How to be respectful to her after hookup so she wants more

Published by Carmen on

We all know girls require respect, but how to show it? Do not get adsorbed by a today culture that teaches people no respect at all. Develop the gallant attitude by yourself and girls will want you.

“The very first thing I do after sex, is smiling to a woman and thanking her for good sex. It isn’t hard to do, but she’ll remember that and trust you more. When she does, she may ask for more then.

Some guys disrespect a girl even for a fact she got laid with them easily. Then some unpleasant facts can appear during local hookup, for instance, she used to not have any taboos and has many lovers.

Do not mistreat her for that. It’s in your interests guys to treat her well, so she will be wanting to hookup with you again. Also, she may tell her female friends about you and your chances will raise.

If you make her coffee, it’s already a relationship. But if you just smile and thank her, it’s still hookup, but respectful one. Do not be afraid to be polite, it’s only good for your further nightgame”.

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