Hot Russian Women – Myth or Reality

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Almost every man has dreamed of hot Russian women once at least. The key element is “hot”. What is the basis of the thought? And, at last, is it a myth or reality?

Hot Russian Women: an Object of Admiring

One may say that a hot Russian woman is some kind of a stereotype. Frankly speaking, the girls from Russia being extremely beautiful and gorgeous, their natural sexuality makes people of other countries feel jealous but admire it. And it is not a stereotype, but a stated fact.

The territory of Russia being of great sizes, lots of charming hot girls living here. And the main secret is that there are marvelous cuties to anyone’s liking. Russian ladies always take care of themselves, keeping in shape, and do their best to look perfectly. Due to it they are always hot and desirable.

Russian Women are Hot

Models, actresses, sportswomen… And this list may be prolonged, the list of outstanding hot Russian woman. But let’s be back to this specifying a bit later.

Russian Women’s Hotness: Real or Fictional

The first question to be answered was about the verity of female hotness. Is there anyone of male who wouldn’t agree that Russian girls are the hottest on the planet? You may say that it is only a myth, supported by lots of public people or near-to-pornographic videos. It won’t be truth.

The real hotness appears to be hidden from community. It includes not only a sexy look and active role in bed, but also passionate character and burning love. Tired, jealous and pissed off women will never look hotties. There must be some kind of a flame inside the soul to throw it upon the people around.

Every Russian city, beginning from Moscow and ending with Vladivostok, is sure to be a birth place of many hot beautiful girls. Coincidently we can’t say the same about the European region. It can be easily explained with the help of historic facts. In the Middle Ages the Inquisition extinguished a greatest amount of gorgeous women there.

So now it stands to reason that hot beautiful Russian women are not a stereotypic or fictional point. On the contrary, it is a fact of life.

The Origin of Russian Women’s Hotness

Frankly speaking, to look hot is quite a hard work. A girl must have an attractive appearance, tempting fit body, and what not to create an image of hot cutie.

Being Hot is Hard Work

Hot in Appearance

Pretty angular faces and delicate constitution are genetics gifts. It is a good basis, but without development and working it is sure to fade. Soft and flawless skin is a result of taking healthy food and careful cosmetic treatment. A splendid body is created with sport and physical exercises.

Yes, in most cases seductive curves are practically running in the blood. But if take it for granted, not thinking about the future, a girl’s hotness will last only a moment.

Ladies are learning how to look after themselves almost since the childhood, handing down secrets of beauty from generation to generation. By the way, among the hottest Russian females decorative surgery is not widely-used or used in a minimal way. The basis of their beauty is natural.

One more reason for being not very difficult to find a pretty sexy-looking girl in Russia is that they are constantly trying to improve themselves, in appearance, clothing and what not.

Hot in Clothing

Russian women have a perfect sense of beauty and style. They are fond of taking experiments in clothing, quite risky, somehow bold and close to the wind. And this point occurs to be quite useful in creating a hot look. Spending much time, money and efforts on forming a splendid image they achieve a great success.

Almost every Russian lady can wear high heels in the most skillful way, as if being born in them. This footwear is one of the possibilities of enhancing the leg length visually.

There is a wide range of skirts in women’s wardrobes, especially mini-models or even so-called pussy-belts. They wear them freely, even when it’s quite cold outside.

Hot in Character

Russian women are known to be passionate lovers, full of energy in bed. They are not afraid of demonstrating their open sexuality when making photos or videos, like any woman in the world. But they seem to be not so aggressive and dominating in comparison with others. Though it must be remembered that perceptibility of the ladies’ messages by different people is sure to vary.

Russian Women are Always Hot

They are rather reserved when communicating with random people but occur to be very emotional, even quick-tempered, when the acquaintance becomes closer and closer. Nice Russian girls never make you feel bored, being some kind of a sleeping volcano in its unpredictable nature.

“Hotness is uniqueness and just being yourself – that’s hot” Ryan Cabrera

Top 7 Famous Hot Russian Women

The discussion wouldn’t end logically without bright examples of popular hottest Russian females for the last 20 years.

  1. Vlada Roslyakova (@vladaroslyakova). Vlada is a famous model, having worked with Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste and others, appearing on magazine covers of Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar. The list is prolonged. She was born in Omsk in 1987. Now she is living in New York City.
  2. Valentina Zelyaeva (@valentinazelyaeva). She began with a career of a model, made her first official appearance in 2003. Valentina is supposed to be a Ralph Lauren’s Muse, representing his brand for about 10 years. She also was working with Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Dior and many-many others. She was born in Ulan-Ude in 1982. Now she is staying in New-York.
  3. Anne Vyalitsyna (@annev). Her second name is Anne V. She is known as Russian-American model, increasing her popularity since 2001. Anne worked with Versace, Prada, Carolina Herrera, Gucci and other celebrated persons. She was born in the city of Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) in 1986. Her residence is in San Francisco now.
  4. Anastasia Kvitko (@anastasiya_kvitko). She is popular for her outstanding body curves, resembling Kim Kardashian in some way. The world knows her as a glamour model and Instagram photo blogger. She was born in Kaliningrad in 1994.
  5. Maria Sharapova (@mariasharapova). Maria is a famous tennis player. Her sport achievements are great. Thanks to constant physical training she gets a splendid body. One more thing Maria gives attention to is charity work. She was born in Nyagan in 1987.
  6. Irina Shayk (@irinashayk). She is ranked as “industry icon” by Her international model career began in 2007 and since that time she worked with Victoria’s secret, Givenchy, Versace and others, appearing on different fashion magazines’ covers. She was born in Yemanzhelinsk in 1986.
  7. Natalia Vodyanova (@natasupernova). She is the most versatile, being a supermodel, businesswoman, charity provider and a well-known public person. She has many titles, ranked by the Forbes, and others. Natalia was born in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) in 1982.


Wouldn’t you agree now that hot Russian women are real, and this point concerns both sexy look and temper? If you don’t suppose everything mentioned above convincing enough, just surf the internet watching photos of real Russian girls on different sites, not only bride agencies and photo collections, but also Instagram or other social media. Or, for example, choose a good movie with some passionate actress of Russian origins.

Hot Russian Lady Desired

So the nature of hotness seems to be complicated, including three interrelated factors:

  • Hot appearance
  • Hot clothing
  • Hot character

“I love sexy, intelligent women. Sexiness is hard to define. Of course a woman can be beautiful, but I think it’s something in the eyes. It’s a woman saying something secretive, something in her eyes that’s almost animalistic” Ellen von Unwerth

Some issues are given by nature but the others must be cultivated. This point needing hard work, Russian ladies expend much energy, time, money and what not in making a success. There are a lot of public women, celebrities and fashion models, reaffirming the idea over and over again. Hot Russian woman are the best in this context, and the whole world admits this fact.

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