Practical advice for first 10 dates with a Russian girl

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As we know, the first impression is the most significant, especially if you plan to develop relationship further. Moreover, it does not last long. It is important every detail: how you are dressed, your behaviour, topics you will cover in conversation, location and so on. The first date will be successful if you have experience.

Let us imagine you finally met your beautiful woman, she is a Russian girl – charming, intelligent, kind. You searched for her so long and it is seems that found her. You have so many things is common and you would like to impress her, thus she will remember the whole life where you met, the smell of the flower you have brought that day. Moreover, you hope for next date as well. Even if you met each other in social media, on a dating site and managed to find out something about each other, this is not a reason to relax.

According to statistics from marriage agencies, every second interethnic marriage breaks up after five to six years of marriage. As a rule, people simply cannot find a common language. However, everything could have been different if the Man had carefully looked at their future girlfriend/wife on the first date. What should you expect from a Russian girl?

Festive naturalness

Expect your attractive Russian girl dressed smartly, but at the same time, she will feel comfortable, as they say “for both, the feast and the world”. She is prepared for walking and for a date in café. Good-looking girl with a natural make-up.

The second point is friendliness. And here we are talking about a kind smile, which won’t leave her face and it is not fake. Initially, it can cause negative emotions, but with a further conversation, it may well charm you and make a good impression.

Often happen situations when we see a person, and we do not like him. Then, after a conversation, eye-to-eye contact, everything falls into right place. Such situation is related to men, it is easier to determine if a girl is “mine or not mine”, they immediately determine, reacting more to her appearance.

She creates the best first impression ever

Late for dates

If a Russian girl says that she is almost ready, this means that the man can watch the program, take a walk with the dog and still manage to get to the meeting point. After all, she just opened the closet to choose the clothes, but also she needs to do makeup, hair, choose a handbag, shoes and get there. To arrive on dates before men is not accepted, fifteen minutes late is normal. Thus, do not be angry if she is not on time, even on the first date.

They love to receive flowers

It is not secret that a Russian girl will expect you to come with flowers on a first date. They know that flowers will stay in vase only for couple of days, but their appearance accurately indicates various manifestations of human feelings – joy, good mood. A correctly selected flower is like a well-written message. Do not try to choose the most expensive bouquet. The most expensive does not mean the most suitable in your case. After all, you strive to demonstrate your idea of beauty, your warm sincere feelings, and not wealth and material capabilities. Present flowers on the first date from your heart and choose them carefully. After all, Russian girl feels when a bouquet is presented with pleasure or not. The main thing in the gift is a pure desire to make something pleasant.

She will expect you to come with a nice bouquet

You have to pay for them

The moment when they bring the bill carries many meanings. According to the rules of good form, both take out their wallets, and it is at this moment that determines what kind of continuation their date will receive. More recently, in the name of gender equality, women insisted on paying their part of the bill on an equal basis with men. Today, the Russian girl is waiting for the man to pay for her, as this proves his attraction and interest.

Moreover, here you can make interesting conclusions that the feminization of modern society (we talking about Russia) is actually greatly exaggerated. It does not matter how emancipated modern women feel – if you dig a little deeper, most of them still expect the man to be willing to take on the traditional gender role in the relationship, and it is from this readiness that Russian girl evaluates the prospect of partnership with this man.

Men choose the location

Russian girl will expect you to choose the location for the first date and you need to be very careful. It is traditionally accepted that a man is the first who invites for a date. The main thing is that the invitation should sound correctly. The atmosphere should be neutral, for example, a café/restaurant or a park. Arriving at the restaurant, a Russian girl will not rush out of the car, she will expect you to open the door and help her to get out. By the way, if you choose a place together, then you should not choose a very expensive, but not the cheapest. It is unacceptable according to the rules of etiquette to invite a Russian girl for a first date at your place or in a nightclub.

She appreciates when man invites her first

Tactile touch

Tactility on a date does not hurt, just act carefully, and do not scare her. Do not grab her hand in a movie theatre. Take it under the elbow when you leave the room or touch her shoulder by asking a question in her ear while watching. Having provoked a partner, look at the reaction. If she likes you, she will reach to you as well.

If a Russian girl laughs, rejoices, she is in a good mood, she is telling you with enthusiasm something – this is the most suitable moment to hold her hand. Therefore, the girl will subconsciously associate your touch with a good mood and positive emotions.

First 10 dates with a Russian girl

Here you will find list of practical tips how to make your first date with a Russian girl memorable and get a change to know her better on future meetings.

  1. Do not be late and do not rush. Even if it is the fifth date, please make sure you are coming on time, or suggest her to pick her up from home. She will be disappointed if you have just one hour for a meeting. Meetings in haste, at lunchtime are bad dates. Behave yourself as a real gentlemen!
  2. Pay attention to your appearance. For men: naturalness does not need to be taken so literally. Russian girl is sensitive to the neatness of men and even in simple clothes an individual style and good taste can be seen, do not forget about it. To look scruffy on a date is the path to failure.
  3. The most important rule: be yourself. This applies to appearance, and behaviour, and communication itself. Putting on masks, pretence, bright external attributes that contradict your inner sense of self, of course, can bring dividends, but not for long-term game.
  4. Make an impression. Do not forget to make it every time. After the two previous points, this recommendation seems the most difficult to implement. Choose interesting places or occasions for a date; do not make appointments in the same place 10 times in a row. If you go to the cinema today, then the next time you can go to the cinema after 3-4 dates. Give to a Russian girl something, but do not overdo it: if you find out what she loves, for example, yellow roses, then the fifth bouquet of yellow roses will definitely be overkill.
  5. Be sincere, but do not tell her all your life. Your date partner is not a vest for tears, not a psychologist. Therefore, throwing all the problems on her, exciting her with colorful stories about old love affairs, or demanding immediate sympathy is bad form. Confidence between people is a subtle matter, it develops by itself, and you need to trust all your secrets gradually.
  6. Forget about your phone. The date has begun, and he you do not come off your phone. Here is a good tip: turn off the phone during the meeting, devote all your time and attention to your date partner, the Russian girl. If this meeting is, of course, important to you, and you respect not only yourself, but also the person you have invited.
  7. Create an intimate atmosphere. Someone may like to meet in a noisy tavern with screaming music and a bunch of witnesses around. However, even a walk in the park with a Russian girl is often better: you need time and a place to be together.
  8. Set personal boundaries. The big mistake is to do this before the date. Get to know each other better (it can be the tenth dates or the eighth), and after set the personal boundaries during the process itself, focusing on your own feelings and intuition.
  9. Solve the financial issue. The one who invites pays, and usually this is a man. Expensive gifts should not be done if your relationship is at the beginning stage. Inviting a Russian girl to “sit on a bench” and not give her a flower is also quite strange. Find the balance!
  10.  She will remember the end of the date. The performance ended, the restaurant closed, it got dark, it got colder – it is time to go home. It is better if you have the opportunity to her home first. A kiss of the desired fortress or an intriguing look is also suitable.
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