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The popular notions and prejudices about the whole nations often sound nice and inspiring. However, rarely such rumors happen to be true simply because every nation isn’t only different from their counterparts but also differs within itself. It’s obvious that, for example, not every Canadian is polite, and not every American is an ignorant fatso. 

Hence, not every popular notion can be believed utterly. Nevertheless, there’s one that tingles curiosity: are Russian ladies really that beautiful, and how beautiful Russian women are exactly. Even after traveling to Russia one may not be totally sure if they are any special, and that’s exactly where science comes in handy.

…and nowhere else.

Latest polls

There are a lot of sources where one can get information of such sort. Arguably one of the more trustworthy would be usual polls, regularly conducted in Russia to know the population’s opinion on different things. 

Earlier this year the Russian info platform called conducted its own survey in most regions of the country. The poll’s goal was to determine how Russian women estimated their appearance, and it had several choices. The results were:

  • 13% of interviewed estimated themselves as ‘beautiful’
  • 13% estimated their appearance as ‘average’
  • 19% estimated themselves as ‘usual’

Now, that’s 45% of interviewed women who basically said they are now worse than usual. There are two obvious problems: 

  1. it’s highly personal and opinionated and people tend to lie
  2. It’s unknown what’s ‘usual’ for Russians in this matter, the expectations there may be higher or lower than of most Europeans
Picture of a street interview

Now, being good-looking is always relational. But if we take ‘usual’ as borderline between good-looking and not (regardless of what ‘usual’ stands for), we still get the results of 26% of women being ‘above usual’. That is if we take it everyone was completely honest about their appearance, of course.

Sure, it’s just a little quiz, but it gives a picture of how beautiful Russian women are by their own account. It’s not enough, of course, let’s head further.

Genetic pool

One of the main staples of today’s genetics is the theory that genetic material is wealthy when it is diverse. The genetic pool of any community, whole nations included, must be ‘refreshed’ constantly to sustain the health of its members. Good physical appearance is also included in the concept of ‘health’, by the way.

What does it mean

On the strength of this theory, multinational and well-populated countries are prone to have more attractive inhabitants. That’s why Europe as a whole is known to have attractive females. However, one of the most famous groups in this area of expertise is Slavic family: Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, etc. 

Beautiful Russian women, for instance, are beautiful due to the fact that Russians are the largest ethnic group among Europeans. Moreover, Russia is home to many ethnic groups by itself, some of them aren’t even Slavic or European. These attributes are much more distinct in this nation than in any other European ethnicity.

Of course, no genetics-damaging attributes, like alcohol overindulgence (which Russia is not a leader of, by the way) were accounted for, but science nevertheless implies that Russian women, in fact, should be more attractive than other women in Europe.

Median age factor

You shouldn’t neglect the demographic factor when talking about these things. The demographic statistics worldwide provide an interesting answer to the question at hand.

The most relevant factor here is the median age. For instance, the median age of females in Russia varies from 40 to 42, whereas much of Europe has an older female population on average.

For example:

  • Germany has 48;
  • Austria has 45;
  • Spain is at roughly 43

No point explaining, why the peak of a woman’s appearance is often at her 20s or 30s. Thus, you are most likely to see more young women in Russia than in other countries in Europe. Combine it with the good genes, and there you have it – beautiful Russian women.

It doesn’t mean that ‘younger’ nations are automatically more attractive on average. Many African countries have median age of, like, 15 or 16. It’s just one factor among many others, keep in mind.

Sports popularity

Good appearance is not a verdict that your genes may dictate you however — it’s also in your own hands.

That’s a popular idea in Russia, by the looks of it. The statistical data of 2018 says that 60% of Russians exercise constantly at one rate or another. Moreover, 15 percent of them are women, who go in for sports on a regular basis (several times a week).

Another interesting data is that 23% of people at the age of 18 to 24 exercise almost every day. Though, there’s no clear picture, how many of them are women.

Picture of ladies doing sports

This means that every 7th woman in Russia does sports very often. And many more of them do it from time to time.

No need to elaborate, that fit people are attractive. And many beautiful Russian women are fit. Not like in ‘huge muscles’ fit, Russians are more of a jogging nation.

Obesity percentage

Based on the research above and perhaps some other factors, there are not many obese people in Russia in fact. The number is 8% of the whole population, and it’s a bit less than normally in Europe (It’s 11% in Germany, for instance).

True, there are even slimmer countries in Europe and in the World as a whole. But the Russian obesity rate is still pretty low (in contrast to American 24%, British 23%, and even Chinese 11%).

Of course, nobody assumes that people with a bit more weight cannot be attractive. It’s just you have more chance to get a partner if you have a much weight as most people. No offense, ladies.

No word of how many overweight women there are. But from the looks of it — there are not many of them.

Olympic results

Sure, you may argue that it’s nothing but cheating. However, science says that people who say so are jealous. That being said, Russia (plus the Soviet Union) has been the winner of the Winter Olympics 9 times, more than any other country in the World. 

Certainly, you may argue that since USSR no longer exists, Russia can’t claim those wins.

But no, it can, according to law. And by this claim, Russia also has 7 Summer Olympic victories (second after the US).

So, where this whole rant was going is — Russians are a very fit nation. Nothing can prove it more than the fact that they won a lot of Olympic medals, and still winning them.

Nobody looks elsewhere

Everything is relative, beauty as well. This topic said so before and again this idea is here. There is competition for beautiful Russian women, a lot of it in fact. However, amongst the most ‘discussed’ nations, Russia can provide more attractive women than most

An average man, when asked about this subject, will name a few countries, like Italy, France, Spain, Russia and Japan. There are more countries in Europe that fit under the description, but they just don’t come to mind. 

So, most Russian women are beautiful, true. But they are also deemed to be so because rarely anyone looks elsewhere, as Google Trends tell us. That lifts the value of beautiful Russian women even more since many people assume there’s little competition to them.

In conclusion

There are indeed a lot of beautiful Russian women at large. As different statistics say, it really has some groundwork, it’s not random. Though you’d be wrong to assume it as something supernatural as if Russia is some special little (just a figure of speech, it’s not ‘little’) oasis in the desert. 

Well, now that you know that Russian beauty is not a myth, you may start making plans about hitting on one. And if you do start something of the sort, you may check out this helpful guide or the video below for a bit of advice:

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