How to win a single Russian woman’s heart?

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If you are a foreign man who lives in Europe, Asia or America and is determined to meet a single Russian woman to get married or just to get into relationships, it is high time you started acting. Whatever your age, you will certainly find your female soulmate in vast Russia.

Single women in contemporary Russia

The very first question you should ask yourself what you expect Russian women to be nowadays like. Foreign men are quite often under the sway of various and sometimes old-fashioned stereotypes when it comes to such an enigmatic country as Russia.

Overseas guys consider a single Russian woman to be too modest, quite pretty, resourceful enough, a little down-to-the-earth but not earthbound, shrewd and clever. Which out of these attributes are true, you will be able to realize if you seriously look into girls’ mode of life in modern Russia.

Life pattern

Single Russian women at different spots

Any foreigner who arrives in Moscow or any other large Russian city can witness that the mode of life in that vast country has tremendously altered in the recent two decades at least in industrial clusters and centers. You will see town streets filled with design stores, posh eateries with various kinds of cuisine, a high-end array of multiplexes, huge shopping malls, and other hallmarks of a modern city.

The life pattern of girls as well as of most people in Russia has also noticeably changed. In comparison to the past, for example, two decades back, now young women spend a lot more time in various public places:

  • Fashion shows
  • Fitness studios and gyms
  • Concert and exhibition halls
  • Sports and nightclubs
  • Drama, opera and movie theaters
  • Picture galleries and museums
  • Amusement and landscape parks.

Advice: Whatever your life pattern, you should have a versatile personality to draw a Russian single woman’s attention.

Girls indeed appreciate it very much when guys share their activities, interests, and enthusiasms. While being in Russia on business or vacation, do not neglect to visit public places where you will have a lot more opportunities of coming across a female soulmate.

Looks and personality traits

Beautiful single women from Russia

Whatever your country of origin, you definitely belong to an enormous group of foreign men who have long appreciated the natural beauty and qualities of Russian women. You hardly see so many stylishly dressed pretty girls on streets of Western cities in comparison with Russia where avenues, lanes, and squares often look like a catwalk show.

These days, girls have far more opportunities to look after their image than in the so-called Soviet time. Russian women became frequent visitors to different spa, beauty and hair salons. Girls tend to wear designer clothes, expensive perfume, and nice lipstick.

 “A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction” (Oscar Wild)

Although you will still find some differences between young women in provincial towns and their counterparts in major cities, the gap is now not as tremendous as it used to be. Girls in regions try to do their best to keep up with trendy ladies in capital cities at least when it comes to looks.

Nowadays personality traits of Russian urban young women often resemble their Western counterparts. They can also be characterized as:

  • Career-oriented
  • Smart
  • Tech-savvy
  • Fashion conscious
  • Strong-willed
  • Highly educated
  • Ambitious.

Like their countryside counterparts, Russian urban young women still hold to perennial traditions. They make a point of getting married, giving birth to at least two children, and living a happy family life as long as possible. Therefore, most Russian single women have such attributes as the following:

  • Devoted to family values
  • Resourceful and witty
  • Modest and careful
  • Submissive but able to gain their point
  • A little superstitious
  • Kind and warm-hearted.

How important is the marriage for Russian women?

Single Russian women at a wedding party

Overseas men who are in the quest for a single Russian woman should remember that most girls in that mysterious and huge country dream of a happy marriage. They often imagine their future bridal reception party where all her close and distant relatives get together.

Marriage ceremony traditions are still everywhere kept up in contemporary Russia. Therefore, you need to get to know them beforehand since you can happen to get married while coming to Russia in your search for your future wife or bride.

Why do some Russian women tend to look for foreign husbands?

One of the problems that encourage women in Russia to seek for foreigners to get married to or at least to get into relationships with is a large divorce rate in the country. If in 2010 100% of the marriages account for 53% of the divorces, in 2018 the number has considerably changed – respectively, 100 and 68%.

There are quite many reasons for that. In this context, sociologists and psychologists emphasize the four main causes of divorces in Russia:

  • Domestic violence
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Housing disadvantage
  • Drug addiction.

What do Russian women expect from foreign men?

A single Russian woman married to a foreign man

Any single Russian woman who faces some of the problems mentioned above and ends her marriage hopes that she can have much more chances to be happy with an overseas guy. The desires most commonly depend on the age of an exact lady.

The main reasons why young women in Russia are looking for relationships with foreign men are quite different. Above all, they expect from overseas guys the following:

  • Financial stability
  • A happy family
  • Good education for children
  • Professional fulfillment
  • The opportunity to face the future with confidence.

It does not mean that all young women in Russia dream of a foreign husband, boyfriend or partner. In the recent five years, patriotic feelings have affected not only political but also family life. However, the number of women who still dream of a marriage to a foreign man and does not mind leaving her homeland remains pretty large.

Online dating

A single Russian woman on dating websites

Basically, for almost all overseas men the search for Russian brides and wives starts with signing up for one of the reliable and legitimate dating websites. Afterward, the success depends on the guy’s activity. As soon as you find your potential soulmate, you should take the lead:

  • Regularly swap messages
  • Be active at chatting without overdoing
  • Offer to get connected through Skype, video chat or a social network
  • Send some unexpected but pleasant virtual gifts
  • Avoid sending money; if the woman begs you about that, it is doubtlessly a sign of a scam
  • Be honest in everything, starting with your personal information and finishing with your intentions.

If your online dating is in good progress, it will certainly end up with arranging a meeting in real life.

Offline dating

Whatever successful your online communicating, how deep and strong your relationships with a single Russian woman will be like, in particular, depends on your socializing in real life. You can invite her to your country. In this case, make sure she can pay up the trip. Otherwise, you should be ready to set off to Russia yourself.

Keep in mind that offline dating has its own rules. They are not hard to follow:

  • Invite the woman to interesting places and exciting events like posh restaurants, fashion shows, movie or theater premieres, cafes with romantic vibes
  • Give bouquets of flowers, bottles of design perfume or just lovely souvenirs
  • Get to know your woman’s close relatives and friends if you are in her native city
  • Do not forget to appreciate her smart looks but try not to pile on the compliments
  • Talk over issues, particularly, those she is keen on.


In comparison with online dating, socializing in real life has relatively more obstacles. Some of them, for instance, cultural differences are quite easy to go through. However, some religious disagreements and the language barrier will require from both of you some efforts to make to overcome them.

If your desire to be together is serious, you will not give up on your mutual way to the happy ending of your dating whether it is on- or offline. In this case, you will surmount any obstacles even such seemingly complicated as a language barrier.


Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be a perfect man to draw the girl’s attention. It is a lot more important to you to be sincere, honest, thoughtful, and kind. If your intentions are indeed serious, you will succeed in winning a single Russian woman’s heart. The number of happy international marriages is growing what proves that everything is really possible even in the present controversial world.

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