Perfect virtual date: 5 rules

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People develop a widespread belief that the Internet affair has low chances of becoming a serious relationship. You know, the choice is too wide, making one feeling dizzy.

There are cases when a person maintains simultaneously ten virtual affairs, dating about five of the candidates, carefully distributing them by day of the week, with each girlfriend considering herself the only one.

Well, even if an online affair with a Russian lady fails resulting in a marriage, you will definitely get your portion of pleasure. In case you walk the right, beaten path of a perfect virtual date.

The truth and nothing but the truth

Online dating a sort of encourages the ‘bird flirting its tail’, so to speak, on both sides of the monitor. Try to tell only the truth. You know, eventually you will have to refute the stories you told before.

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Funny pictures

Photos are the same story. Let your portfolio featuring only the best photos; though, avoid Photoshop. By the way, uploading too candid shots is rather a mauvais ton. Otherwise, be ready to obscene ‘attacks’.

The starting point

So, where a conversation should be started? Optimally, use common themes, not ‘pressing’ your Russian girl with the mental power of your specific education. Even a short dialogue is enough to see how interesting your virtual date is. To keep the conversation going, better not ask questions that can be answered in a short manner. Inquire about things that help a man learning a girl, thus supporting an online chat. Most winning topics are hobbies, recreation, and children’s experiences. Note: politics, fishing, football, ex-girlfriends or sex are better related to taboos.

The longest way round is the shortest way home

Do not reveal all your cards at once. Your Russian acquaintance rather should not learn everything about you from the first dialogue. Remember: women like puzzles. Try to intrigue your virtual date; show intelligence, a sense of humor and rich erudition. Avoid banalities, cant phrases and too much smiley symbols.

Final chord

Avoid drawing the conversation out to a great length, until you start moving to one-word banalities. How long an online date should last? Well, the first date should not last for more than one hour. Actually, you’ll probably feel when to say ‘see you’ and arrange a new date.

The main plus the Internet dating gives you is confidentiality. Those wishing to get acquainted with Russian ladies feel protected: in case the session is non-successful, or the conversation takes an unpleasant turn, it can simply be terminated.

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