Do Russian girls make good wives and mothers?

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If you’ve recently joined an international dating site, you may ask yourself – do Russian girls make good wives and mothers? Simply put, yes, they do. Otherwise, why would they be considered an excellent wife material compared to women in other countries around the globe? Countless foreign men have already found their soul mates in Russia. Their example inspires their friends and relatives to search for ways to find a Russian wife.

It’s no secret that Russian woman are extremely attractive, and being visually oriented, men get inspired by seductive pictures on dating sites. However, it’s not only about looks with Russian women. In the world of today, when relationships are not takes seriously any longer, Slavic ladies still believe in true love, marriage and happy family life.

Marry a Russian lady for long and happy family life

Since they are very small, Russian girls start dreaming of wedding dress and a handsome, strong, intelligent and handsome husband. When a Russian woman gets marries, she’s not easily intimidated by difficulties and frictions in a relationship. They are ready to work hard in order to overcome all the obstacles and build a long lasting relationship based on mutual respect, understanding, affection and love.

When a foreign man marries a Russian lady, he doesn’t have to worry about the future of his newly created family – his wife won’t divorce him lightly like an American or Western European woman would do. But if Slavic women are so family oriented, you may wonder why the divorce rate is so high is Russia. Well, it’s a subject for another discussion, but to make long story short, let’s just say that in 99.9% of the cases it’s the Russian men’s fault. Anyway, what makes a Slavic lady such a desirable wife material? Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Russian women are loyal and faithful

When a Russian girl marries a man, he becomes a centre of her universe. He’s her partner, lover and friend. She won’t even think of having relationships with other men. True love, according to women from Eastern Europe, happens only once in a lifetime, and they are not likely to have a casual affair. Are you still asking yourself, do Russian girls make good wives?

Your Russian wife will never give you a reason to doubt her loyalty. And she will expect the same kind of loyalty in return. If you’re caught cheating on her, she may not forgive you. It doesn’t mean she’ll divorce you, but your relationship will never be the same.

It’s encouraged in Russian society to tolerate a man’s “weaknesses” when it comes to extra marital affairs, but it’s rather hard for a woman who has been brought up believing in true love and special connection between two people.

She’ll allow you to be the leader

Russian brides for marriage approve of the traditional gender roles in marriage. If you like the idea of being the head of the family and the only breadwinner, marrying a Slavic girl is the best option for you. According to Eastern European women, a man is supposed to be strong, confident and decisive.

A woman should feel safe, comfortable and protected at her husband’s side. Being married is like being behind a stone wall that shields you from hardships and problems of the world.

Beautiful Russian girl searching for love and marriage in other countries

Your home will always be cosy and inviting

Russian women are also great homemakers. They don’t mind being housewives and dedicating their time to making a cosy home, because they understand the importance of it. You house will always be tastefully furnishes, clean bad beautifully decorated. You’ll enjoy coming back home after a long working day.

Slavic girls learn to do all the housework on their own since they are very small, so it’s not an issue for them to keep everything clean and tidy. You are expected to help with domestic chores, too, but the key word here is “help”. It means that your Russian wife will do the job on her own and occasionally will ask you to do this or that.

She understands it’s not easy to earn living for the entire family and will let you rest after work. Needless to say, you are expected to earn sufficiently to ensure a decent lifestyle for your wife and kids.

Her children are her pride and sense of live

Do Russian girls make good wives and mothers? This question is usually asked only by a person who has absolutely no experience of a relationship with Slavic women. The very purpose of a woman’s existence, according to a Russian girl, is motherhood.

It doesn’t mean that she’s limited and one-sided – there are other things in her life like career, hobbies, friends, ambitions and dreams, but none of that makes a Slavic woman truly happy. Motherhood is their biggest priority in life. Your Russian wife will dedicate herself to the kids and will do everything possible and impossible to bring them up as wonderful human beings.

Your kids will l always be taken care of, well fed, beautifully dressed, motivated and entertained. With a Russian mother, it’s likely that they will also be polite, well behaved and brilliantly educated.

With a Russian wife, your daily menu is something to be jealous of

The majority of Slavic girls are excellent cooks. They are taught to cook various dishes since they’re little girls. Having a babysitter is not a thing in Russia (or at least it wasn’t twenty years ago), and kids were often left alone until their parents come back home from work in the evening. A girl was expected to be able to prepare basic dishes when her mom is not there – she would make buckwheat porridge, mashed potatoes, friend potatoes, simple soups, omelette and so on. Later girls would improve their culinary skills by experimenting with pies, cookies, cakes and so on.

They would also master all the staple dishes of the Russian quinine – golubtsy, vareniki, borscht, bliny, ukha, shuba salad and so many more. When foreign men visit Russia, eating in the local restaurants is their most memorable experience.

If you like Russian cuisine and would like to eat these dishes on regular basis, don’t hesitate marrying a girl from this country. From the very beginning of your marriage you’ll stop asking, Do Russian girls make good wives. It will be obvious enough.

She’ll never look unattractive

No matter how tired or busy she is, your Russian wife will never look unattractive. Slavic women give a lot of importance to their appearance, and this is obviously an advantage for a man who wants to have a beautiful and attractive spouse at his side. A Russian woman will do all the domestic chores and still look stunning.

This talent is definitely worthy of praise and appreciation. She’ll keep her hair stylish and well taken care of, her clothes will be beautiful and carefully chosen (without spending too much money, by the way), and she’ll always have a tasteful make up on.

A Russian woman will keep in shape by staying active and productive throughout the day. She’s also likely to jog in the local park, practise some sports, work out in a gym or at home, take dancing classes and so on.

Marry a Slavic girl from Eastern Europe to have a perfect wife

She’s a great source of inspiration

If someone asks you, do Russian girls make good wives, you’ll reply in the affirmative no matter how long you’ve been married.

A Russian wife inspires one to be a better person, to learn more, to explore different options in life and achieve your goals. You’ll never regret marrying an Eastern European woman and will keep counting your blessings as you grow older together.

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These are only some advantages of having a Russian wife. There are many more. If you’re thinking of joining an international dating site, give it a go with a Slavic girl. You’ll have a wonderful experience of dating her online, visiting her home town and who knows, maybe even marrying her and living happily ever after.

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