How a Western man can get a Russian wife

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Get a Russian wife is the hardest thing in life! Then, if you make the right choice, there will be a reward for life. There is nothing better than a good, good wife. Career, money, football, friends – all this is nonsense. The main thing is a family and a wife who loves, kind, understanding, sacrificial, caring, and affectionate, a good mother for children. That’s for this you can and should work hard.

You need to choose and get a Russian wife carefully

No need to meet at random. You should not offer a hand and heart to everyone in a row, so that, looking at the reaction, choose your wife from those who agree. You are safe, but what it is like for a girl. Do you not embarrass her and do not reassure her in vain?

Girls are gentle, trusting creatures, quickly fall in love and are very worried when their feelings do not meet reciprocity. Women have a more subjective view of reality than men do.

Women trust their feelings more, therefore they easily believe that someone has fallen in love with them and is going to make an offer. Remember this: meet girls, but behave very, very carefully.

The best ways to get a Russian wife

To get a Russian wife, a man should be comfortable alone with himself. He should be able to feel harmonious and good, regardless of whether he now has a girlfriend or not. The search for a new relationship should not be its main goal. How will someone feel good with a man if he feels bad about himself?

To get a Russian wife, a man must take care of himself, dress well, be well groomed, and not start his body. A man must remember that a man’s sexuality lies in his confidence and self-sufficiency.

A man needs to communicate with women as much as possible. In addition, not only with those that he likes. If he has many girlfriends, he will learn how to communicate with women. She will also understand what they think and feel. This is a very good experience, which in the future will help a man get a Russian wife. However, more importantly: he will no longer feel lonely and will stop trying to find a girl.

To get a Russian wife, a man’s energy must be positive

How to communicate to get a Russian wife

A man should be a good conversationalist. He must be able to interest a girl and captivate her with his communication, without using tedious and hackneyed topics. He must understand that the girl communicates with a huge number of people. In addition, when she meets him, he should play favorably in contrast and be different from most.

You also need to remember that it is important not only has what the man said, but also how you say it. A man can discuss a very interesting topic with her, but presenting it is so boring that she will start to yawn. In order to get a Russian wife, he must be self-confident, charismatic, he does not have to have a good sense of humor. Any communication is an exchange of energy. To get a Russian wife, a man’s energy must be positive.

All girls adore guys with a good sense of humor. For them, this is one of the most important qualities. In order to develop it in yourself, you need not to be shy and try to show wit. A man needs to practice, look at everything positively, and be open. If a girl does not laugh at jokes or at that seems funny to a man, then perhaps this is simply not a suitable girl. This should be taken calmly. To get a Russian wife, a man needs to be natural and not try to please anyone. Do not forget about flirting. In this matter, the most important thing is the practice that a man can get through communication. Flirting and touching will help the girl understand that the groom considers her attractive.

How to get a Russian wife on a dating site

Crazy pace of life, work, friends, gym, work again. How, at the same time, can everyone find time to get a Russian wife? Where to get to know her, what to speak, how to speak? So much energy is spent on all this, that many men simply hammer on it and live a quiet bachelor life.

However, there is one proven way to simplify everything – to get a Russian wife on the Internet. A quick acquaintance that does not oblige you to anything.

It doesn’t matter if you think about how to get a Russian wife on a dating site or on social networks. Always upload exclusively your photos. They should be of good enough quality. There is no need to paint your entire biography or “funny” stories from the past there. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent. Write about yourself in the most capacious, short and interesting way. This will be the first information a girl sees on your page. The original acquaintance begins with the first phrase. You do not need to build from yourself who you are not really. Eventually, you still have to rip off this mask.

To get a Russian wife, a man must learn to cross the barrier of touch. He should not be afraid to touch her, but he should not cross borders. Girls do not like too vulgar and persistent guys. If she does not like the touch, she will definitely let you know.

To get a Russian wife, a man must learn to cross the barrier of touch

How to meet on the street to get a Russian wife

 Acquaintance on the street is one of the most difficult dating in all practice. There is virtually no context. The street complicates things. However, she is attractive from the point of view that there you can meet any girl to get a Russian wife. Regardless of her social status.

Such beauties walk there, which are difficult to find in places familiar to you. Do not be afraid to meet girls on the street in order to get a Russian wife. Often, the girls who walk along the street are lost in their thoughts. It is necessary to take them out of this state very carefully. You can give a non-verbal signal before speaking. Smile or wink at her. Build trust. Before communicating, she wants to know who you are. Why, of all those on the street, you came up to her. Moreover, what exactly do you want from her?

Why do foreigners want to get a Russian wife

What is unique about Slavic women? How do they attract men? What makes them special? The answer is simple: the Slav will always remember that in the first place she is a woman, regardless of her social and financial situation.

It is difficult to explain why Russian wives attract foreign grooms in large quantities. Perhaps the reason for the special appearance and character was a long mixture of blood with other peoples (Mongols, Turks, Tatars, etc. Such a variety of genes could well give such an aesthetically beautiful result.

What are the foreigners ready get a Russian wife

To get a Russian wife, foreigners are ready for a lot. Despite the fact that until recently, Western men were scared of Russia and they had many deceptive stereotypes about this country, the suitors still sought to marry a Russian. If earlier they tried to take the bride to their homeland, now many of them do not mind staying in Russia with their new wife. To get a Russian wife, Western men spend a lot of money on dating sites, make mistakes, encounter scammers, but in the end they find their happiness.

Top places to meet to get a Russian wife

  • Shopping and entertainment centers

Girls love shopping and often do it to cheer themselves up. They are in no hurry, they have plenty of free time. In addition, cafes in shopping centers are more than enough. A cup of tea before the second round of shopping – that’s it.

  • Fitness club

Here you can immediately see who it is. You have the opportunity to choose the most well-groomed and attractive young ladies. You can immediately look at the figure, watch how hard it is training. These “athletic” women are carefully watching themselves, love themselves and know their worth.

  • Cafe

We can say with confidence that a cafe or pub is an ideal place for quick and easy dating. No one is in a hurry anywhere in the cafe, and the atmosphere itself offers easy communication. Especially if the institution is popular and crowded. In addition, the probability of meeting beautiful girls to get a Russian wife in a cafe is much more than in any other place and even a club. She will be in a good mood because he is resting. In addition, you can choose the right moment to start a conversation.

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