Happy marriage is your goal? Internet dating helps

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With online dating, a chance to create a strong family is considerably higher, as scientists say.

Internet dating often leads to a strong and happy marriage, believe the authors of the new study, published in the United States. According to statistics, a partner, who was found in the web, is older, wealthier and better educated than the one you meet through friends, at work or in the club.

The study authors analyzed data, which were obtained after polling 19,000 people who married during the period from 2005 to 2012. Having met their half on the Internet, 35% of respondents (a giant figure) surprised experts. Though, only 45% of the meetings occured due to dating sites: potential spouses successfully met on the pages of social networks, blogs and forums, as well as online games.

Surprisingly, psychologist found the marriages concluded as a result of online dating can be considered more efficient.

Scientists note, at the time of the survey only 6% of marriages concluded after dating online broke. For family units which partners entered after traditional dating, the figure was 8%. Besides, researchers mark higher marital satisfaction, which is measured on a seven-point scale. For the couples that married after meeting on the Web, the figure is 5.6, for other families – 5.5. The research was funded by the company owning an online matchmaking service. Maintaining it were independent experts, including psychologists from the University and School of Public Health.

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Though, some experts criticized the methodology applied in conducting the research. Thus, a psychologist from the Northwestern University believes the error due to the nature of Internet surveys can exceed the real difference in the target data. The scientist points out to the fact that 19 thousand profiles were analyzed, while about twice as many people simply did not fill the questionnaire to the end. Perhaps those going all the way are more patient by nature. Though, does this fact make them more patient in marriage too?

Experts say the Internet dating services and social networks lead to the revolutionary changes in the way people live. In social networks, the issue with the exchange of services is practically resolved.

Social networking and dating agencies may actually serve as a platform for the formation of economy complexes. These are the innovations that are taking place here and , featuring a revolutionary character.

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