Looking for a Russian wife: tips for men

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Finding a wife is not easy, oddly enough, the mind plays an important role here. If you like slim women, avoid being limited solely to lean girls. Most Russian ladies (especially young) are going crazy feeling overweight. Calling themselves as medium are often lean women, while the word of ‘slender’ is rather used by anorexic patients, who are in the need of a doctor, rather than a husband. This is especially useful when the number of prospective partners is very low.

Making a request for a Russian girl search

The most common cause of poor search results are the inability (unwillingness) to think logically and a sort of infantilism. There’s no telepathy here! Proper search algorithm involves full compliance of the data with the requests from potential partners.

In case the number of found partners is high, then browse through the requirements you come down on potential brides; first, check the places where you answered ‘any’, ‘does not matter’ etc. It’s hard to believe someone remains indifferent to a partner’s age, height and physique. Respect yourself and your potential bride of Russia, when choosing a photo and writing the ad or a letter. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting a reply. It’s like a first date, you know. If you show no interest towards a girl, as well as the things she is looking for and appreciates, no continuation will follow.

Do not look for your mom. Maybe your character needs a very different kind of woman. Do not look for a housewife: if a Russian lady falls in love with you, she’ll quickly learn doing what you like at home, much better than your mom ever did. For men, moms are often a serious danger! Remember, you are no longer a little boy, but a grown-up man, so behave in a proper manner.

Over the years of our dating agency existence, only one woman was looking for a ‘son’, instead of a man, to implement her maternal instincts. Other girls of Russia are looking for real men. Avoid complaining and ‘crying’ in your dating profile. Maybe it’s time for you to visit a psychologist, sorting own problems out, since most of the problems we create on our own.

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Try to look at your image, dreams, desires, preferences, advantages and disadvantages as if from aside; be objective and even critical. Think about the meaning of life. Can living with you make someone happy? Life is not a fairy tale. The result is primarily dependent on you, and secondarily – from the Lord God, who gave us freedom. Happiness and loneliness also depend on us. Just think about your life and make the right choice.

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