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When looking through thousands of profiles on an international dating agency, you may notice how hot the majority of Russian women looks. What makes them so unreliably attractive? Is it all about appearance or there are some sort of secrets that all those gorgeous Slavic girls seem to possess? The truth is, hot Russian ladies are a unique amalgamation of attractive looks, inner beauty and the right set of values. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Appearance is a priority

Russian women are extremely concerned about their looks. A Russian woman always tries to look her best before she leaves the house. This includes paying special attention to her hair, as well as to her outfit and makeup. In part this is a cultural tradition, where a woman is encouraged to look her very best. Minimalism in makeup or dress is frowned down upon in Russian society.

Hot Russian girls for marriage

That said, it goes without saying that hot Russian ladies are always very well informed when it comes to skin care for cosmetics. They have to be so, as the cold climate requires an inspired attitude towards skin care. For example, a Russian woman begins using creams that prevent aging when she is quite young. She also gets manicures regularly, and takes especial care of her nails, as well as visiting saunas to ensure that her skin is properly moisturized.

Russian women consider it civilized and lady-like to look nice all of the time, and that certainly means that they go all out to look wonderful for a man they are interested in. However, the attractive qualities of a Russian woman go far beyond good looks. There are a great many more reasons why Russian women for marriage are the most desirable in the world.

Education, elegance and intelligence

It’s difficult to beat a combination of those three qualities – hot Russian ladies can stand out in any sphere of society. The vast majority of Russian women searching for a partner online are highly educated and hold one or more university degrees. This is generally because a high-school education was considered the mere beginning of an education in Soviet times. Another reason why so many women searching for a partner on the internet are highly educated is that education gives one confidence, and these women are truly confident that they have something special to offer in a relationship with a person from another country.

Hot Russian ladies for romantic relationship

God English and excellent general knowledge

These educated women can speak English, which is obviously another ‘must have’ in an international relationship. But beyond even this, these highly educated women are very special, and it is this quality that most motivates them to look beyond their immediate surroundings to find the man of their dreams. Such a woman is clever and fluent in conversation, with a wonderful general knowledge that allows her to talk on almost any subject.

Another reason for such intelligence and adaptability is that life in Russia has been extremely difficult almost all through the last century, and this has bred a people of intelligence, resilience and adaptability – and all of these are qualities that a Russian woman can bring to a relationship.

Passion for reading

Reading is also an integral part of Russian culture, which ensures that most hot Russian ladies are very well read. While other countries have a culture of computer games and movies, the average Russian still reads for pleasure, and there are good reasons for her to do so, as books are quite inexpensive, especially when compared with state-of-the-art gaming computers and consoles.

Books have been fashionable in Russia since the seventies, and most Russian families can boast home libraries where the books number in the thousands… and this is something that is quite common in Russia. Russians think of themselves are a reading nation, perhaps the best-read in the world, and the thought rings true.

Russian women deeply value family

Family is something that is deeply important to a Russian woman. There is a deep cultural emphasis that ensures this – a woman needs to be married, and should have children to truly be respected in Russian society. While the successful career woman is respected in the west, in Russia, no success in the workplace can replace the status that a good marriage and children give a woman. Since a successful marriage and children are the very definition of feminine success in Russia, you can well understand that a Russian woman brings a great deal of dedication to a marriage, and does her very utmost to make it work, and to bring up her children to be wonderful human beings.

This is in marked contrast to many other countries, where one never knows whether the woman one is dating simply looks upon one as a person to ‘have a good time with’ – that is to say, in many countries, a woman may be quite willing to date you, and have a good time with you, but may not necessarily be looking for marriage.

When you go out with one of the hot Russian ladies, you can be certain that she is looking at you from a point of view of loyalty and dedication, that she hopes for a truly wonderful and serious relationship with you. And that she is sincerely searching for someone special to spend her life with, and to have children with. A Russian woman is worth every moment that you spend with her, she will grant you love and joy.

A Russian woman values femininity

Whereas feminist attitudes in the west encourage women to compete to be the peers of men – and sometimes seem to encourage them to try to replace men – Russian women are quite different. They are proud and happy to be women, and love to be with and care for a man they think is truly special, and want to be cared for by a man in return. They are truly and beautifully feminine, and this is something precious that has been lost in much of the rest of the world.

A Russian woman is pleased and happy that a man is attracted to her and finds her beautiful, and will encourage a man who approaches her rather than trying to push him away.

To be truly valued by a beautiful woman who is pleased that she is attractive to him – isn’t this every genuinely masculine man’s dream?

Gorgeous Russian girls for love and marriage

Amazing sense of humour and lots of fun

Simply put, you’ll never be bored when dating a Russian woman. Moreover, you’ll have a fun and adventurous family life. Many hot Russian ladies boast an exceptional sense of humour – as much as they are clever, they are also original and sharp-witted. Of course, some of the jokes will be difficult to understand due to the difference in cultural backgrounds, but she’ll make sure to explain them to you. In any case, you’ll laugh a lot together, and this is something that is missing in relationship with western women these days. A cheerful, energetic woman will become a driving force behind your success in career and day-to-day life.

Healthy lifestyle

The majority of hot Russian ladies make sure to eat healthy food and live an active lifestyle. Very often they keep to a particular diet that excludes junks and excessively oily meals. They join local gyms, jog in parks and gardens, and do workouts at home. They cycle and play badminton on weekends, and most of them are regular swimmers. Unlike the local men, Russian women don’t abuse alcohol and never do drugs. They use public transport instead of driving a car, and walk a lot on a daily basis.

This results in slim, healthy bodies that are bound to look hot and alluring. When dating a Russian girl, you’re expected to take care of your physic, too. Of course, it’s never forced upon a man, but greatly encouraged and appreciated. You’ll have lots of fun jogging or doing yoga together.

Generally speaking, the chances to find an extraordinarily beautiful girl in Russia are higher, than in western girl. But it’s not all about looks when it comes to attractiveness of Russian girls. It’s a set of qualities and values that distinguishes them as unique human beings. If you want a lady from Russia, don’t hesitate contacting one of those pretty girls online, it will be an experience you’ll never regret!

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