How to find a Russian bride and avoid fraud?

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It’s no secret that Russian girls are very attractive. In addition to external beauty, they possess special spiritual qualities that make them desirable brides. That is why men from around the world are increasingly thinking of finding a Russian bride, bringing her to own country, marry her and start a family with kids. Online stories of Slavic girls happily marrying foreign men are excellent evidence to the fact.

Over time, when the cases of fraud became too frequent, the Web launched special forums for men to warn each other of fake girls. From the USA, scammers safely switched to other economically developed countries; well, the country to get the money from is rather optional, you see. As a result, many currently are just afraid of dating online, unwilling to be haunted by the scammers.

If you are among those men that have not yet been disappointed in the Internet as a source of useful and sometimes crucial acquaintances, then you definitely need to know some things about scammers.

1. In most cases, scammers use the pictures of very beautiful girls; mostly blue-eyed blondes, with a typical Slavic face. You know, this is exactly what attracts Western bachelors.

2. Scammers do not bother studying foreign languages; instead, they usually prepare the templates (12-13 pieces), which they process through some translation software and send to potential victims.

3. After a couple of letters, she is already talking about kinship. With each letter, she says you are closer and closer to her; the letters sound very sensual, emotional, and you feel she’s sincere … By the 7th-8th letter, she’s already madly in love with you, eager to see her soulmate…

4. Further, the script can be played in different ways. Anyway, you are certainly asked for money, most likely to buy a ticket. Surely, with a guarantee of return. Though, everything will be done so skillfully that you might offer the girl paying for her trip. Well, here the process seems to end. You either send money or not, in any way, the correspondence is stopped then. Men in the Western countries become smarter, so few agree sending money to a virtual stranger.

To summarize, let’s cite a set of rules to follow, when you are looking for a Russian bride online:

– be cautious, if a fashion model writes you via a dating site, especially if she asks for your personal mail for further correspondence;

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– avoid engaging into self-deception; if a girl (after a few letters) says she’s crazy about you, and you are the one she’s been waiting for all her life. Let this be the reason for the second alarm bell;

– do not send money, even if you are told about a bank account of some official agency;

– ignore any other requests, even innocent. Do not give a girl your real address or send copies of your documents.

In a search of your soulmate, just stick to these simple rules, and then you are to surely find your true Russian bride online. Happy family is worth the pain, you see.

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