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It might sound weird but this is true – there are scammers on dating service that make the process of dating a little bit complicated as it shouldn’t be. First of all, my story started classically – I decided to create a family. But my decision was spontaneous and disappeared very quickly. In my opinion, meeting with the person in real life is the best option – you become closer, you communicate and you see each other every day which makes it possible to enter the new relationship level. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the opportunity to find that one with whom I could have done all these things so I went online in order to somehow find a piece of advice and help of other people. According to the experience of some no more single men from my country they successfully managed to create a family with Russian ladies using online dating services. After a few days of thinking of such unreal way of finding a wife, I decided to try it by myself and created my own account on the one of the most reliable dating services. Luckily, there were lots of different single Slavic ladies from Russia that came there with the same life goal as mine. But later on, I had a not very pleasant experience as I found out about Russian date scams.

When I set up my profile I went to search engines that offered me plenty of characteristics that could potentially determine my future wife. So I chose some of them that, in my opinion, my future half would have had and managed to find a few such ladies. I was happy to contact them but I also noticed weird behaving of one of my interlocutors that tried to:

• Find out more about my personal life from the very first letters.

• Tell me that was a love at first sight which sounded totally unnaturally and questionable.

• Take a hint she liked my country very much and had a big dream to visit it soon.

• Ask me for my status, things that I have and other stuff that could show and prove my financial status.

• Ask me about my job.

According to my own experience, I found out the way to how to avoid Russian scammers. First thing is more psychological – you don’t have to trust to them, even if they start making compliments or saying good things about you in general. I think that dating with a real girl should take some time and it doesn’t happen very quickly so the facts about our personal lives usually reveal a lot later which I didn’t notice whilst having short conversations with ladies scams.

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All in all, whilst dating on you should believe in good things. In order to make sure the online service you are going to use won’t have a lot of fake accounts and Russian scams, pay attention at:

• Having verification process that is followed by detailed checking of the user that made a request to create a personal account.

• Live support. Due to having online live 24/7 support I could always send a message and warn system that there was a scam.

• Trust level. Whilst seeking for a match on I noticed that all the girls always had a trust level label on their accounts. What does that mean? It means that the lady provided her personal documents and information that prove she is real that is later being saved in the marriage agency.

Video chat. There are lots of professionally made photos on the profile of each woman. But the question is, are they real or not? This is easy to check due to having video chat as one of the best online dating additional services. Ask your woman for webcam conversation and you will see if she is a scam or not.

Due to having lots of useful articles on system I managed to get lots of experience about the scams and how to avoid them. In that way, I managed to find the real girl with whom I would like to make a solid and happy marriage.

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