Real Russian girls – are they truly that gorgeous?

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There are plenty of stunningly beautiful Russian women photos on international dating sites. But are they really so pretty in real life? Generally speaking, yes, they are. Of course, there are fraudsters and scammers on pay-per-letter sites who use pictures of models taken randomly from the internet. Also, Russian girls tend to prefer studio photos, taken and heavily edited by professional photographers. That said, you can always request a Skype video chat and make sure the girl you are writing too looks like her photos in real life. But what exactly makes real Russian girls so attractive?

This is the question we’re going to discuss in this article. There are pretty girls in every country, and it wouldn’t be ethical to assume that people of one nation are prettier, smarter or more advanced than the other. However, it does seem that the percentage of beautiful women in Russia and other eastern European countries is higher than anywhere else in the world. How would one explain this phenomenon?

Attractive Russian bride searching for a partner abroad

Rich genetic pool

It’s no secret that mix of different nations is extremely beneficial in terms of physical characteristics and external looks of their descendants. Women from the Eastern Europe are a living proof to this theory (and men as well, but they tend to lose their attractive looks as early as in their twenties due to alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs and overeating).

Many countries in the west remained untouched for extended periods of time, but Russia has always been an epicentre of one war or another. Needless to say, each invader contributed to the genetic diversity of present day Russia. That’s why the results are so prominent.

In the course of the centuries, Russia has been invaded by many nations, European and Asian alike, and a subtle amalgamation of their genes resulted in a particular type of appearance that we usually call “Russian beauty”. A typical Russian girl has blue or green eyes, light hair, prolonged oval face and pale complexion. She’s also slim and relatively tall. However, the genetic pool of present day Russia is so diverse that it’s rather futile to talk about typical external looks – there are just too many types of appearance.

Sad consequences of the World War II

Apart from genetic factors, the beauty of Russian women was accentuated as a result of particular historic events. A huge number of Slavic men lost their lives during the WWII, and male-to-female ratio in Russia got severely screwed for decades to come. Having a limited number of men around, Russian women tried to win their affections by ruthlessly competing with each other. In order to get a husband, a woman had to look more beautiful and seductive than other girls around.

Having a man in the house, even if he was worthless, was like winning a mega prize or wearing an honour badge. Unfortunately, this attitude still takes place today, making Russian men extremely ego-centric and arrogant. They just got used to taking everything for granted. And women get used to take extra care of themselves, trying to look as attractive as possible.

Russian women on an international dating site for love and romance

Attractiveness as a sign of success

Real Russian girls are kind of obsessed with looking beautiful. It’s part of their philosophy of life. Beauty is harmony, that’s why everything should look attractive – their home, their garden, and their appearance. If a girl doesn’t look her best, it results in feeling extremely uncomfortable. A western woman would consider it a waste of time to style her hair, put makeup, polish her nails and undergo various procedures in a beauty salon. For a Russian woman, these are the necessities of life.

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A successful, accomplished woman simply can’t look unattractive. No one likes to feel like a failure, that’s why you can see an astonishing number of beautiful women anywhere you go in the city. The streets, parks, cafes and public transport in Russia are full of women of model-like appearance. Their hair is perfectly done, their outfits are inspired by the latest fashion trends, and their faces radiate self-confidence. Miniskirts, stockings, high heels and crop tops are a usual sight in Russian cities. Even in winter real Russian girls manage to look seductive and alluring.

Glamour is deeply admired by Slavic women, and they try to look luxurious no matter how limited their income is.

And they achieve astonishing results, considering how low their salaries actually are. You’ll be proud to have a woman like that by your side, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on her dresses, shoes and jewellery.

Leading a healthy lifestyle

Staying active and practicing various sports is common in Russia. With women as obsessed with their appearance as Russian girls, gyms and aerobics classes are becoming increasingly popular. If a woman is too busy to visit a gym or the membership is too expensive, she’ll make sure to workout at home.

Apart from that, girls do a lot of walking – not every family in Russia owns a car, and public buses and trolleybuses are often so crowded that it’s much preferable to walk, if the distance is manageable. Lots of women attend a swimming pool or cycle in the park nearby. Russians are extremely fond of gardening, and lots of families have a “dacha” – a plot of land in the suburbs with or without a summer house. Women are accustomed to work physically growing a great deal of fruit and vegetables, and that contributes to their stunning looks as well.

As for eating habits, Russian women are rather particular about what they eat. If something threatens their slimness, those products and foods will be forever eliminated from their daily menu. If a Russian woman wants to lose weight, she’ll count calories religiously and follow all sorts of effective diets. The majority of Slavic ladies are excellent cooks, and they scorn fast food.

Beautiful Russian girl for a romantic relationship with a foreign man

It’s not about their appearance alone

When it comes to the special charm of real Russian girls, it would be foolish to deny that it’s not all about looks. Apart from being attractive, women in Eastern Europe are known to be intelligent, kind-hearted, compassionate and sophisticated. It’s the combination of character traits and external looks that makes an average Russian girl a desirable wife material.

Good education is encouraged in Slavic society – the majority of girls enter Universities and colleges after graduating from high school. Irrespective their career ambitions, young women get a degree or two. They also succeed in different professional fields, but for many of them it’s not one of the priorities in life. What they really want is to find a reliable and loving partner and start a family together. Being a mother and wife is far more important for a Russian woman than becoming a successful doctor, teacher, engineer or lawyer. They easily combine being a mother and wife with their professional achievements, but they would rarely choose career over family.

Slavic women are also one of the most well-read sections of the world’s population. You’ll never get bored with real Russian girls – they’re clever, humorous, inventive and simply fun to be with. As you can see, there are lots of advantages to being in a romantic relationship with a Slavic lady.

These are only some of the factors that make Russian girls so desirable. However, everyone’s experience is unique. There is no guarantee you’ll meet a woman of your dreams if you join an international dating site or even come to one of the Russian cities in person. But there is no harm in trying. After all, thousands foreign men found their happiness in Russia, so why wouldn’t you be one of them?

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