adore makeup, and they use different styles of it depending on their mood, the way they look and so on.

You should watch what you say because even the slightest insult can offend her. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it will be better to support her if she’s running around her wardrobe and mirror for hours.

Now you can easily say if this or that Russian woman is attracted to you. But what should you do if you realize that she is just using you? Don’t be that naive and never think that every Russian woman dream about marrying a Western guy with money. You should clearly understand some facts about the country where your future Russian wife from. Be ready to take responsibility. Sometimes it won’t be enough and you can find yourself in a position that you’re the victim of this relationship.

You’ve realized that she is just another passion

If you have done so, you probably think about breaking up with her. That’s the easiest way to get rid of her. But do you really want to let her go that easily? You can get some more experience out of this relationship anyway. Make her feel that you’re not interested in her and maybe she will do something to show that you’re important to her. If she does so, there is a chance that this relationship can lead to a family. Be aware of fraud while looking for a Russian wife because they are not only incredibly beautiful but also cunning.

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She doesn’t answer you

This will be the first sign that she uses you when she needs you. You shouldn’t become her personal errand boy, or she will quickly forget about you. In the early stages of your relationship, it is better to slow down. Russian girls will never think of you as a long-term partner if you’re constantly aiming for a quick hookup or something like that. They want to have a potential husband, and they try to protect themselves from guys with a childish manner of behavior.

She doesn’t want you to meet with her close relatives

Her parents are sacred. That’s why you have to work hard if you’re looking forward to meeting them. She will not allow every guy to have contact with them. If you’re together for quite a long period of time but she doesn’t think of introducing you to her parents, you’re probably not the guy she’s looking for. She may be nice to you, but all that stuff goes no further than going out together and that’s it.

You may have a talk with her and if she shirks from your questions, she doesn’t want you to be her future husband. It’s a pity fact to accept, but parents mean too much for Russian girls.

She is constantly busy

She will find any excuse not to see you. If you notice that, you should try to be more persistent or just break up with her. If she is into you, she will definitely find an opportunity to see you. Don’t trust her when she says about her job, colleagues, friends, and lack of time. Russian women tend to avoid contacts instead of just saying it right to your face.

Of course, there are some situations when during your dating a Russian lady she really needs to be alone for some time. In this case, you should never forget that if you’re really her beloved one, she will share her feelings and emotions with you.

She has become quite arrogant

If a Russian lady wants to show you that she is no more interested in you, she may even humiliate you in front of her friends or other people. If she does so, she doesn’t even think of you as a potential husband and a father of her children.

She can also get angry quite often and without any serious reason. She may try to show you that you no longer meet her expectations. Russian women will never accept any help from men who somehow lost their authority.

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You’re just a friend to her

You were thinking that you were a couple, but it turned out that her picture of a happy family looked different. There must be a middle ground not to become a part of her huge friend zone. You need to be careful but not too slow or you risk losing her.

You have to show your intention to be her boyfriend and future husband. If she doesn’t feel that intention, you will quickly get your place in her friend zone. Russian women can’t stand uncertainty. They smell it from a mile away!

Don’t let her play with you or you will find yourself in a position of being friendzoned. You should set your own rules.

In general, you should behave in the manner of a grown-up man. Your future Russian bride will surely notice it and you’re likely to marry her quite soon. Try to see the world as she sees it and don’t get annoyed without a reason.

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