Choosing a dating site: tips

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The choice of an online dating site always resembles a sort lottery. After all, even the site with the largest base of female profiles and potential brides may not offer a soulmate to match you. Some sites may suddenly require going for paid services. And they will do everything possible to get you paid. How to choose a good website among a huge variety of online matchmakers?

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To begin with, let’s see what international dating sites are. As such, online dating agencies are not divided into male and female directories. Traditionally, we deal with the international websites with a lot of girls’ profiles; hence one’s chances to meet a future wife are increasing. Though, it’s quite possible that you won’t meet a match in this huge choice. So, avoid being focused only on the number of profiles (surely, if it is not measured in tens or hundreds). Even if you register on dating site with a hundred of female profiles, it is possible that your profile gets to the database of a large international marriage agency, since some sites merge databases. Attention: there are websites that steal each other’s profiles. Sometimes it is beneficial. Though, you’d better stay away.

Free, paid, partially paid. Real and fictitious. Free and paid sites are clear. You either pay money for access to the database of brides, or enjoy free services. Partially paid dating sites are somewhere in between. Registration on such sites is mostly free, though some additional features and options are fee-based. This can have the access to VIP-girls, profile update, an option to add more photos. There are sites that are free for women, but paid for men. Charges may be applied both for membership (N $ a month) and every sent email or a girl’s contact information.

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Note, dating industry is a business; and like any business, it requires investment. If the site is completely free (database, all the functions, no fee-based services are offered to both parties, no advertising is involved), respectively, it generates little income. As a conclusion, owners of the website have no funds to develop the directory. Therefore, free dating sites often reveal themselves to be of poor quality.

Be careful! There are sites that fool their customers, requiring you to go for paid services almost immediately after free registration. And they will do everything possible to make you pay.

On these sites, you may even get a few letters from some non-existent girls. You will spend your time and nerves, being disappointed in the end. If you registered on an online dating site, and no letters are received within three weeks, just delete your photo and profile. Free matchmakers are only for those having a good experience of online dating, capable of recognizing a scammer with the first letters.

So, given the above, let’s summarize. What online agency is considered trustful? It is a website with a large database of potential brides, ample opportunities for search and communication, which successfully eliminates and blocks scammers’ profiles and provides good support to help customers.

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