How can a Russian woman visit the USA to get married

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America is a country in which dreams come true, a country of freedom and of rich and generous men. So many of Russian girls think and dream about how that same American, with pockets stuffed with dollars, offers a hand and a heart. Then heaven happens on earth! Is it so?

“According to statistics, marrying a US citizen or permanent resident is one of the most common ways to immigrate and become an American. In fiscal year 2017, more than a million green cards were issued, and almost half to spouses of US citizens or permanent residents (they are also “green card holders”).” Together with foreign brides, grooms, wives and husbands more than 75,000 children received American documents. The number of visas and green cards for spouses of citizens is not limited, as is the case for other categories of relatives and other methods of immigration.

Meet Russian girl through dating sites

One of the simplest ways how can a Russian woman visit the USA to get married with American is an acquaintance  through the Internet: international free dating sites in order to go on a bride’s visa to the USA and marry an American, gained popularity 11 years ago and now have reached their zenith. In addition, no matter what his opponents say, this is the best option to find Russian wife to American husband. Thousands of Slavic girls found their happiness through American dating sites. Like any option to meet Americans, an international dating site has its negative free. Moreover, the main thing is its general availability. At a glance, it is wonderful. Nevertheless, from a different perspective, your profile on an American dating site is exposed for review by thousands of women from Russia whose real desires are unknown to you. Therefore, acquaintance with Russian girl through an international dating site requires extra caution, perseverance, intellectual work and composure.

Filling in a dating site

Answers to profile questions in a questionnaire on a dating site should be answered honestly. It is important to describe briefly the story about yourself. The story of yourself as well as the photo is a pass to a happy family life with a Russian girl. Information about your beloved, about why a man wants to marry Russian are important points. It is necessary to reflect on what is primary and what is secondary. What exactly is written in the profile of a dating site? There are no universal recommendations. It is fundamental that there be those phrases to which the chosen one will react: a potential bride from the Russia.

How to marry a Russian girl successfully

Most often, people who are in a relationship and their business is going to a wedding, the question arises – which way to choose based on the waiting time and location of a foreigner. Three ways:

1) Get married in the USA and wait for the green card in the USA. A husband – a citizen or holder of a green card, draws up a green card for his wife through a petition within the country (Form I-130). If the husband is a citizen, the wife does not need to go anywhere. From filing documents to the green card, at least 9 months pass.

2) A foreigner is waiting for the K-1 bride’s visa in her homeland, arrives in the USA through it, gets married, and receives documents. In this case, only the citizen husband can file a petition for his wife, and the holder of the green card cannot. Dates: usually it takes 7-9 months to get a visa. After marriage and submission to the green card, approximately 9-10 months elapse before the interview.

3) Marry in the wife’s homeland or in a third country. The foreigner is waiting for the K-3 wife’s visa in her country, enters the United States with a work permit and receives a green card here. Timing: usually 7 months before the approval of the petition, then another 2 months before the interview for a visa. After entry to the interview on the green card, at least 9 months pass.

Possibility how can a Russian woman visit the USA is to interest a man from America, they both must post a professional photo on a dating site.

How can a Russian wife stay to live in the USA

Typically, a woman is in the United States on one of the types of non-immigrant visas: work, student, exchange visas and so on. It is also possible that she receives a tourist visa, arrives on it, and gets married. Then it’s important not to apply for a wife for three months. If you file them in the first 90 days after arriving in the United States, the immigration office has an assumption of a violation of intent. This means that when you go to the consulate and get a tourist visa, you lied to the officer, and this is a very serious violation, which is almost impossible to overcome.

How to fall in love with a Russian girl

How can a Russian woman visit the USA to get married? Most people are getting to know each other on the virtual reality now; such is the fast way of interaction and life style. However, in the time of social networks, different dating sites and email, people cannot ignore such way to attract the attention of the opposite sex as letters!

Most international dating sites are created in order to unite American men and Russian women so that they can later create a family or just go on dates, chat and have fun. In addition, in order to make only a positive impression on Russian brides by correspondence on websites, American men must adhere to certain rules in order to avoid common men’s mistakes when dealing with a sensitive Russian soul. There are some simple but very important tips on how to fall in love with a Russian woman using a dating site.

How to lure a girl with words or in correspondence

In the so important process of dating, the tactics are different in each case and depend on the every case. For example, a man wants to gain experience in converse with Russian women and this is a banal way to spend free time. In order for a man to have a desire to meet with Russian girl, he must have an interest in her, moreover, the so-called “bodily” and logical. Therefore, it makes no sense to go on communicating with a woman if the man has no idea what he wants to get as a result. The goal should always be kept in mind and try to go towards it along the shortest path.

A man should not expect some great and serious results from flirting. A woman who flirts with a man in response does not necessarily agree to the further development of relations, but, again, to find out, one will have to take the initiative.

Russian women like male positive

To be interesting for girls, a man does not need to be a bore, he needs not to be afraid to tell them everything he thinks, he must constantly change his behavior patterns and be unpredictable for a woman. That he is rude and hard with her, and then you are gentle and affectionate with her. Even when he just tells some kind of stories in a chat, the so-called “swinging in emotions” is necessary, that is, you are a man telling something funny, serious, sad, funny or scary. In no case should one try instead to appear to her as a good boy, it is important for a man to allow himself to be bad, with his shortcomings.

How can a Russian woman visit the USA to get married? Americans must be interesting to Russian women

Be interesting and confident

Strength of mind, intelligence, beauty, physical strength, confidence, self-esteem, goals (Girls like global goals for men), power, social status, competition among women, speech (ability to speak beautifully), charisma, money and much more. It’s just that nothing has changed since the time of the dinosaurs – The best women go to the best men.

American must be a man who has many different hobbies, besides work, you must be a man who has, always have something to tell the girl, for this you need to read interesting books, go to trainings, travel to different countries and so on. For this, opportunities are needed, including financial ones, so a woman will understand that a man is poor.

So, women’s logic is designed so that everything that a woman is worried about should be known to everyone, that is, either laid out in status on a social network, or indicated by status. A man who is able to understand the female nature and find an approach to her can immediately learn about the woman’s hobbies, her preferences, anxieties and thoughts.

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