What is the main purpose of this site?

The main purpose of this site is providing a necessary informational and moral support to everyone who currently experiences traumas connected with breakup and loneliness, conflicts with his beloved, doubts concerning this or that kind of dating, and so on. The majority of our articles are dedicated to Slavic women and Russian dating, therefore, they are useful for anyone who is into international dating or who is a newcomer in this area.

Can I find a Russian mail-order-bride through your site?

Our site isn’t a dating platform, it’s a blog that prepares you to international dating and helps to solve any issues connected with it. However, you may find references to existing Russian dating sites and apps in our texts, as well as advertisements connected with this kind of dating.

How can I express my opinion regarding this or that article?

Our users are encouraged to express themselves and share their opinions or personal experience. It can be done in the comments below certain articles or through the Contact us form. In case you want to keep your opinion private, you can be sure it will be only for our eyes.

How can I become an author?

Since we are not a forum but a specialized blog, we have our own team of experts and we cooperate with them for years. However, if you can prove you’re a certified expert or just a very experienced person with a lot to tell, you can take a chance and contact us with all necessary proofs and samples of your works. We never promise to publish anything until we are sure we are interested in this particular material and point of view.

Where can I apply the knowledge I got on your site?

We are giving a broad knowledge on all possible matters in a field of relationships. You can then apply this knowledge for finding a right partner for you, keeping the relationship alive, building a healthy sexual connection, proposing, arranging the wedding, managing the family budget, or, in the worst case, for dealing with breakup and divorce. However, we focus on a positive side of international dating and relationships so our devoted readers are rarely disappointed by their results.

How soon can I take a chance with a Russian girl after studying your materials?

Adsorbing a Russian culture and getting used to the difference takes some time. Understanding your future girlfriend, her motives and aspirations is not less important than your passion and desire towards her. We usually recommend to follow our blogs for at least 1-2 months before you make your first attempts in real life. You can combine following our blog with online dating, so your emotional life and intellectual self-development will be in balance. We do have success stories of men who followed us for 6, 9 and more months, and eventually got happily married with Russian beauties.