How to say you are beautiful in Russian and pay other compliments?

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They say women love with their ears, and Russian women are no exception. If you’d like to win the affections of a charming Russian girl, pay her a compliment that will spark her interest and put a smile on her face. Of course, you’ll need to learn some Russian for that, but it’s totally worth the effort. Slavic girls are exceptionally beautiful, so it’s only logical that you will want to comment on that. If you’re curious how to say you are beautiful in Russian, it’s rather simple – Ty krasivaya (Ты красивая).

A girl will appreciate you trying to speak her mother tongue, and it’s also a nice ice-breaker when approaching women in public places. If you’d like to say, you are very beautiful, all you need to do is add the word ochen’ – for very. Now your compliment will sound like Ty ochen’ krasivaya (Ты очень красивая). But there are many other ways to express your appreciation and admiration.

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Don’t focus on her appearance alone

If you’re contacting exceptionally good-looking Russian brides for marriage on an international dating site, try to avoid physical compliments. The chances are the foreign men have already showered them with that sort of stuff, and you won’t sound original. Let a girl know that you’ve read her profile carefully and point out things you’ve found the most attractive.

She’ll be impressed – not many men on dating sites bother to read any profiles at all. Instead, the moment they see a pretty face, they just send a generic “hi beauty” or “hello pretty” message. Which, of course, will be ignored. Guys only want to know how to say you are beautiful in Russian and never research any further. So what you are supposed to do in order to succeed is stand out of the crowd.

However, it’s alright to compliment a woman’s appearance if you’ve stayed in touch for some time and you’ve noticed some changes in the way she looks.

In this case, it’s highly recommended to say something nice, because a woman will expect you to acknowledge her efforts. And it’s doesn’t matter whether you see her in real life, via Skype or oh photos in her profile or social media channels.

To tell her she looks good, say Ty otlichno viglyadish’ (Ты отлично выглядишь). It sounds rather generic, so you should also specify what exactly you like about her appearance. And here you can use another must-know compliment Tebe idyot… (it looks nice one you). For example, you can say Tebe idiot eto plat’ye (this dress looks nice on you) or Tebe idyot eta prichoska (you look nice with this hair-do). This way you can acknowledge virtually everything – her new blouse, makeup, nail art, high-heeled shoes, purse and what not.

Don’t ignore it if you notice something new and exciting in her appearance. It’s quite possible that she took trouble to look exceptionally attractive in order to please you. If she doesn’t get a compliment, she may feel discouraged to try to impress you next time.

A big no-no

If you say she looks beautiful today, it implies she didn’t look that great some other days. Avoid this overused cliché, it’s not going to impress anyone.

Tell her how kind she is

The majority of Russian girls are kind ad compassionate by nature. If some words or actions of hers reveal her selflessness and good nature, she’ll be pleased if you notice it.

Instead of focusing on her appearance all the time, you’ll show her that her character traits are important for you.

Next time you open Google Translate, instead of asking how to say you are beautiful in Russian, try some other adjectives – inspiring, compassionate, kind-hearted, caring, good-natured, sympathetic.

 By demonstrating your appreciation beyond her pretty face, you’ll gain some extra points compared to all those guys who shower her with cheap “hi beauty” type of compliments. To praise her for her kindness, you can say U tebya dobroe sertse (У тебя доброе сердце), which can be translated as You have a kind heart.

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Praise her for her talents and accomplishments

If she’s a good artist, pianist, horse-rider, singer or gardener, she definitely deserves a nice compliment from you. You can mention anything that takes effort and dedication to accomplish. Let her know you like and appreciate her music, paintings, gardening skills, toy-making abilities, photography portfolio and what not. In order to do that, say U tebya horosho poluchaetsya (У тебя хорошо получается) – You’re good at…

Also, ask her to tell you more about her interest or hobby – she’ll be glad to talk about something that inspires her. If you’re serious about this relationship, perhaps you’d even like to share her hobby.

Compliment on her professional achievements

If a girl you stay in touch with tells you she likes her job, let her know it’s great to meet someone who enjoys their occupation. It’s not common in the world of today to find someone who wouldn’t complain about the “rat race” and boring 5 to 9 jobs. Russian women are known to be good specialists in different professional fields.

While it’s absolutely true that a family is the most important thing in the world for them, and they gladly become housewives if it’s more beneficial for their husbands and kids, it’s also true that they give importance to their careers.

There are lots of career oriented and brilliantly educated women in Eastern Europe, and if the lady you’re staying in touch with is one of them, let her know you admire her professional achievements. Whether she’s a teacher, an engineer, an accountant or a florist, these words will sound like music to her ears.

Point out the character traits you especially like

It’s also wise to let her know you appreciate her as a person. You can do it by acknowledging her character traits you find especially appealing. If you’re impressed by her intellect, it would be nice to say Ty umnaya (Ты умная) – You’re smart.

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If she’s optimistic and cheerful, tell her how refreshing it is to meet someone like that when there is so much negativity around. Girls like to be considered exceptional an extraordinary, so she’ll definitely appreciate a compliment like that. More than that, you should be positive and optimistic when talking to her as well, so she would be convinced you’ll get along in the future.

A lot of Russian women have an adventurous spirit – they are ready to explore the world and embark on a journey anytime. If you share her passion for travel, tell her that you feel she would be a good companion. It would be interesting for her to find out of your most fascinating travel experiences. Don’t hesitate to discuss your bucket list with her either. Also, ask bout hers. These subjects are much more interesting than wondering on various ways of how to say you are beautiful in Russian.

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Acknowledge her sense of humour

It goes without saying that the best way to acknowledge her sense of humour is simply to laugh at her jokes! But you can also say U tebya otlichnoe chustvo yumora (У тебя отличное чувство юмора) – You have a great sense of humour. Laughing at each other jokes is extremely beneficial for a romantic relationship, and if you like each other’s sense of humour, it means you have chances for a happy future together.

Miscellaneous compliments

Here are a few compliments you can pay to the women you like in different situations:

  • You have a way with words – Ty umeesh’ nahodit’ pravil’nye slova (Ты умеешь находить правильные слова). Use this phrase if you think the woman is a good talker.
  • You have good taste – U tebya horoshij vkus (У тебя хороший вкус). This can be used to comment on her taste in literature, movies, friends, fashion, culinary preferences and so on.
  • You are a splendid woman – Ty zamechatel’naya zhenschina (Ты замечательная женщина). No comments on this one – everything is rather self-obvious.
  • I like your cooking – Mne nravitsya, kak ty gotovish’ (Мне нравится, как ты готовишь). The majority of Slavic women are excellent cooks, and if your girlfriend has cooked something specially for you, let her know you appreciate that and enjoy the dish.

These are only some compliments to pay to a Russian woman. Feel free to add more to the list!

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