5 steps to successful online dating

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How do you usually get acquainted with women? How to define is she the right one for you? With online dating, you hardly rely on your intuitive reaction. Therefore, the issue should be approached seriously and rationally.

1. Decide on your own desires and requirements

Try to clearly understand what you want from your relationship with a woman. Prioritize and decide on the main criterion for selection; think about what you are ready to give up for, accepting compromises.

2. Think about what your potential Russian bride wants

Once you decide on the requirements, use your imagination trying to imagine a ‘portrait’ of your dream girl. Just like you, she is not seeking to give but obtain something from a close relationship. What are you willing to offer her in return, and what you want to get for yourself? If you feel a girl’s desires and tastes being unreal, go back to the first point, try to soften your own demands imagining another kind of woman – with less stringent criteria for choosing a life partner.

3. Create a virtual image of yourself

Creating a virtual image, try to keep it intact. Photos and answers in the profile should not be contradicting each other, but maintaining a single idea and concept. Avoid flaunting all your facets at once. Variety on a distance rather disorientates and alarms, you know. It’s better for her to learn your virtues in real life, at least, in the course of an already established correspondence. Mind about ace in the hole.

4. Be active and initiative with Russian girls

So you’ve thought your image over, made good photos, and filled in an online profile. It would seem the process is running, with you only have to expect the results. This is the biggest mistake men do when trying to find a girl via the Internet. A dating agency offers thousands of profiles; so, waiting for Russian girls to notice and pay attention to you may take years. And that might not be precisely those girls you would like to meet to. Browse through online profiles more often, since the database of Russian girls is being constantly replenished. Another tip: do not force girls to wait, regularly check your mail and try to respond to girls’ letters and messages as quickly as possible.

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5. Hold your ground

Searching for the one and only involves a serious and purposeful working process. Internet is not a lottery or some magic country where your wishes come true by themselves, but only an opportunity to expand your search from a narrow range of direct contacts to the level of global proportions.

Fortune favors those persistent. Get acquainted, write letters, talk and meet. More contacts – more chances. Suffer a set-back? Weeks and months are passing by, and you receive no letters? So, you made a mistake at some point. Read our recommendations from the beginning. Perhaps you sent your charm to wrong girls or chose the wrong image. Have trouble dating online? Then try the other way. This is the basic principle of success in any business.

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