How to know if the single Russian girls you’re dating online are fake

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Amongst those who like to date or plain talk to women online, there is this one continuous fear that the new acquaintance you made in a shape of a young lady on the Internet may not even be either young or a lady. Or, for that matter, she may not even be. More of that below.

In the case with the single Russian girls you meet online it’s even more vital because, at least for many people who read this article, the women from Russia are apex females — most gentle, attractive and so forth. It’s obvious that some scoundrel out there will be tempted to take a guise of such a person to scam you or just play with you evilly. 

Don’t despair, though, there are several almost trouble-free ways to know for sure if one of these single Russian girls you took a liking to is in fact fake.

One of the simpler methods

There are a few quite obvious ways to determine something of the sort. The situations to which you’d need to apply said ways aren’t exactly hard to crack either. But, for most cases, you won’t need anything more elaborate. It’s not like a lot of these scammers draw elaborate plots to get your money.

  1. The first method to determine the fakeness is to see if there are any pictures or information on the profile of your interlocutor. It’s very easy, even if there aren’t many pictures, you can tell that there’s actually a person with hobbies and interests behind them. See the connection? Good, they are probably real. If not, then those are fake pictures.
  2. The second method is a bit trickier. It may be so that there are several pictures with a significant length between the dates of publication, but you still don’t trust them. It may be because the pictures are actually from the model, and you can find them free on the Internet.

In this case, try saving the images and search for them on Google by clicking ‘Search by image’ in the ‘Images’ category. The results will show if there are any similar or identical pictures on the Web. If there are, and there are tons of them, then it’s high time you started doubting.

Just ask

There’s actually a much simpler way to solve this predicament. If you, after some time in a conversation, were to ask ‘her’ for a new picture, she would probably oblige, especially if you see that she looks good on the pictures you’ve already seen. But ‘she’, chances are, won’t give you anything. She may, actually, but that’s just some high-level scamming you’ll get to know later in the article.

Just be aware that you can’t ask for something of the sort right away because the Internet is so that everyone may be a scammer in their own right. Even you. So, why would she give you the photos right away?

You need to resort to this after some time together when you know each other better. You can even give her your own picture to encourage the exchange. Though, don’t send her intimate pictures with the hope that she replies the same. Just in case you thought it would be a great idea.

 Image of woman on phone

The trickier situations

There may be an occasion when you meet a scammer far more competent at what they do than usual. You won’t likely meet one of these, because they usually target people that they know have money to spare (not that it’s somehow obvious you don’t have the money, it’s just not very easy to learn if you do). 

The scammers of such sort can have an indefinite supply of photos and a pretty convincing semblance of a profile (probably even bought off). This way, nobody’s going to question buying ‘her’ stuff online for their own money. 

That sounds bizarre that some people would go for such lengths just to get money or their equivalent. And this is what makes it unbelievable. Especially because it’s not really much of a length, to be honest.

Women do it too

Many women do the same on dating websites for different reasons. Given how well this scheme may work out, it’s only natural that some guys try to do the same, pretending to be women.

However, it’s much more often that some of these single Russian girls would do it. And keeping in mind how dishonest this trick is in both cases, it doesn’t matter whether you get scammed by a girl or by a man. 

Though, you should also keep in mind that giving gifts to the woman you date on a regular basis is alright. Many of them like to receive those, all the while maintaining an honest and close relationship. It gives them joy, what can you say?

The absolutely different thing is a relationship, the sole purpose of which is to exchanging pleasantries — the gifts and money from your side and something uncertain from hers.

How to tell if she’s fake, anyway?

Well, if you need to know whether your interlocutor is female or just pretending to be one, there’s one definite method. However sexist it may sound, it’s only true that men can’t tolerate too much gentleness from other men, neither can they respond with genuine care when some other guy feels loving to them. 

Consequently, you should get genuinely loving to your interlocutor at one point. It may sound too presumptuous and one-sided, but girls generally respond to such genuine care with alike genuine care of their own.

If you feel that her response to your emotion was somewhat cold or confused, then you’ll probably not get along anyhow. 

What if she is a woman?

If the effect is quite the same, and yet you know that the person you’re talking to is both Russian and woman, then it’s still no use to continue keeping in touch with her. If there’s nothing in the relationship apart from giving gifts and exchanging pleasant words once in a while, then it’s not even dating. 

Image of a happy woman

In this case, it is, in its own sense, a fake relationship, which you should not continue, as it won’t give you anything. The real relationship is when both its partakers are shaped throughout its duration. If you don’t feel that you get the understanding, love, and advice you need — then you might as well date a scammer for the photos they give you.

Is it even worth worrying about?

Getting aware of what to do when faced with something like that is alright, but the real question is whether it’s likely to happen to you or no. The percentage, proportions and alike can’t be deduced in this case, so everything is about to get very rough and subjective.

See, you’re always in danger of getting scammed on the Internet, especially on the dating websites. But the chances increase when you will it. It’s only you who can make them decrease by not being naive. So, it’s very personal — these ‘schemes’ aren’t exactly well-thought-out.

So, it’s only reasonable to worry about this kind of thing if you’ve already encountered a scam like this or think you undoubtedly will, by your own reckoning. All in all, it’s not a waste of time to worry about fighting off the scammers.

In conclusion

A fake relationship with a person who pretends to be one of these single Russian girls is never fun. But it’s not like you can’t tell that the person is lying to you in the highest order. Of course, the world is filled with the naive and light-headed people, that’s why scamming is so effective at times. Sometimes people who get scammed don’t even realize that they are being played.

All in all, keep these pieces of advice in mind when you encounter women (and people in general) who over-eagerly want to know you better, though you never met them before.

Well, it seems like that’s it, the end of this article. If you aren’t satisfied with the answers you got — feel free to look for them elsewhere, in the other texts on this website, perhaps. But don’t let it take too much of your time, there’s also the video waiting for you to watch it:

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