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Russia is a really vast country. Actually, it is the largest country in the world, though not every corner of it is habitable. There are big arctic tundra, steppes and even a bit of a desert in there. So, the real question isn’t ‘should I go to Russia’, but rather ‘if I am to go to Russia, where exactly should I go’. The answer, by the way, isn’t very surprising.

You will be advised by most traveling bureaus to come to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and a few other cities only. Not because all the other places are dull, but because it’s pretty expensive to go there and you won’t likely get any help on the spot. People generally don’t speak English here, this is why most tours are limited to the best and most available sights, and that’s it.

Despite this, visiting the same cities over and over again may become dull, whereas Russia is known for its natural diversity and richness. Not visiting some of these places while you have a chance isn’t a smart choice. And, of course, you can find and date Russian singles in them.

Is it dangerous to travel outside the common routes?

The widespread notion is that it’s dangerous to travel across Russia except for a few specific cities and places (like Moscow, Petersburg, Baikal lake, etc). This takes root in the same problem that going somewhere outside of the already trodden paths isn’t very comfortable. Some of the most interesting places in Russia aren’t designed for outsiders. That’s why agencies don’t arrange the routes there, usually.

That’s why, if you need to go somewhere where not many foreigners have ever been, make a path by yourself. Do some research, the guides like this one are a nice start, for instance.

Be mindful, though, that it is dangerous to travel to some places in Russia, there are such places in any country. For example, you don’t want to go to the cities along the Urals, to Pskov, Tuva Republic, and some Caucasian provinces.


Right, it was mentioned that some parts of Caucasus aren’t for foreigners at all, but it is overall a rather good tourist destination, at least for Russians. And you can not only date Russian singles here, but also see if you’re into the Caucasian women as well. It’s all quite exotic.

You might have visited some mountain ranges across the Globe, but the Caucasus is a bit different. That’s one of the only regions filled with the Asian culture and the European level of development at the same time. It’s almost impossible to adequately develop anything in the mountains. And the fact that Russians built some infrastructure there is pretty astonishing. 

There are a few cities scattered all over the Caucasus that were built specifically for the people from across the country to come here and relax or go skiing. The mountain air is beneficial by itself, and you also can partake in healing procedures to improve your health.

Alternatively, you can go climbing the mountain range if you prefer a more active kind of leisure. And, in terms of romance, you have an advantage. The locals here aren’t necessarily used to seeing outsiders, and they largely deem them interesting, Europeans more than anyone. You can surely use it to your advantage. 

Truth be told, though, the women here are different from Russians. They share the language and a way of life, but that’s it. That doesn’t rule out the fact that they can be pretty attractive.

Image of woman on ski

Far North

You may not believe it, but people who live in some of the arctic regions tend to be a bit more wealthy than their moderate comrades. That’s like Alaska for the regular Americans, but Russia actually has several Alaskas.


One of the most interesting provinces of Russia is Yakutia, or the Sakha Republic, a massive region, bigger than many countries in Europe. It’s a huge blob on the right third of the map of Russia, you can’t miss it. Yakutia is pretty profitable (they are famous for gold and jewels they produce), but that doesn’t mean that it’s any developed, it’s a tundra. 

There are a few cities and the secluded areas you would want to visit, but that’s it. Though, don’t skip this section of the article in disappointment. If you, for some reason, don’t like or can’t get to Lapland or Iceland, Yakutia is a bit cheaper alternative. It’s always cold and snowy in here, there are real living deers in here, the place is perfect for a short winter vacation.

And you also get to date Russian singles in here. This time there’s more of them, but the indigenous population is still a majority. The Yakuts are even more different from the Slavs than the Caucasians, these people are Asian, they look like Chinese or Japanese. So, if, somehow, you’re also into the Asian people, seriously consider spending a vacation here. 

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Kamchatka isn’t snowy all the time for two reasons: one is that it’s on the coast of the Pacific; two is that there are active volcanoes here. Not many people live here, and not a lot of youth stay here — there are only 300.000 inhabitants left. Still, it’s a nice place that is comfortably close to America, in case you care.

The cool part about the peninsula is that it’s riddled with different hot streams. Hence the geysers, the volcanoes, and the acidic lakes. Pretty cool, right? Not a lot of Russians actually witness this noble region, because it’s so far away from the population centers. And it’s also expensive and dangerous to be here.

And sure, you can date Russian singles here as well. And, third time’s a charm, there are actual real living Russians in here and not some local folk. The choice, however, is limited, because the population isn’t that large. Still, good luck.

Other Northern provinces

There are actually a lot more to the Russian arctic north than this: interesting and beautiful places. Though, what’s left isn’t actually worth coming here for a few days. But if you happen to drive by, you may stop and admire the views of:





They are pretty admirable locations, the problem is just that they are pretty hard to get to, and there isn’t much to see except for the landscapes. And they can also be quite depressing if you’ve chosen the wrong time to visit. Sometimes it’s better to actually follow the trodden ways and not experiment.

Baikal Lake

Sure, it is in most tour routes you will be recommended to stick to, but the lake is still exotic and unlike anything else. Just look at that, it’s one of the largest lakes in existence, it’s completely filled with fresh drinking water, there are no big cities or sources of pollution in the area. Basically a monument of an almost untouched natural environment.

You may be asking yourself, how do you find people in there then? Well, there is a town, Irkutsk, it’s 600.000 people large, and Russians themselves travel here in big numbers every year. As a result, you’ll have a big chance of spending a few days here alongside other, Russian, tourists. Since your goals coincide, you won’t have any problem hanging out near and in Baikal together. .

In conclusion

It’s good to date Russian singles pretty much everywhere in Russia. The only two questions are whether you’ll want to visit a certain location and whether it’ll be worth your while. It may sound fun to visit an arctic tundra and have a short romance in there. 

But that’s better to visit a place designed specifically for the tourists. For the feeling of winter adventure, you can very well go to Switzerland, Sweden or Finland and pay less time and money for it. Sure, you’ll have to date someone else, and not Russians, but hey — you gain something, you lose something.

But if you want more practical advice on the subject, feel free to explore the other articles this website has got. As an alternative, you can also watch the helpful video below to learn a bit more about Russian women themselves:

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