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Most men, starting their way in seduction, pay too much attention to the result and their natural goals, which ultimately leads to a negative outcome. Of course, we all do not want to be in their place, but often make the same mistake when getting acquainted with a Russian lady.

So, you need to find a way that can protect you from this kind of mistakes. The most important thing you know is that it is not always can be applied. This way is flirting. Perhaps you think that you do not know how to flirt with a Russian girl? But after reading this article success will depend only on you.

The process of flirting is divided into two sections, each of which has its own specifics – it will be discussed in the future.

Verbal communication

The process of dating, flirting and communicating in reality occurs much earlier than we say the first word. The beginning of verbal dialogue gives us eye contact, energy exchange and just the way we behave in one or another situation.

To truly understand how to flirt with a girl, you need to be able to read the gestures and facial expressions of the interlocutor. All this will give you the opportunity to quickly navigate the situation and turn the conversation in the right direction, and sometimes you just do not waste your time in vain.

Build a right conversation with a Russian girl

Positive mood – you will understand this point and will consider that I mean your jokes, phrases which will cause positive mood in the girl.

But this is not so, even on the contrary. You will need to switch the focus of your attention from her to yourself. Make sure that you are happy with yourself, and your new Russian girlfriend will be happy too. Look what is happening around you, feel comfortable and have a positive mood afterwards. And that your inner positive is not lost – take care of compliance with the points listed below.

Enjoy the process – It is no longer news that in order to succeed in any business, you need to be fully involved in it and have fun in the process of execution, and not only when a positive result has come. But knowing this does not help.

The majority of the population on our planet continues to break their lives, doing what does not bring pleasure and vice versa. To you do not have such a dilemma; you need to understand yourself a little. Understand your goals, objectives and fears. Then you should uncompromisingly follow your plan.

Your next step is confidence

Confidence on the external level does not save you. Sooner or later the girl will see who you truly are. To maintain and nurture confidence, you need to challenge your fears, not to confront yourself, and lead a successful and exciting social life.

Observe eye contact – This is the foundation that most people miss from their arsenal when they first meet a Russian lady. Believe me, trusting your instincts while talking to a Russian girl and watching her carefully will help you see a lot of things and understand in what direction your conversation is developing.

When a verbal connection between you is established, you should think about how to flirt with a girl with the help of words. That is the reason for these two sections being equally important.

Just say, “Hi!”

Often guys think for a long time how to start a conversation and lose the opportunity to introduce themselves first to a Russian lady. There is a magic phrase that works in any case – “Hello!”. That is just how you get feedback on the basis of which it will be easier to understand how to continue the conversation.

Conversation skills will help you steal a Russian lady’s heart

Listen to her. Yes – most of men are so selfish that they do not know how to listen to the interlocutor. That is why you have to become one of the few who can be silent and give the opportunity to open up to the interlocutor. Ideally, you should speak less and ask more in order to show your interest in a Russian lady.

And most importantly – listen carefully, look at the behavior of your Russian girl, because it will be easier to find and understand your Russian woman and her reality where she lives.

Say a little bit more compliments

Everyone knows it and even do it. Nevertheless, the effectiveness is not all the same. What is the main secret? There are three of them. The first is sincerity, do not say a compliment if you think otherwise.

The second is the amount of compliments, learn to dose it. The third one is actuality, learn in advance that a pretty girl knows this, and underline some details of her appearance or behavior.

Instead of the result, you should always remember that flirting is to be practiced in everyday life at every opportunity. This will greatly increase your communication skills, confidence and success with the opposite sex.

Learn to listen

Yes, success in communication begins from the fact that you learn to listen and not to interrupt your future Russian bride. These are the key nuances that will later influence you and your ability to understand a person.

Besides the fact that listening carefully makes it much easier to understand what was said, the interlocutor will be flattered by your attention and respect. This very often brings attention and respect during your conversation in return.

Do not focus on yourself. If you try to talk only about yourself, it is likely to lead to a fail in any conversation and with any speaking partner, especially a Russian lady.

Therefore, do not boast for a long time, do not talk about your adventures, and do not embellish them. Ideally, the attention should be divided approximately equally, alternately paying a little more attention to you, than the interlocutor.

Advice on drawing a Russian woman’s attention

However, I hasten to warn you that this scheme does not always give the result. In this regard, it is always worth watching who is talking to you. After all, if the interlocutor is selfish, the ego can only be defeated by even greater egoism.

Positive energy

If you are a negative person, it is unlikely that people’s attention will be drawn to you and you will not be able to start dialogue with a Russian lady.

Moreover, the positive mood should come from you as often as possible and not only in your mood, but also in thinking. If you focus on what is happening around the pros and negate the minus, the effect will be the opposite.

In addition to positive, you must have enough of your own energy in order to be with the world. A passive person is unlikely to be able to attract enough bright moments in a life and make others around desire to be near you forever.

This figure is one of the main for all the leaders and those who are called the soul of the company. Do you think you will be able to start a family with a Russian bride if you do not radiate your positive energy? It is unlikely to happen this way.

But where do we get it? This will be discussed in part in the next paragraph.

Show more interest in what is happening around

Diversify your interests and hobbies to the maximum and see how new and bright changes will come into your life. Show interest in active sports and recreation.

You cannot differ from everyone else if are not interested in popular and new directions in technology, science, sports, life. This approach can help you stand out from the crowd.

In addition to your hobbies and interests, interest in the world, people, and what, how and where it happens. The main thing is not to become overly obsessive and start to get into someone’s personal space without permission. Although this caution should not stop you, so never be afraid to ask questions, be interested. Just do it sincerely.

Facial expressions, gestures, voice timbre

These are also very important indicators in communication. Work on them constantly, develop your own understanding, as well as learn to read the facial expressions of the interlocutor recognize the ego gestures and detect fluctuations in the voice. All this will make you a more skillful speaking partner and leave a favorable impression.

There are people who know how to successfully control all these processes from birth, but not the fact that you are among them. Therefore, do not be lazy to take the time to watch yourself, check your facial expressions and gestures, tone and timbre of voice. Find out how they correspond to what you really want to convey.

Constantly develop your skills

Now that you have learned how to become an interesting conversationalist, it is time for the last thing on the list, but not for the value of advice – apply this knowledge in practice.

Even if you read this article ten times a day, it will not help you to find your Russian lady. Your goal is to develop these skills as much as possible and only then you are likely to find your love of life.

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