What is the secret of Russian brides?

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Well, let’s think about the way these Russian ladies dazzle foreigners? It’s not about those bloody-minded who dream of bringing a humble slave in the house. We are talking about normal average foreign men that register on dating sites and pay marriage agencies a decent amount of money to find a Russian wife.

If parents of a potential groom or he emigrated to the West, his desire to start a family with a woman from Russia is quite understandable. A Russian-speaking foreigner wants to have a soul mate that is close in spirit. Besides, in such marriage children will speak 2 languages: Russian (like mom and dad) and the language of the host country. You know, preservation of ethnic roots is an important aspect of a human life.

Another advantage of Slavic women is their domesticity. Historically, a good Russian wife is used to cook tasty food for her husband, taking care of his clothes and home comfort. Well, what does an average American lady do when coming back home from work? That’s right, she just quickly warms up semis, asks a husband making some salad, and then decides who washes the dishes this day (or rather, puts the plates in the dishwasher). And it is quite logical: they both worked, they are both tired. What about a Russian wife? She sets the table, puts freshly-cooked meals on it, treats the housefather with the best pieces, irons his shirt for tomorrow’s day and feels happy if a husband takes the trash out. Quite a difference, isn’t it?

Well, semis are justly considered bachelor’s food; that is a caring wife will never allow her husband eating prepared meals and dishes. Men of West feel happy being treated with hot, wholesome food, as well as live in comfort.

Russian brides are sincerely interested to marry a foreigner. Statistics says in Russia boys are born more frequently than girls, though the difference is being subsequently smoothed out, going to the opposite direction.

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Youth and desire to have children is a distinctive feature of a Slavic girl. For them, marriage without a child is something unnatural and unstable. As to Western women, they are used to take pills even being married to a good husband for long years. Unwillingness to have a child is explained with the fact they just want to live independently, travel, enjoying the current state and flawless figure. Well, husband has nothing to do but wait until his spouse’s biological clock reaches the limit when she’s ready to have a kid.

Besides, meet bride of Russia are very flexible. They are capable of adjusting to many things: routine of everyday life, bad boyfriend, foreign culture, husband’s religion. These girls know how to sincerely love a man for his advantages, not thinking of weak points.

Slavic girls are as if configured to searching for a compromise. If she’s not agreeing with something in her family life, no immediate filing for divorce follows. First, a wife tries finding out the causes of non-communication, doing her best to solve the issue. At long last, only those couples able to struggle against difficulties succeed in a family life.

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