Legitimate Russian Dating Sites and their Specific Features

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Online international communication becoming so popular, legitimate Russian dating sites are much-needed. They give a good chance of finding a wonderful Russian girl to marry. Slavic ladies are admired all over the world, and of course, foreigners from both the East and the West are looking for a way of communicating with them. The platforms mentioned give a plenty of amenities to do this. What site is legit, easy to use and really helpful in matching the one? Let’s see.

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A Legit Russian Dating Site and its Essence

There are a lot of Internet groups, organizing dating platforms in different countries around the world. Every site has its own ethnic focus to provide the better searching for the beloved. As a rule, legitimate Russian dating sites are mostly devoted to Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians and other girls from the post-Soviet territory.

“The Russian ladies have a particular combination of tenderness, strength, and grace, passion, and restraint, which makes them interesting and never banal.” Gianfranco Ferre

The platforms usually rank high thanks to their services being customer-centric. They provide a complex of options making the process of introducing and communicating quite comfy, delightful and, what is the most important, effective and successful. Good proving to their excellent quality are numerous feedbacks of happy couples.

If there are about a million of real Russian singles able to suit any taste, be sure the site is successful. It is also desirable when any moment about 1,000-2,000 of users occur to be online, ready to chat. An amazing dating system lets a person start communication at the site, continue it via any app and then mix offline. A common way of relation development is mentioned, as you see.

Legitimate Russian Dating Sites: Registering and Using

To begin surfing any platform it is necessary to sign up. Keep away from dating sites offering acquaintances without registration.

Signing up

While registering at the service you are to specify 4 issues – your name, gender, age and e-mail – and think up a password, at least. Other details may be added later when filling up the profile. Isn’t it really amazing if the process takes no more than a couple of minutes to begin putting your dream into life?

Of course, it is. Anyone wishes it to be quite short and convenient. Putting your photo into the profile is not obligatory, but it is sure to improve your chances of getting acquainted with a Russian Woman in 10 times practically.

Exploring Profiles

The registration being finished, you are to get a list of recommended potential partners, based on the location and age you have given. Truly speaking, the matching script does not always work perfectly so you are to have an option of improving it.

It is recommended that one may look through accounts’ photos even without paying for a membership. By the way, no nude bodies should be found at a good legit Russian dating site according to the media policy. Many tempting top-less or scantily dressed girls being depicted at the web-page, be sure that it is not a common dating one, but offering some illegal services.

Russian Ladies Prefer Legit Sites

A Russian woman’s profile usually includes rather detailed information about appearance, interests and aims of relations, and may be changed in the course of time if needed.

Besides, one more thing is sure to guarantee a user’s safety. It is a special verification, given to a person for proving his identity with documentary evidence. Some well-reputed online dating systems provide user’s security of this kind.

Before choosing a woman’s profile for a detailed examination just fill up your form with as much details as possible. This issue is sure to make the process of searching a soul mate easier, more pleasant and time-saving.


As a rule, without membership a person may start communication in a quite restricted way, if available. It must be underlined that paying for communication services are almost obligatory for the dating system can employ a service team, responsible for user security and such-like stuff.

 “An important part of dating is communicating. We communicate by sharing our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We enjoy being with someone when we have an easy time communicating or when we have a lot to talk about.” John Bytheway

If ordering a membership you may get a good set of features, for example, free of adds interface, a video chat, a possibility of sending a message to anyone you like, an anonymous use of the platform and whatnot. This selection varies, depending on the site policy.


Legitimate Russian dating sources offers different prices, but, in fact, they are not so huge, especially for a safe and comfortable surfing. You may pay with a bank transfer, online and offline as well, PayPal, credit card or even cash. In addition, the membership may be renewed automatically. If you don’t want to extend the time of using it, just change the settings of your profile.

Membership is really Important

When choosing a site, take into consideration its refund policy. It must be well-defined and transparent. The best case is if:

  • All your fees are depicted
  • No additional payments are demanded (except the membership)

Scamming platforms make users plank down for every activity – sending a message or a virtual gift, having a chat and what not. Remember that such-like PPL-scheme systems often happen to be illegal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Legitimate Russian Dating Sites

A good legitimate dating site is sure to provide excellent international communication with chats, video-calls, e-mails and other stuff. Among all the amenities the following should be mentioned.

  • A user-friendly interface
  • A quick registration
  • Very detailed profiles
  • A matching system
  • Different tags and filters in matching
  • A translation service
  • Chats and video-calls

Besides, there must be well-defined terms of use and a site policy, protecting users from scams and other nuisance. The contact page should also have a physical address of the agency.

It stands to reason that everything has slight drawbacks, and dating platform has them as well.

  • No IOS or Android app
  • Limited sessions/constant relogging
  • Wide communication only for members

But, anyway, all these shortcomings become meaningless if to take into consideration user safety.

Safety and Anti-scam

Therefore a naturally-determined question appears. What is able to guarantee users’ security? According to the policy driven by online dating networks it must be the following. All the data presented in profiles are strongly kept from running into the third hand.

Moreover, it is important to make as many as possible Russian women presenting their profiles go through verification. Those who are identified successfully get some special verifying tag. Just this mark is sure to make a lady’s profile more trustworthy and increase user’s interest towards the female.

Be Secure at Legitimate Sites

A Final Word

By giving an all-round review of a legitimate Russian dating site we wish to introduce a perfect resource for getting acquainted with Slavic ladies. If your desire is to create a family with some Russian or Eastern-European female, join the chosen web-platform.

Just remember that it will be quite safer to think over a strong password and not to give your personal data like an address or a phone number. If you feel anybody acting in a scam-like way, connect the support team and stop intermingling with that user. Do not send any money to a person you haven’t seen ever.

Keeping these simple rules you will get a great pleasure of positive and exciting communication with your potential Russian soul mate.

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