The truth about dating sites: popular myths

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The topic of online dating caused a lot of articles being written. Reading them, you start believing the Internet offers nothing but bitter disappointment, instead of happy moments of communication. Our team tried to prepare a fresh-to-date overview of naive misconceptions related to online dating, as well as dispel the myths.

Myth 1. Internet is a bad assistant to search for love.

In fact, the Internet helps many people overcoming shyness and timidity. Rather interesting man fails getting acquainted with a girl in a cafe. In the Web, he will feel much easier striking up a conversation.

Myth 2. Online dating is only for those girls deprived of male attention in real life.

Well, visiting online dating sites in no way implies that a girl is deprived of attention. It only means she chooses taking full advantage of modern technological possibilities: expanding the horizons in order to meet people who are in the hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from her.

Myth 3. Matchmakers are designed not for serious-minded people.

In this situation, it all depends on the purpose for which a person comes to a dating site. There are people not aimed to establish a new relationship. They are just looking for communication, support, understanding, though not seeking a relationship as such. This can be seen in the way a girl responds to your messages, tells about herself, about her past. Typically, such girls avoid personal topics, choosing rather empty, casual conversations.

Myth 4. Online dating is for losers.

As to the contingent of people seeking for a bride/husband through the intermediaries (matchmaker, marriage agency or a dating site), it surely includes some inadequate personalities, though, agree, in everyday life you also have high chances of meeting them. Most of the inhabitants of matchmakers are people that are mentally and physically stable; how serious their intentions are? It’s is a different story.

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Myth 5. Internet marriages are short-lived.

Unfortunately, divorce statistics shows the today’s society tends to ignore the institution of marriage. No matter the couple got acquainted in a social network or at a mutual friend’s birthday. These days, young people marry in a hasty and rash manner. Mature people also possess some share of romantic adventure. Therefore, concluding a marriage that results from Internet dating is less durable is rather not rational.

Myth 6. Building a relationship online is difficult.

There is no formula, adhering to which one can achieve harmony and understanding. Though, as they say, love, passion and feelings know no obstacles. Yes, a long-distance relationship is hard to be maintained (no feeling of intimacy is present). Otherwise, modern technology allows both texting, seeing and hearing each other. Besides, oppression disappears here (which is a definite plus), with people becoming more open. Remember, getting acquainted over the Internet, you have nothing to lose. So, why missing a chance of finding true love?

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