Do Russian Women like American men: the Truth about International Marriages

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Russian international marriage is a common thing, which doesn’t make anyone shocked. It’s OK for a Russian woman to marry a man from the USA, and their marriage can be happy … or unhappy. Nobody knows. But right here you’ll get the answer to the following question: “Do Russian women like American men?”

Too many stereotypes

Russian women mentality has some stereotypes surrounding American men. For example:

  • They’re sure that all American men are extremely rich. Simply every and each American man has multiple cars and houses.
  • Another thing Russian women think is that people in the USA do nothing but party and drink.
  • Want to know something more? American men are considered loud and arrogant. This stereotype comes from American tourists’ behavior while traveling abroad.
  • What about languages? Since English is the international language, why bother learning something else? That’s what a majority of American men think, and they don’t have to worry here. English is taught in all schools in Russia, so if an American finds a Russian wife, she’ll be able to talk to him. There’s no guarantee, that her English will be fluent, but still, she will try.
  • And something about family relationships.

All those stereotypes came to pretty Russian girls’ minds through Hollywood cinema. It’s evident, that this perception is just a little bit warped. Only few beautiful Russian brides understand the truth, that American men are concentrated on their work and nothing more. Of course, they don’t mind having fun and a happy family life. Perhaps, together with a Russian woman. That’s why some of them want to know, how much Russian women love American men.

So, here’s our first answer to “Do Russian women like American men” question. Yes, they do. But the problem is that they don’t love the true American men, but stereotyped vision of them.

Now let’s know something new.

God created Russian women for marriage

Do American men deserve Russian women?

It seems that God created Russian wives for marriage with American men. Do you want to know why?

  • They are family oriented. They are ready to devote their whole life to taking care about their husbands and children. They consider it their moral obligation, but not a burden.
  • They look amazing. When you look at Russian women’s pictures, you possibly have the question: “Why are Russian women so pretty?” Well, there’re plenty reasons for that. First of all, little girls in Russia are raised and taught to take care of their appearance. They do care much about the way they look. Some of them can’t imagine their life without make-up and wear it no matter where they go.
  • They do want to get married. It’s in their mentality again. A single woman, who’s older than 25, is considered unlucky and completely wasted. Many people in Russian, men and women, can’t imagine a happy single life. Single and divorced women are ashamed of their life.

So, it’s not the whole list of Russian ladies’ advantages, but it’s enough for you to get the idea. Another thing that you should remember that Russian women are as serious as beautiful. They need guarantees. Dating with a man, who they’re not sure in, is a waste of time. They need a man with serious intentions, the man who wants to get married. They really believe that official marriage can save them from divorce, but the divorce rate both in the USA and in Russia is still huge.

That’s just the way Russian women were raised. They don’t agree to live together with a man without the official certificate. They do care much about their status. They want to be wives, but not girlfriends.

So, here’s our second answer to “Do Russian women like American men”. Yes, they do. But only those, who have serious intentions and ready to marry them.

When you meet Russian women, you’ll know that they’re Russian

Why Not Russian Men?

Here are some new facts about Russian women for you. You possibly wonder why ladies from Russia seem to be trying too hard to find foreign husbands. You ask yourself: “What do Russian men look like, if they’re not wanted by women from their own country?” Russian men are different. Some of them are victims of alcohol abuse, others are already married, some are in prison. Due to demographic problems in Russia, there are more women, than men.

But Russian women seem to have been born to get married. They need decent and worthy men. And, when they can’t find one in Russia, they begin to look for them in other countries, for example, in the USA.

Of course, it’s easier to have a happy family life with a local guy, who speaks the same languages and shares the same ideas. But some Russian girls want more, they don’t want to stay in their country for their whole lives, they believe in American dream so much, that they begin to look for American husbands.

So, here’s our third answer to “Do Russian women like American men?” Yes, they do. Because they seem to have no other choice. But still, true love knows no boundaries, and a Russian woman can fall in love with an American man, not because he’s an American, but because she simply loves him, that’s all.

What will happen after marriage?

There are thousands of “Happily Ever After” stories. Some of them are ended with divorce, some of them still keep on going really happily. It’s hard to predict the future, but it’s possible to pay attention to the present and make conclusions.

Both Russian women and American men can lie and pretend nice and perfect. They can seem such sweeties, but only before they get married. Then a great change comes. But actually, it’s not just a change. It’s just the fact that a man or a woman has stopped pretending and showed up their real face. They can turn into an awful, abusive and cruel creature, who enjoys making their spouse suffering. So the only way out from this situation is divorce. Thank God, marriages don’t have to last forever.

When Russian woman leaves her American husband, she comes back to Russia or stays in the USA, if she can. That’s the reason, why American men don’t trust Russian girls. They think, that the only thing Russian women want is to live in the USA, and they marry American men only because it’s the easiest way to get settled in the USA.

Sometimes it’s true. But still, a true love can appear between Russian women and American men.

So, here’s the fourth answer to “Do Russian women like American men?” Yes, they do. Some of them like them sincerely, some of them only pretend to love them. That’s the difference. It’s hard to know the truth from the very beginning, but it’s worth trying.

Marrying a Russian woman in the U.S.

Marriages with age gaps

Young Russian brides don’t mind marrying American men, much older than them. It’s hard to believe that they really hope to lead a happy family life with an elder man, who can hardly move. But it happens, and quite frequently.

Sometimes it happens because of some psychological problems. When a girl was raised without a father, she still needs some father love, and she finds it in her elder husband. If he’s from the USA, it’s jackpot for her.

Elder American men are also happy to have a beautiful Russian wife. It’s the best variant for them to enjoy the last years of their lives. Sometimes it’s really about true love till the death, but sometimes it ends with divorce, when a young Russian lady understands, that it’s not the life she ever wanted.

Well, here’s the fifth answer to “Do Russian women like American men” questions. Yes, they do. Sometimes, too much. Sometimes they like their illusions instead of true life. But if you really want to marry a Russian woman, you should tell her as much about your life as possible. Invite her to the place you live in and where she will live with you after the marriage. When both of you are interested in each other, you can share ideas and many interesting things together. That’s the clue to a happy family life.

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