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I always liked the beauty and personality of Slavic women which, in my opinion, make them the priceless women in the whole world. They are good mothers and don’t let the bad things to happen and destroy the family and people they love the most. The Slavic girl always knows about her role and responsibilities in the family. When I first met such lady on a vacation in Europe I found out that these women are very romantic and beautiful. When I got back to my country I decided to date such girl but didn’t even think about making a family. But the personality of the lady I was dating before proposing changed me and made me think about creating my own family. So I started searching for a service that could potentially help me to find my love. After days of making researches, I stopped my selection on – I was sure I could find hot Slavic women there.

The first thing I noticed was the perfect design that I liked. Personally, I’m not a big fan of heavy websites that are loading very slowly due to having lots of details that are not necessary. I also managed to find lots of pictures of single women from Slavic countries but I couldn’t see all of them because I still hadn’t had my personal account there. After doing that and becoming a proper member I found lots of useful articles on the pages of dating website. Mostly, they were about dating Slavic women and having romantic relationships with them. I decided to read them in order to know better about the culture of my future wife. However, even having different mentalities and languages I and my Slavic girlfriend were able to have proper communication due to having the help of a professional translator.

Another thing I heard about Slavic women and experienced that by myself was that they don’t have any problems with moving to another country even if they know they need to learn the completely new language. In my personal opinion, they are quick and good learners.

When it comes to communicating process I personally was a big fan of next services such as:

• Video chat. This was one of my favorite ways of online communicating with the lady I liked the most at the very beginning of my online dating journey. Video chat works very simple as it is similar to using Skype. For being able to have proper chat I had to enable audio and go to the settings of my web camera in order to turn it on. Also, I had to use microphone and a pair of comfy headphones. This feature proves that dating foreign girl can easily go online.

• Live chat – exchanging messages online. For those who love writing long letters online, there is an ordinary live chat that also allows people to send different media files as well as smiles and voice messages. It is also a pleasure to know that there is a storage space where all the media files are being saved and no longer revealed to the public or other resources.

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Among having these features and I was able to test another one – the organization of real date. I came to the country of my wife in order to spend with her some time before we actually made a decision to create a family. Due to the professionals working on I managed to have proper romantic dinner and enjoyed the atmosphere of the event, filled up with live music and delicious Slavic cuisine.

I made a propose and my Slavic girl agreed to marry me. With the help of dating agency, I and my girl got the best assistance in order to solve some questions about visa and other important documents that are necessary for immigrants in my country. It didn’t take very long and within some time our wedding was organized. In my opinion, having date online is really a big experience that helped me and changed my life view on a lot of things.

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