Want a lady from Russia? Facts to know

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There is an opinion of men bringing Russian ladies from overseas, being assured having a Slavic wife is very economical. Actually, marrying a Russian woman entails fairly decent cash costs.

Before to start talking, we must admit some foreign men who fully agree with the above mentioned myth still exist. They like saying, ‘I want to marry a Russian, because they need a little, and know how to work at home.’

Let’s start with the fact that a man who wants to find a wife in Eastern Europe spend enough money on travel and meetings. Also, remember phone talks and correspondence fee.

Before looking for a potential bride in the former Soviet Union, wise men get acquainted with the history of this country, its culture, also inquiring about the living standards.

That is, they are well aware of how much it costs to a girl corresponding with him in relation to her salary. Besides, after marriage a lady from Russia will visit her relatives, make calls and send them money. Though it is not very big money (by Western standards), but still involves additional costs in your international family.


Here we come to the next step which is work. Arriving in a foreign country, a girl has no work. Thus, a husband is obliged providing for the family. Job search is one of the most difficult issues, since local women are given more preferences.

To get a good job, a Russian woman needs to learn the language. Besides, knowledge of the language is very important for a successful integration into the new society. This gives one an opportunity to participate in social and cultural activities, not feeling isolated, but enjoying life. Surely, over time a woman begins to work, taking responsibility for her personal expenses and part of those family ones. Though, the path to integration into a new society is rather long and difficult. This entails certain spiritual and material costs. The fact remains: a marriage to a Russian lady assumes cash expenditures, not included when you marry a girl from your country.

So, most foreign men who seek to find their soul mate in Eastern Europe are motivated completely different reasons, much more romantic ones, instead of being guided with the desire to save money.

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Be sure to weigh all pros and cons, and start searching for your Russian soulmate. Browse through a catalogue of beautiful ladies of Russia, give yourself a chance of having a real family. Nobody is perfect, as you know, though only the brave deserve the fair.

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