Dating Russian girls online – how to keep your relationship going?

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Many western men wouldn’t mind dating attractive Russian girls online, but they don’t dare to take that first step because they don’t know what to talk about and how to go about the whole “long distance relationship” thing. Can it be classified as being in a relationship at all? Is there a potential future together or it’s just a waste of time? Is it possible to keep the relationship going when you are thousands miles from a person?

There are also concerns about cultural differences, fears of being scammed and many other things. In reality, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. There are lots of examples f international romance starting online and growing into long-lasting and strong marriages. When it comes to dating Russian women, it’s totally worth it – you have all the chances to meet someone special.

How to talk to a Russian girl online?

Reaching out to people over the internet is very convenient, especially when it comes to dating, you can hardly deny it. You don’t have to approach women on the street, in cafes and restaurants, public transport and museums. You don’t have to fear being rejected – if a girl doesn’t reply, there can be thousands reasons to explain her silence, and your self esteem is not in danger.

Talking to Russian ladies online is an excellent way to find someone special

However, you should keep in mind that there are plenty of men writing to Russian girls online via dating sites, and you should stand out in order to be noticed. So don’t go for the standard “Hi, how are you?”. Instead, put some thoughts into your letters and messages, and your efforts will pay off in no time. Here are a few tips on how to hold a woman’s interest when dating online.

Take a close look at her profile

The whole thing may fall to ashes if you don’t have a look at a girl’s profile before contacting her. Her pretty pictures shouldn’t be the only motivation – if you’re looking for a Russian wife, do take a minute or two to read what a person has to say in her “about” section. It’s especially important when you don’t know how to start a conversation – the info about her life, career, hobbies, aspirations and dreams may give you some ideas. Members of dating sites often reveal their family values and views on romance, marriage and family life, so it’s important to make sure you contact only compatible women, otherwise there is no point in talking to them at all.

Find something in common

Having some common interest is a strong base of a relationship. Let the girl you’re interested in know that you two have something in common. She should get an impression that it will be interesting and fascinating to talk to you about things both of you find worth spending time on. For example, she likes to travel, and you’re a passionate traveller, too. Let her know about it. Tell her about the countries you’ve visited so far, point out the most unexpected travel experiences, send a couple of photos of great architectural masterpieces and your favourite nature spots. Ask her about her favourite destinations, and tell her how wonderful it would be to find a special person to visit all those awesome places together.

Same goes for reading books, watching movies, riding a bicycle, playing tennis, or having pets. When finding Russian women online for marriage and family, it’s important to make your messages personalized. You should avoid sounding generic and trite by all means.

Tell interesting stories

To keep her interested in the correspondence, keep telling her stories from your childhood, years in college, your friends, family, pets. Each message should be informative, so that you would stop being just a nameless and faceless guy from the other side of the screen. By telling stories and adding bits of personal information here and there, you’ll become a special friend, and later this friendship can be transformed into a deeper feeling. Avoid bragging when dating Russian girls online though. Women don’t like it when a man shows off. Also, be humorous and funny, but not make a fool of yourself. No one wants to be in a romantic relationship with a jester.

Things to ask her about

While you should definitely talk about yourself, don’t forget to reveal your genuine interest in her life. Here are some things to ask your girl about:

  • How she spent her day. It will be pleasant for her to tell share her routine with you, and you will get an excellent chance to see what a person is up to in her day-to-day life.
  • What is her favourite song/music band. This information will be useful when you actually start dating in real life – perhaps you’ll set up a romantic dinner with this very song playing on the background. It will sure melt her heart.
  • What are her favourite books and movies. It would be a great idea to read a couple of novels she really likes and to match a movie or two. It will give you some nice ideas for future conversations.
  • Things she finds the most romantic. Walking in the rain holding hand in hand. Watching a beautiful sunset together. Exchanging sweet text messages. Well, her answer may actually surprise you – Russian women are very romantic and sensitive. Deep in her heart, every Slavic girl dreams of her own Prince Charming who would sweep her off her feet.
  • About her family. Russian society encourages strong family connections and profound family values. Your girl will gladly tell you about her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Keep it frequent

Disappearing for a long time in long distance relationships is a big no-no. Keeping in touch is what keeps your connection strong and worthwhile. Of course, you shouldn’t be obtrusive and overwhelming, but getting in touch a few times a week is a must. This way you’ll show a person that she’s an important part of your life.

Diversify your communication

Don’t stick to only writing long and detailed letters. While they’re undoubtedly charming, in the world of today there are lots of means of communication that can’t be ignored. Talk in the instant messenger, make a video call, and send her an SMS. Or arrange a perfect virtual date. All this creates an impression of person’s presence, even if you’re actually thousands miles apart.

Make your communication diverse when talking to Russian girls online

Bring it offline

Generally speaking, one of the advantages of dating Russian girls online is that it doesn’t take them long to bring a romantic relationship into a new level. They are happy to meet a foreign men in their hometown. In case everything works, they are ready to get married as soon as possible and move to another country. If you don’t have an opportunity to make a trip to Russia right away, you can still bring your relationship offline, in one way or another:

  • Write her a letter and send it via snail mail. Don’t forget to include a pretty postcard or an couple of photographs. She’ll be glad to see your handwriting; it will make you so much closer to her in spite of the distance.
  • Send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers via the flower delivery service. Slavic ladies simply adore flowers, and the girl you’re dating online will be more than happy to receive a bunch of roses, chrysanthemums, gladioluses, tulips or daffodils from you. It would be perfect if you happen to know her favourite flowers, but if you don’t, anything will do.
Giving flowers to a Russian women is a sure way to win her affections
  • Buy her a gift. It shouldn’t be anything too expensive, ostentatious and showy. A small souvenir that reveals the deepness of your feelings will serve the purpose. A thoughtful gift is a pleasure to receive, and you’ll be rewarded with her tender smile and words of gratitude.

These are only a few tips on how to keep your relationship going when dating Russian girls online. All you have to do is to be confident, original and sincere. The experience will be well worth the effort!

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