How to find good wife which will grant you safety, love and joy

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For acquaintance it is not necessary to invent new places and specially to prepare hike somewhere. People close to us usually rotate in same circles, have similar interests and other points of intersection. Opposites, whose acquaintance was provoked on purpose, to find that they have nothing to talk about after an hour. So it makes sense to be more active right where you are. Even bus stop brings people together at least geographically, which means you already have lot of topics for conversation.

The opinion that it is better to look for wife in library than in nightclub is outdated, especially for those who are their regular visitor – now you can go there together. But libraries are gradually dying out, providing primacy of Wikipedia and Internet, where it also makes sense to look for life partner.

Make first steps and try to understand, who is she, which qualities she might have

Men rarely wonder how to find rich wife, they are more interested in her mental qualities and appearance. It is possible to look for future wife among employees that will help to learn more deeply her personality and to assume her possible behavior without pretense. Dating usually distorts picture, because there all people know that they are evaluated and unconsciously try to please and please. No need to start to come up with beautiful words, fascinating stories and long time to choose bouquet – start to communicate directly in workplace. You can offer pretty woman to have lunch together or spend after work, neutral assistance with office equipment, heavy boxes will also be appropriate. At any time you can adjust your attitude, reducing them to operating partnership or deepening in an intimate interaction, simple invitation for date. But there are certain taboos about relationships that can start in workplace – avoid open flirting and building relationships with subordinates.

Do not decide where and how to find wife on their own – tell your friends about your desire, actively involved in joint pastime. On many holidays and mass events several companies merge into one, and there you can meet right girl. Most couples had mutual acquaintances who introduced them. Relationships with such girl increase likelihood of positive outcome, because most likely you will have similar interests, intellectual and material level, as well as basic semantic life goals and principles. In addition, friends who know that you are looking for couple, can specifically start to introduce you to their friends girls.

Carefully study those locations that are familiar to you – there will be best wife for you. If you hang out all weekend in clubs, impeccable parishioner of Church will not be your ideal wife, it is better to treat drink to girl at next table. When you prefer narrow circle of friends, quiet evenings – you should not go to club, and you need to expand your own circle of friends little. You can look at neighboring scientific sections, talk to girl professing same religion, go to conference on topic of interest and already there to treat someone to coffee.

How to find wife? Council of psychologists such looking for wife in places that suit your Hobbies or interests – it can be sports, photography, Hiking, even cooking classes, where you’ll inspire women around desire to take care of you. Come to concerts and festivals that you are interested in, and that used to be uncomfortable to visit yourself. There are definitely going to girls who share your point of view, which gives great reason to meet. Mass meetings of people interested in one topic, give you opportunity to take contacts from several pretty girls. If someone was hooked pretty much, you need to try to continue acquaintance after event. For example, conference, concert, courses can be discussed over Cup of coffee – it is quite small to be refused, but it is quite significant for further strengthening of acquaintance, because you have lot of topics to discuss.

Choose from girls of your social group, because it is almost impossible to make up difference of experience, even after few decades. Pay attention not only to how girl treats you (it can be controlled), but also to what she is with others – more in her behavior of understanding and care, better for future of marriage. When person thinks only about their own needs, and is not able to feel close, such relationships quickly lead to degradation of partners or level of communication.

When all coincided and you are nice to each other, try to learn more about family girl – be careful if family is not complete or relationship between them is far from warm. Girl herself unconsciously can adopt such style of relationship and then, whatever you do, they will either break up or go on same track. Only if you are confident in psychological stability of partner, you can neglect such facts.

How to find wife on Internet

Statistics today suggests that third of successful marriages began with Dating on Internet. amount of resources is diverse, and if you decide to find wife, you should use them all. separate relevance acquaintance in network has for those who are looking for ways to find new wife, because all methods that work in reality have been tried for long time, in most places former passion appears sometimes more often than you, and now there is not much time.

Profiles of social networks help initially limit search. And if you use special Dating sites, you can specify fairly large interesting parameters, ranging from purpose of Dating, ending with external data. simplicity and openness of this system allows people to communicate with same goals, and then there is no awkwardness.

Choosing several girls of interest, do not rush to write to them at once, you need to prepare. To begin with, fill out your questionnaire completely, more detailed you fill in all fields, trying to give honest and original answers, higher chances that you will meet an interesting person. Be sure to upload photo, almost none of girls will not answer if it is missing. When girl was interested (to do this, find high quality picture, with an open face), she will view your profile. In life, this role is played by various issues of direct and veiled nature, in chat there is simply no desire with each applicant to walk around topics of interest. more detailed your profile, faster girl will be able to make decision.

How to find a wife in 30 years

Finding a wife in thirty years – the most pressing issue when a man has already built a career and he is ready to take responsibility for the family. Difficulties do not arise almost no, because the girls are now in no hurry to jump out to marry the first comer. Marriages concluded after 25 years are more likely to be happy, because each of the partners is reasonably suited to this step, knows their needs, weaknesses and shortcomings, and is able to get along with the characteristics of the other.

Still work great Dating sites, and to expand the search categories can not only the format of marriage, you can look for friends to visit events.

Start to actively interact with the world and use everyday things. If you have a dog, you can not run with her in headphones, and visit the place where the owners of dogs. Being fond of something, involve other people in it: a pretty employee can be invited to dances, a friend by correspondence to hunt, and a neighbor to a culinary master class. Do not stop at your own skills, try to imagine what can be carried away by a girl who can conquer your heart and go there. Let it be at least Argentine tango – go and do. A lot of impressions, new acquaintances and interesting experience are guaranteed, and if you ask others to bring you up to date, then also an occasion for communication and acquaintance turns out organic and interesting.

Some useful tips

Respond to all invitations of friends and joint trips, more actively involved in social life. This applies not only to finding new friends, but also more deeply communicate with those whom you know for a long time. In thirty years there is no problem to interest a woman, because you can easily charm as a twenty-year-old girl and a woman over forty. The question remains who you will feel most comfortable with.

Usually the feeling of stunned love, when it is not possible to think about anything else, only speaks of a coincidence at the level of hormones. Offer marriage in this case not worth, marriage will not long and not secure. Feelings that signal that this woman is suitable as a wife should include, tenderness, calmness, humor, plans for the future, anxiety, responsibility, empathy. When you notice that next to some girl you want to get better, and you get it, the mood improves, but it’s calm, not euphoria, then you should look closely.

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