How to Pay Flattering Compliments to Russian Women Online and on a Date?

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Every lady wants to hear romantic phrases and flattering compliments. Even though some people think that Russian girls are cold and tough. The thing is that ladies just don`t want to hear sweet words 24 hours a day. So, how to stay sincere and please Russian women online and on a date?

Best compliments for Russian Women online

Russian women are pretty, and they know it. You don`t need to remind this fact constantly. It`s better to choose the right moment. For example, when she wears new clothes or makes new hair style. It`s very rude to say nothing when she makes an effort to change the way she looks.

What does she want to hear?

Women think that men don`t pay attention and even don`t notice little things about her. So, if you want to charm you lady, be attentive and say some romantic phrases.

Remember: “Russian women love with their ears”. This is popular wisdom.

“You are the first woman in my life”

 Girls love one-woman men. She would be absolutely flattered to hear these sweet words. Ladies love to know that they are important for you and that you put them on the first place in your life.

“You have a big heart”

You can`t always say that your woman has beautiful eyes, body, face. Focus on her personality and some concealed traits.

“You`re a very interesting person”

This compliment would be loved by your Russian woman because it shows that you always learn something new from her. This phrase shows that you value her.

“You`re hilarious”

If you use this compliment naturally, it works perfectly.

“You`re not like everyone else”

These deep words make her feel special. Even though, some girls don`t want to be compared with others.

“How did I get so lucky?”

This is another way to tell her that she is special for you. She would know that she`s appreciated.

“You`re so talented”

If your Russian woman shares with you that she plays the piano or any other musical instrument. Go ahead and pass a compliment. Do the same thing if she talks about other talents: cooking, singing, painting.

What shouldn’t you say online

If you compliment a woman on her talent or her sense of adventure, don`t show your weaknesses. For example, you chat with a woman who jumped with a parachute. Of course, you need to pass a compliment: “You`re so adventurous”. But you shouldn`t say that you`re afraid of heights and that you would never do it by yourself.

Try not to send negative comments from the outset. Be positive when talking to a lady you really like. Try to be sincere and don’t say false compliments. Women always know when you give them lip service.

We warn you not to use a meaningless comment that most men write: “You and I have shared interests”. Write some details showing how similar you are.

It`s better not to write cliché phrases and write how sexy and hot your woman is:

“You are so nice, how are you still single?”

Find more facts on how to find something in common in this article.

Tips for paying flattering compliments on a date

Natural compliments when you meet help the date to go smoother. They also help you to feel comfortable with each other. Sometimes especially on the first date men feel nervous. It`s difficult to think of really nice compliments. Talk about what you can see: the way you enjoy the date, her appearance, personality and intellect.

Russian lady`s appearance is not in priority.

Focus on special features

Try not to use phases like: “You`re beautiful”. It sounds better when you pay a compliment on a specific part of body or face. This will boost her self-confidence:

  • “Your cherry lips are so juicy!”
  • “You`ve got so nice eyes/lips.”
  • “I just love your silky hair.”
  • “You have such a beautiful smile!”
Beautiful Russian lady`s lips deserve compliments

Admire the way she looks

Now it`s time for complimenting on her clothing and makeup. Don`t use cliché phrases, like “Nice dress! Is it new?” Make more personal compliments:

  • “ You look sexy with that lipstick!”
  • “You really wear that skirt well!”
  • “Your blue dress really brings out your eyes.”
  • “I like the way you wear these jeans.”

Pay compliments to her interests

Our interests make us fascinating and interesting to others. While getting to know your girlfriend, find out things that she loves: music that she listens to. Pay compliments to her interests.

It`s better not to show that you don`t really love this type of music. It`s better to stay positive when your relationship is not strong enough:

  • “I like that you know everything about pop music. I think you can teach me so much.”
  • “I love talking to you about my work. You`re a good listener!”
  • “Sometimes when someone is talking, I almost immediately lose interest. That never happens to you!”
Compliment on Russian woman`s interests

Talking about her sense of humor, character

When a boyfriend says that her girlfriend has a good sense of humor, it means that they are having really good time together. Don`t say something like “You`re funny”. Invent more personal compliments:

  • “I love your sense of humor. You can create a pun for everything!”
  • “I love your sense of humor. It`s really amazing to me!”
  • “Your sense of humor is fantastic. You laugh at my jokes.”
Russian woman online loves compliments

The best time for compliments

If you are in relationship with a Russian lady, tell romantic phrases when she wants to hear them. Practically any time is a good time for compliments. But choose different words for her. Appreciate not only her face, body. Pay more attention to her inner beauty. Choose the best moment to do it.


Start saying romantic things early in the morning. Her day will be positive and fulfilled.

Quiet moment

Choose a quiet moment when she is focused on you and hire a compliment. This must be something truthful.

Compliments for Russian woman in a quiet place

The right moment

When you talk about talents, compliment on the way she dances, on her other interests.


Choose a moment when it`s unexpectedly for her to hear sweet things.

Find out more about the way you should act to be desired by Russian woman.

What shouldn`t you say on a fate?

If your relationship is very early, avoid sexually-charged phrases. This could be offensive for your lady. Think twice before telling your girl how you love the way her backside looks in these jeans. It`s better to say nice things about her shiny hair, beautiful eyes and others.

Compliments about your date appearance should be limited to one or two at the most. Otherwise, your Russian girl would think that you`re focused only on her body. Your relationship can finish quickly. Try to focus on your girlfriend`s personality, talents, sense of humor.

Empty, impersonal compliments shouldn`t be given to a Russian lady. Don`t give general romantic phrases, be more specific when you talk to your girlfriend.

She wants to be appreciated and noticed. Remember: only good listeners can make really personalized compliments. Phrases like “You look nice”, “You wear a nice dress” can`t show your real feelings. These phrases you can say to anyone except your girlfriend.

What about gestures? Of course, you can show that you love the way she looks. But it`s better to choose specific words while showing traditional gestures.

How to be sincere when you pay flattering compliments?

Russian women online deserves your sincerity

Only sincere relationship can live longer. Your compliments must be truthful. If you exaggerate, she will notice it and recognize as a lie.

Things like “You`re the most beautiful girl I`ve ever seen”. It could be even offensive, if she doesn`t really think so.

Don`t lie and exaggerate. Notice little things about her. Pay compliments not only to her appearance but also to traits of her character, personality, interests. These recommendations can help make really personal compliments.

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