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Due to negligence of ethnical diversity in the Soviet Union by people in the West, many in the former USSR are still being called ‘Russians’. Though some peoples aren’t even remotely Slavic. Add the fact that a lot of Russians even at this point live in these countries, and the confusion becomes clear. The beautiful Russian girls you see on different images may not even live in Russia or be Russian.

And that arouses a question: if some ‘Russians’ are not Russian, why even date Russians? Are they any different from their neighbors? The answer to it can’t be short because these ‘neighbors’ are quite different from one another as well. This needs a bit of study.

The Slavic neighbors

That’s what concerns most people, right? Are Eastern Slavs that close? And the answer is yes — the three nations (Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus) are very close in every aspect, despite constant quarrel. 

If a woman doesn’t have some distinct national accessories, you’ll have a hard time figuring out, where the woman comes from (they are as good-looking).

Considering that most of them speak Russian at all times. And even if she wore (which they largely don’t) a Ukrainian national dress, you probably wouldn’t figure out her origins as well. The three cultures are just that similar.

Regarding temper


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Alright, the exterior properties are mostly the same among the Beautiful Russian girls and their Slavic counterparts. But what about mentality and temper? They must be somewhat different.

And alas, they are. The more to the West you go, the more un-Russian people you encounter. People in Western Belarus are Ukraine don’t bother speaking Russian at all and quickly get offended if you call them ‘Russians’. People here are more in line with European values. They, however, show it the weird way – mostly by renouncing everything Russian, including culture and the way of life.

This position and the complicated past allow them to have a little less conformist attitude towards everything. When something controversial (yet, popular in Europe) happens, they are first to embrace it. It is a bit awkward, as they are also very traditional and nationalist. 

Clearly, Ukrainians are fascinated by all things Europeans. Including, Europeans themselves (whereas Russians not so much). In case you’re European yourself, you may find that dating Ukrainian girls is easy. But you may also find that all those things that make Ukrainian mentality valuable are nothing more than coating. 


The situation with Byelorussians is not quite the same. They do become less Russian the further to the West you go. However, they don’t run around in circles denouncing Russian heritage for some reason. Most Byelorussians are fine with the idea of co-existence. 

Hence, the mentality of these people is far more Russian than you might expect.

In the end, perhaps the best solution would be to not do experiments in the field and date some Beautiful Russian girls. If other Slavs are something like you mentality-wise — you’ll eventually find your way to them. 

Baltic people

People from three Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) can’t be more ‘not Russian’. They are much closer either to Germans, Scandinavians or Poles in many aspects. That’s why there’s hardly any confusion.

Women from these places are still rather good-looking. Especially in Estonia, the country that resembles Finland (which resembles Sweden a lot for its part) more than any other state in the World. 

The resemblance

Culturally, they are not even remotely close to Russia. The Russian language plays some role in social interaction throughout the Baltic states, and the Russian minority in these countries is still quite substantial. But that’s it. Maybe the skills and charm you polished on Russians will bring you some success in this field, but not because they are similar to the Beautiful Russian girls you dated.

Mentally, they are a bit similar. The nations lived in one country for centuries, after all. They quickly adopted the Soviet way of life and still retain some of its heritage. It’s been 30 years, and they still utilize the Soviet kind of schooling and governing to a degree.

Externally, an average Baltic woman may be regarded as beautiful, but it’s a different type of beauty, a more Western one. It’s hard to explain if you’re Russian enthusiast — you may understand. 

The Baltic peoples truly represent an interesting symbiosis, but it’s still better to date tested Beautiful Russian girls as you may have done before.

Central Asia

Picture of a patriotic female

Muslim countries in Central Asia have been an integral part of the Soviet Union since its creation and even before. Thus, the Slavic and these peoples lived side by side for a very long time.

This left its mark, but not on the appearance of any. Despite migration in and out of there, Central Asians rarely mixed with Russians, preferring to live in compact national groups. 

Russians have shared their way of life with the local inhabitants, but not in the sense of religion or culture. Rather they’ve given a bit of their mentality and social structure. It means that many Kazakhs, Kyrgyzstanis, and others behave just like Russian, at the same time retaining their original customs and culture. 

That’s an interesting combination, but the real question here is ‘do they look good’. To answer such a question, it could be productive to divide the Central-Asians into two groups: the people with mixed heritage and the original Asians. Yes, many people today have mixed origins, despite the tendency to stay inside national groups.

  1. People with mixed heritage largely represent the descendants of marriages between indigenous and migrant Russians — mostly some Beautiful Russian girls who met Asian men (especially true for Kazakhstan, the largest republic of the five). The children – girls included- from such marriages may look good, undoubtedly. But genes don’t like consistency that much, so it’s not on the level of a fact.
  2. Original Asians surprisingly do look good, based on observing, especially modern youth. But to know, how cute they are in contrast with average Russian females is unknown because such information is hard to come by here.

Caucasian region

The Caucasian region is somewhat famous worldwide, but hardly anyone in the West can name all of them. There are three: Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. And they can’t be more different and at each other’s throats.

Starting with the religion and culture: they are not culturally close at all. Georgia is largely orthodox Christian, Armenia has its own Christian church, and Azerbaijan is Muslim. Now the development, which pretty much means wealth — the latter has a lot of it, it is a modern country with vast oil reserves and great shipping infrastructure. Whereas the first two don’t have such luxury.

Now the political stance, which translates into the popular social position (most of the time). Azerbaijan and Armenia have a cold conflict at the moment and the relationship between Armenians and Georgians isn’t that soft as Georgia demands everyone in vicinity condemns Russian for all sorts of crime, as Armenia doesn’t care.

That’s the Caucasian region oversimplified, from this you may deduce that everyone here is far from being ‘like Russian’ for one reason or another. Azerbaijan is safest of all, however, in case you want to check out this touring destination.

In conclusion

For whatever reasons possible (interest, profit or dating) you may choose to leave for any of these countries, you may know that you are at the very least advised of what women there look like from the inside and the outside. 

But for those who want to venture out to these places to find something even more exotic than Russian women, and yet something not very different from them — you now know, where to go.

However, in case you still need research for how to meet and impress Russian women — here’s a little more written text about it and the video you might want to check out:

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