Pictures of Russian women on dating websites: are they true or fake?

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The popularity of international dating websites is understandable. Due to the Internet, nowadays, men and women have far more opportunities to find their dream husband, bride, wife or just friend. Girls and guys post their best photos in their profiles to attract the opposite sex’s attention.

Overseas men get often fascinated by the beauty of Russian women they usually see in their dating sites’ profiles. In comparison with their European or American counterparts, they indeed frequently look a lot more attractive and natural. Therefore, foreign men sometimes try to find out whether the pictures of Russian women are genuine or just fake.

Photos of Russian celebrities

Female celebrities from Russia

It is no secret that famous women from Russia are often renowned for not only their achievements in various spheres of life but also their attractive looks. First of all, it concerns golfers, tennis players, gymnasts, figure skaters, fashion models, and less frequently movie actresses.

The gossip about Russian celebrities find their audience worldwide. Overseas guys have long appreciated the natural beauty of famous female models and athletes from that huge country. The names of some of them familiar to men on all continents:

  • Darya Klishina
  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Anna Kurnikova
  • Viki Odintsova
  • Natasha Polevstchikova
  • Anastasia Shubskaya
  • Sasha Pivovarova
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Sasha Luss
  • Alena Alekhina, etc.

Attractiveness of Russian celebrities encourages foreign men to look for female soulmates from that country in the hope that they look as beautiful as their world-famous compatriots.

Advice to overseas men: While in your search for Russian beauty, try to pay more attention to women’s personal qualities, otherwise you run the risk of getting disappointed quite soon.

Pictures of women in their profiles

Photos of women from Russia online

Nowadays, girls increasingly sign up for international dating websites. The very first step that is required from them to fill out their profiles. Women indicate their age and birthplace, describe their interests and desires in detail.

They also put their profile photos. Of course, each woman whatever her age wants to look attractive in her pictures. Most of the gals are truly gorgeous as in their photos as in real life. However, men can sometimes come across pictures that they hardly find genuine.

Fake pictures

Fake photos of women from Russia

Counterfeit pictures of Russian women vary in types. It usually depends on the girls’ aims. Some gals just want to look a bit more attractive and get their images photoshopped. It’s a kind of mild deception. Due to professional photographers, they try to get rid of freckles, pimples or unpleasant spots.

Middle-aged women ask specialists to remove their wrinkles, particularly, laughter lines. It is quite easy to expose photoshop, men only need to ask girls to talk with them through Skype or a video camera. The continuation of relationships depends on the woman’s behavior, in particular, her explanations.

Advice: Men should be wary of heartless fraud when girls use pictures of very beautiful women posted on the Internet.

Although these days, there is an incredible array of ways how to steal other women’s photos and manage to take credit for them, guys can easily find out whether the image is fake if they make efforts. Seasoned male daters often share their experience of how to succeed in that:

  • Use reverse image search elaborated for Google; thanks to this high-end service, you can fast find related images from the Internet
  • Look into pictures attentively and pay attention to the background; if you see only something blurred or slurred, you’d better put you on the alert
  • Too bright images, unnatural colors or provoking postures should also put you on your guard.

The list of helpful tips can be continued. Apart from these three ways to make out fake pictures of Russian women and not only theirs, men can use some other methods. However, they have an indirect bearing upon this issue and this article tells you about them a bit later.

True pictures

True photos of women from Russia

Most women post their own pictures in their dating sites’ profiles. They don’t try to get the images photoshopped as men can easily find it out. Gals with serious intentions try to be natural in everything. They also post their true photos without the slightest desire to use somebody else’s images.

Men can easily distinguish true pictures of women from Russia. There are three main criteria available:

  • The images don’t have even the tiniest features of photoshopping
  • The background is always clear; it could be apartment furniture or equipment, nature, houses, other people, some events
  • The absence of too bright colors
  • An easy posture.

Honest girls, most commonly, post many photos in their profiles. If men see only one picture, they should ask the female dater they communicate with at least three or four more.

Why do women use fake photos?

Women who can be characterized as scammers use plenty of ways to get around gullible men. One of them is the use of fake pictures. The fraudsters usually browse the world wide web for finding photos of unknown attractive gals.

Sometimes, they even use other girls’ profile pictures copied from their social media accounts. Such cases are occasionally fixed by the moderators of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like.

The goals women put themselves are fairly different:

  • To attract attention of as many credulous men as possible so that the woman can later swindle some money out of at least one or two of them
  • To convince well-off overseas men to help them by sending some amount of money on women’s bank accounts
  • To try to make the man believe fast that the girl has fallen in love with him and wants to meet up, but she is short of money for the trip to his country and needs some financial support.

As a rule, fakers’ aims almost always turn on money. Therefore, overseas men should avoid conversations about financial issues. If the woman keeps chatting about money, you would rather give up your online communication with her.

Are men’s pictures true or fake?

True photos of guys

The majority of dating sites’ users are, most commonly, women. Yet men with serious intentions often seem a lot more active than the fair sex. Fakers are not common among them. That is given that guys tend to post true photos of theirs.

There are different reasons for explaining the fact that most fakers and fraudsters are women. Men who are in search of money are a lot less common than girls on dating websites. Guys’ aims are also rather different. They are willing to find:

  • A girlfriend to go out with
  • A future wife or at least a bride
  • A soulmate to get inspired for romantic dates
  • A partner to have sex
  • A date to start serious relationships.

Their goals require from men to be open. Therefore, they need to have true pictures in their profiles to succeed in their goals.

Some extra advice to men

Seasoned online male daters give some helpful tips on not only how to make out fake pictures of Russian women but also how to evade encountering fraudsters. These two issues are bound up with each other. Therefore, men who sign up for dating websites should follow some common rules:

  • Check out the authenticity of pictures as well as information of female profiles
  • Sing up only for international legitimate dating websites
  • Give only facts about yourself and post your genuine photos
  • Try not to overdo with checking and staying wary
  • If you face somebody’s suspicious behavior, you had better report it to the site administration.

Keep in mind that some honest women are also afraid of coming across scamming or fake pictures. Therefore, their conduct during online dating can seem suspicious to you because of excessive but feasible circumspection. Heart-to-heart talk can successfully help you both to solve this problem.

Reputable dating sites

Whatever the precautions, the most important way to avoid unpleasant issues and troubles is to be a dater on a reliable website. Therefore, it is indeed necessary to know the basic criteria of a reputable dating web portal:

  • Paid major services along with free of charge basic ways to communicate
  • Many options for contacting, getting acquainted, and swapping information with female daters
  • The process of verification is used for all female members
  • The support team is always ready to give hand and solve any issues that occasionally happen
  • Positive feedbacks posted on other websites devoted to the relationships between women and men.

Signing up for a legitimate site considerably increases men’s chances to evade unpleasant problems whatever they concern and to succeed in their quest for marriage, love, family or romance.


Fake photos are spread not only on dating sites. It’s a common issue for a variety of web resources. Yet it is not as dangerous as it can seem at first glimpse. If you follow some rules and advice given above, you will easily distinguish forged pictures and avoid encountering fraudulence as well.

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