What are Russian brides looking for: love or a better life?

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Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. The proverb is the best to describe a Western mans desire to find a Russian wife. Just like butterflies, they are flying to the light. Though, failing to win a girl’s heart, men often spread rather shameful rumors about Russian girls, ignoring own shortcomings and being focused on the opinion modest financial situation is the cause for a bad affair. That is why foreign single men believe Slavic women are searching not for love, but a better life: prosperity, economically and socially positive country of residence, a nice home for future children.

Demographic reason

Actually, in Russia they just lack men. If a girl somehow ‘hesitates’, being focused on studying or career, then, looking back after 5 years, she realizes all decent men are already married, carefully guarded by watchful wives. As to the age factor, the issue is even sadder. Bad habits, alcohol abuse, lack of a culture of maintaining physical fitness and poor diet lead to serious diseases, disability and high mortality among men of marriageable age. As a result, a tenth of girls get out of the running. So, looking for a man abroad to create a family becomes quite reasonable solution. Where to live – in Russia or in the husband’s homeland – this is a secondary issue, approached individually.

As a rule, dating sites have their own happy stories, in which a foreign husband comes to live in the country of his wife. Is it possible then to say that absolutely all Russian women are just looking for a chance of leaving their native country?

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Quality reason

Spoiled with the abundance of beautiful women around, many Russian men ignore their duty to care for, pamper and nurture a girl. In turn, ladies want being fragile and defenseless, huddling up to a man’s strong shoulder, and sometimes even get coffee with biscuits in bed. Well, culture of sex and intimacy remain rather on a low level here. In the USSR, they ‘had no sex’ (as stated), and things not seem getting improved too much. An average 50-year-old Russian man hardly can boast of good health condition. As to a 50-year-old European, he looks good physically and mentally, feeling himself younger.

Economic and social reason

In most European countries, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the standard of living is markedly different from that in Russia. Common sense prevents from being reconciled with the poor wages and permanent lack of conveniences. Searching for a better life for oneself and own children is an absolutely normal human desire.

Russian women are no exception. They have a right to lead a happy and prosperous life. Down-to-earth Slavic girls are not looking for wealthy men, but those having a good skill of making the pot boil, the one that is willing to invest in his family, take care of it and become its leader.

Searching for a husband abroad are the women that understand a new country is a good chance to use own abilities and have a fresh start.

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