How much does a mail order bride cost for a western man?

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If you’re tired of loneliness and all the attempts to find someone special seem to be futile, perhaps you’ve been thinking of getting a mail order bride. But before you think any further, we’d like to make it clear that a mail order is not someone you purchase from a catalogue – these sorts of things are simply impossible and illegal. It’s a woman who joined an international dating site intending to find a husband abroad. If you wonder how much does a mail order bride cost, it’s actually a wrong question to ask.

A person does not have a price tag attached. You don’t order people over the internet like you’d order pizza. However, if you’re thinking of marrying a woman from another country, it would be logical to estimate the costs it involves. How much more expensive is it than marrying a woman from your home county? How costly is it to meet and bring home a clever and beautiful Russian wife? Let’s talk about the expenses in more detail.

How much does a mail order bride cost for an American man

The costs depend on where you live

International dating is not a cheap thing, and this is quite understandable. After all, an average single person in Western Europe, Australia, Canada or the USA spends over ten thousand dollars a year on dating within their home country. According to statistic, an American citizen is expected to spend around fifteen thousand dollars in order to marry a Russian woman.

This amount includes all the costs that a process of courting, meeting and bringing a Russian wife to the USA involves. For Germans, Italians, Spaniards, French and citizens of other Western European countries it’s much cheaper – they don’t have to cross the ocean in order to meet their future wife. Generally speaking, the closer you live to Russia, the cheaper it is to get a Russian wife.

On important thing to remember is that the difference between dating locally and getting a bride from Russia is not that dramatic where expenses are concerned.

People tend to spend lots of money at the initial stages of a romantic relationship, when they go to fancy restaurants, visit exciting destinations together, exchange showy gifts and so on.

But with a Russian woman, the first introduction happens online. The cost of a dating site membership is negligible compared to prices in your local restaurants, movie theatres night clubs and what not. The difference in costs is especially remarkable if you date more than one woman. With a Slavic girlfriend, you spend almost nothing, and that’s one of the advantages of online dating with Russian women.

This is something to remember when you wonder how much does a mail order bride cost. You chat online, exchange letters and quick messages, and set up Skype dates. O course, sometimes you may send her a small gift or a bouquet of flowers, but that’s it. And by the way, if a woman asks you for a financial support, the chances are she’s a scammer and you’d better search for a potential life partner elsewhere.

Visa fees

The most expensive part of bringing a Russian wife home is paying for her fiancée visa. The costs vary depending on the country you live in, but in any case the amount is significant. Some couple make attempts to go around this requirement by applying for a student or tourist visa for a woman, but we wouldn’t recommend doing that. Cutting corners is never a good idea when it comes to governmental requirements. If you try t save some money this way, the chances are you’ll have to deal with lots of difficulties in the future.

Pretty Russian woman for marriage abroad

Travel expenses

If you live in a European country, and your Russian girlfriend resides in Moscow, travelling is easy and comparatively inexpensive. But if you have to travel across the ocean, the prices skyrocket.

If you’re planning t save on travelling, try to get special offers from air companies and book tickets well in advance.

Also, it’s not absolutely necessary to make a trip to Russia for a personal meeting – you can meet the woman you date online somewhere else. Think about a country which is a comfortable destination for both of you. You may wonder whether you should pay her travel expenses. Well, it depends. If a woman has a well paid job in Russia and she can afford an international journey, she can pay for her tickets on her own.

However, if her income leaves much to be desired and it was your idea to meet outside Russia, you’d better help her make this trip happen. After all, she doesn’t have to spend all her savings or even borrow from other people to travel to another country in order to meet you. If you don’t feel comfortable sending her money or paying for her tickets, you should come to meet her in her home town.

This option has an added advantage of meting her family and learning more about her lifestyle. Perhaps she can even accommodate you, so you won’t have to pay for your stay in hotels or rented apartments.

Gifts, flowers, restaurants and other expenses

Asking yourself how much does a mail order bride cost, don’t forget that while in Russia you have to pay the bill no matter where you have a date. If a place looks way too expensive to you, just avoid it and have a great time elsewhere. Don’t expect to share the bill with a Russian woman – it’s against the dating etiquette in Eastern Europe.

It’s you who are supposed to pay for movie tickets, museums entry fees, meals and so on. But no worries, prices in Russia can be very affordable if you’re careful about choosing places to go. And even if you have a couple of candlelit dinners in a fancy restaurant, you’re not going to break the bank – it’s still cheaper than in your home country.

And of course, you will want to give your girlfriend some presents while you’re in Russia. You can either buy something locally or bring from home. It doesn’t have to be anything costlier than two hundred dollars, but it depends on what you can actually afford and what you would like to give.

 Some richer men like to bring expensive jewellery, smartphones and laptops for their girlfriends, but they obviously don’t care who don’t care much about how much does a mail order bride cost.

Needless to say, the longer you stay in Russia, the more money you’re going to spend. But in any case it doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive, especially if you can get free accommodation.

Online dating with a Russian woman – how much does it cost

Membership on an international dating site

As mentioned above, the cost of joining an international dating site is so negligible compared to dating in real life that it’s hardly worth talking about. This is an online platform where you can meet the most beautiful and intelligent Russian women searching for a potential life partner abroad. You’ll be amazed at the number of stunning Russian brides for marriage who are open to meet a soul mate from another country.

You may suspect they are all interested in immigrating to another country, but this is not so. There are plenty of options for a Russian citizen to get a job abroad. If a woman is registered on a dating site, it means she’s genuinely interested in finding someone special to share her life with. By joining a dating site, you’ll get a full access to the database of women’s profiles. Make sure to choose a trustworthy and reputable platform with a large database. And by all means avoid so call pay per letter sites – they’re predominantly scams.

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These are some of the major expenses you should consider when wondering how much does a mail order bride cost. The amounts may vary depending on where you live, how fast you decide to get married, how often you travel to Russia and so on. In any case, all the expenses are negligible compared to positive changes in your life after you marry a Russian woman. This is an experience you’ll never regret, best of luck in your romantic endeavours!

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